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Vintage Travel Canvas Leather Luggage Duffel Men's Weekend Bag under $100
    Vintage Travel Canvas Leather Luggage Duffel Men's Weekend Bag under $100 $84.99
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    Vintage Shoulder Crossbody Bag Briefcase Schoolbag
      Vintage Shoulder Crossbody Bag Briefcase Schoolbag $53.99
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      Vintage Army Canvas Backpack Rucksack School Satchel Travel Hiking Bag
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      Retro Style Canvas Messenger Bag - Serbags - 1
        Retro Style Canvas Messenger Bag $49.99
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        Old School Canvas & Leather Rucksack
          Old School Canvas & Leather Rucksack $95.99

          Our Military Bags Collection Proves that the Rugged Look is Timeless!

          Whether you're an ex-military, a casual backpacker,or somewhere in between, you are probably aware of the importance of owning a good military bag. Hiking, hunting, military work, travelling, and certain daily activities require bags to be well-made, comfortable, and versatile. Here are Serbags we believe that quality truly comes first. This is why we have crafted an extensive collection of military bags, heavy duty backpacks, tactical rucksacks, and durable duffel bags equipped with tear-resistant canvas and water-repellent nylon. 

          What is a Military Bag?

          There are two schools of thought when it comes to military bags and backpacks. The first acknowledges military bags as equipment that is actively used by army personnel such as marines or soldiers, while the other acknowledges any pack or bag that is built to military specifications, irrespective of its use.

          Many people believe that bags built specifically to be used as military gear are the best, but this is only partly true. That's because a military supplier will buy the gear that he can get the best deal on, and this isn't always the best. This means that consumer-use gear can be just as good, if not better than equipment issued by the government. 

          Why you should Invest in a Military Bag:

          A good military tactical bag is an essential tool in any productivity arsenal. In most cases, a good military bag is also expensive. The good news is that there are a few cheap military bags out there that don't sacrifice much needed options (e.g. generous interior compartments, side pockets, etc.). Most military bags and packs are designed with versatility in mind because they have to support the different needs of their users. For this reason, these US army inspired bags have modular features that you will not find in regular messenger or tech bags. 

          Another reason to invest in a good military bag is added mobility. Because military bags are usually sent to the field, they require special features so as to not impair mobility. Heavy duty backpacks and bags are designed with multiple buckles and straps that can create a modular system. Regular bag manufacturers don't have to think too much about mobility, so army bags add innovative features that you can benefit from in your adventures. 

          Downsides of Military Bags and Packs

          Despite the fact that heavy duty backpacks and bags are incredibly mobile and versatile, they lose some points in the aesthetics department. While regular canvas or leather messenger bags come in different styles, military bags only have one. You've guessed it: military. Sure, some military bags use treated canvas while others feature waterproof materials, but the end result is pretty much the same: a rugged aesthetic that not everyone appreciates. 

          Another downside to army backpacks and bags is the fact that they are slightly cumbersome at first. Even the super small bags have a plethora of pockets that have even more pockets hidden inside. 

          How to Pick the Right Military Bag

          We all have our opinions regarding the "best military bag", but it all comes down to personal preference and experience. This is why our collection of army and military bags contains a wide variety of bags with different sizes, shapes, capacities, and features. We strongly recommend reading the descriptions of individual military bags to understand more about what they have to offer. 

          Finding the right gear isn't easy. It really depends on what you're planning to do with the bag. Do you need it for hauling an insane amount of stuff or are you looking for something that's waterproof? There's a huge difference between a military bag designed for camping and one that will become a bug out bag. For example, a MOLLE (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) style military bag is designed to work with modern accessories (e.g. holsters, pouches, etc.), while ALICE (all-purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment) type packs are designed as two component systems. Reviews and ratings can help you narrow down your options. 

          A few things to keep in mind when choosing your military gear bags:

          • - If you're looking to buy a bag for hiking, then you should opt for hiking bags because they are more comfortable. Military style bags and heavy duty backpacks are designed for bugging out. 
          • - Test multiple army bags before making a decisions. Trying out various models will help you find something that fits your frame, body size, and unique needs. 
          • - Make sure your military bag fits. Poor fitting can destroy your back.

          If you have any questions regarding specific military bags in our product line feel free to contact us. Our team is more than happy to help with any problem!