Heavy Duty Vintage Washed Army Messenger Bag 17" Laptop

  • brown canvas bike messenger bag by Serbags

Heavy Duty Vintage Washed Army Messenger Bag 17" Laptop

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  • * Military Style Messenger Bag
    * Long adjustable strap.  
    * Zipper top closure.  
    * Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets.  
    * Exterior pocket.    
    * Dimensions: 17" X 12" X 5"

    General Features

    Let’s all admit it: the second we laid eyes on an attire featuring a designer suit, a bike and a stylish warm brown bike messenger bag, we all knew this was going to be the biggest trend in fashion and accessories for years to come. Now, not everybody aspires for the same look, but surely everybody wants to wear this amazing vintage bike messenger bag.

    A compact size and samples styling are a couple of the major appeals of this Heavy Duty Laptop Messenger Bag. The bag is made out of genuine leather and durable canvas that’s easy to maintain and keep clean. It has a non-porous surface that doesn’t easily absorb dirt. Most dirt can be wiped off with a damp rag.

    Vintage design gives the bag a utilitarian feel that’s stylish in its practicality. A single strap over the top flap can be adjusted to accommodate different sized loads. Side pockets provide easy access to additional items and also feature adjustable straps. Additional storage areas include the internal zippered pocket as well as side pockets. The bag itself zips closed for maximum security of items carried.

    The body of this canvas messenger bag is roomy and will be able to handle couple of binders, books, laptop and personal belongings. The bag is compact enough to carry comfortably on a Bicycle and Motorcycle. A single long strap is adjustable to accommodate the size of the user and the weight of the load in the bag.

    Some Design Features You Might Enjoy

    The warm brown comes in two different shades (a darker one complementing the lighter one) making the bag versatile enough to be worn with all possible outfits. It will truly make a man stand out of the crowd when matched with a classic navy blue suit or jacket, and it will compliment any feminine, urban-chic or street-smart sophisticated and feminine outfit. The browns give the leather bike messenger bag a vintage flair that is not only fashionable these days, but timeless, matching any trends and personal styles no matter how they change over the years.

    This leather and canvas bike bag also comes with a few Serbags staples and style elements that distinguish our bags and give them their unique appeal: brass buckles, brass pockets clasps and metal adornments creating a perfect blend between a military style and a casual canvas cool messenger bag; flawless seams and stitches contributing not only to the beauty of this retro-inspired bag, but also to its durability and reliability; high-end leather finishing, even if we used leather for straps.

    We take pride in our cotton linings that keep all your belongings safe from scratches or damages when the bike messenger bag is carried around, worn and torn or handled every single day. We are also known for the special attention we give to detail and you will understand this if you take a look at the bag’s size. It is not large enough to turn into a piece of luggage, but spacious enough to host paperwork, gadgets and mobile devices, some gym gear you need after your work hours or a clothes change in case you need to take a quick and short business trip.

    The design’s versatility also resides in the fact that the bag can be worn as a bike messenger bag, but also as a hand-held business briefcase whenever you want to boost your professional look.

    Who is it for?

    This bag is durable and mobile making it suitable for anyone who’s active and on the go. It’s also a good choice for someone with a smaller physique or for someone who wants a bag that’s roomy enough to carry all the necessities, but doesn’t look like a duffle bag.

    Given its excellent size and proportions, the bag is suitable for young urban professionals who need only some gadgets and some files to have a successful business day. College graduates, freelancers and, of course, bike messengers can all benefit from the features of this bag, especially since it is dirt-resilient and quite sturdy to wear and tear or being carried around in cars, subways, planes and so on. However, if you need a comfortable weekender that doesn’t occupy much space in the trunk (or needs to be carried on a bicycle or motorcycle), then this bag is the right one for you.

    This messenger bag is for women and men and age neutral. We understand that active, dynamic people have basically the same needs no matter their gender or age. They all want a bag they can rely on, that is light yet spacious, adjustable, convertible, stylish and fashionable no matter each person’s sense of style, choice of clothes or professional environment. We live in a fast-paced world that embraces new perspectives and challenges – and we are here to offer everyone exactly what they need in terms of comfort, durability, affordability, aesthetics, and functionality.

    What occasions is the Heavy Duty Washed Messenger Bag appropriate for?

    Students in both college and high school, different types of post secondary institutions will appreciate the styling of this bag. Professors and other teachers will find the bag useful. Commuters will appreciate the bag’s compact size since bulky bags can sometimes make maneuvering crowded public transit a challenge. You can also use it for work and it's large enough for your lunch and workout clothes.

    As we said, this bike messenger bag can cover all your mobility and fashion needs and preferences. The unisex design and the high levels of usability featured by this bag make it the best messenger bag for biking, traveling, working, errands running, school and casual daily activities – including short visits and trips, friendly gatherings and freelance jobs.

    How to Take Care of the Bike Messenger Bag

    • Hand wash with cold water
    • Use only nylon brush and mild detergent
    • Lay flat to dry
    • No bleach

    Don’t waste any more time and get your own bike messenger bag! Enjoy our effective shipping and our unbeatable pricing and if you are still not happy with the product, don’t be shy in using our hassle-free returning policy.