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Large Genuine Leather Professional Men's Briefcase Messenger Bag - 17
    Large Genuine Leather Professional Men's Briefcase Messenger Bag - 17" Laptop $189.00
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    Urban Laptop Leather Brief Office Bag
      Urban Laptop Leather Brief Office Bag $279.00
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      Men's Multi Pocket Handcrafted Genuine Leather Vintage College Travel Laptop Backpack
        Men's Multi Pocket Handcrafted Genuine Leather Vintage College Travel Laptop Backpack $199.99
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        Men's Leather Messenger Briefcase Crazy Horse Leather - 16
        Men's Leather Messenger Briefcase Crazy Horse Leather - 16" Laptop $229.99
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        Canvas Messenger Bag Small Crossbody Bag Casual Travel Working Shoulder Bag
        Canvas Messenger Bag Small Crossbody Bag Casual Travel Working Shoulder Bag $52.99
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        Vintage Rustic Real Leather 15.6-inch Laptop Briefcase for Everyday use.
        Vintage Rustic Real Leather 15.6-inch Laptop Briefcase for Everyday use. $88.99

        Sophistication, style, and durability is all found within our leather messenger bags collection!

        Are you looking for a durable, stylish, and timeless bag? Look no further than leather! A leather messenger bag or briefcase is a timeless, universally beloved accessory appreciated by men and women who cherish the understated burnish and unique smell that only premium quality skin can emanate.

        It really does not matter what type of life you lead, a high quality leather bag can fit into your lifestyle. The personality that our leather collection possesses is unbelievable, and they contain a fashion-forward style that will be trending for years to come. You can look casual and sophisticated all in one, and as you change your attire, your bag will take on a whole new personality.

        Our commitment to quality has made it possible to craft stylish messenger bags for men and women that are equipped to handle every day needs. Whether you’re looking for a brown leather briefcase for work, a black leather messenger bag for a night in the town, a distressed leather bag for school, or a comfortable leather rucksack for hiking, you will find it at SerBags. We offer a huge array of bags made from premium quality leather that are styled with durable metal clasps, exterior pockets, interior compartments, and high-quality zippers.

        The Serbags Leather Messenger Bag Collection for Men & Women:

        Our leather messenger bags, briefcases, and backpacks collection currently showcases 75 unique models of varying shapes and sizes. Within the collection you will also find wallets, backpacks made from canvas and leather, organizers, duffle bags, and totes.

        What will you Find in the Serbags Leather Messenger Bag Collection?

        Premium Quality Leather

        Are you looking for messenger bags made from the highest quality leather? Serbags offers durable full-grain briefcases and messenger bags that can fit your large and small possessions. Our collection also features vintage American crazy horse handmade leather, genuine Italian leather, and top grain leather satchels, to satisfy any budget. All our bags are perfectly stitched to compliment the vintage flair and increase durability and sturdiness.

        Incredible Functionality

        A vintage leather messenger bag for men or women shouldn’t only be stylish. It also has to be functional. For many years, leather messenger bags have been associated with outgoing & busy urban professionals. Our staple designs have come a long way, turning into adaptable, timeless, and highly functional accessories.

        You will notice, browsing through our gallery, that our leather messenger bags complement various lifestyles. Some models are fitted with multiple interior pockets, so as to accommodate laptops, books, and other important objects. Other models, designed for traveling are fitted with side pockets, adjustable shoulder straps and flaps for extra protection. Many of our leather messenger bags also feature interior zipper pockets, quick snaps, magnetic snaps, buckles, clasps, and padded shoulder straps for added comfort.

        Unparalleled Versatility

        We understand that life unfolds at a rapid pace and changing bags can be a tedious undertaking. This is why we pride ourselves in crafting messenger bags that can fulfil multiple functions. Depending on the model of sleek or distressed leather messenger bag you choose, you can use it for work, travel, or a quick weekend getaway. Classy and stylish, our handmade leather messenger bags can be worn in urban as well as rustic context, blending with any type of outfit or personality.

        Our leather line contains a mix of messenger bags, briefcases, duffel bags and backpacks, which all come with great organizational options. Rather, you are a professional business person or just an everyday Joe, these leather bags have something to offer everyone. This line is very diverse, and has the ability to present you to the world with a stellar look. Our leather bags are a mix of the vintage era and the modern day style. Two worlds have collided to make this collection of art.

        We strongly believe that the Serbags messenger bag leather collection can complement both genders. We encourage men and women to purchase our products and make them their own. Our team has dedicated a lot of time to craft thoughtful leather messenger bags that stand out from the crowd. We encourage you to leave your reviews and suggestions to help us improve our product line.

        Caring for your Leather Messenger Bag:

        Despite the fact that leather messenger & briefcase bags are more costly, they are built to last. You have to remember, however, that leather messenger bags are organic artefacts that may become desiccated and dull. To ensure that your vintage leather messenger bag stands the test of time and maintains its shape for years to come, you have to care for it properly. Regular maintenance can prevent leather from cracking and protects it from excessive moisture.

        Below are a few steps that will help you enjoy your handmade leather messenger bag or black leather satchel for as long as possible:

        1. Known your skins. The vast majority of stylish messenger bags are vegetable-tanned skins with tannin and a select few are chrome-tanned skins (resistant to water). Full grain leather messenger or briefcase bags are considered premium quality because they are extremely durable and showcase the skin’s natural texture. Top grain leather is a cheaper, thinner version of full grain leather that has its natural grain corrected. You can find more information about leather types & properties in our guide to leather bags.
        2. Use a cleaner built specifically for your bag’s leather. Most leather messenger bag manufacturers have their in-house line of care products or endorse a particular brand. We strongly recommend using these cleaners for wiping down dirt.
        3. Use a soft dry cloth to sweep dust from your bag and ask your manufacturer for recommendations on buckles & zippers care.
        4. Condition your leather briefcase, backpack, or messenger bag using special moisturizer. This will prevent the bag from wrinkling and give it a vintage feel. You can also use mink oil to stimulate the nature oils of your leather. Rub gently all over the bag, rinse, and dry in an airy room.
        5. You can also weatherproof your handmade leather messenger bag by using beeswax. Be advised that beeswax creams can alter the colour of your brown leather briefcase or your black leather messenger bag. Furthermore, no leather is waterproof, so we recommend minimizing your bag’s exposure to rain or snow.
        6. Last but not least, you should store your bag in its original packaging, with silica gel or butter paper to maintain shape and keep it damp.