Stylish Brown Water Resistant Canvas Camera Bag

  • Canvas Camera Bag Water Resistant by Serbags

Stylish Brown Water Resistant Canvas Camera Bag

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    • * Camera Bag
    • * Sturdy Bag
    • * Interior zip pocket
    • * 3 Exterior pockets
    • * Camera Insert
    • * Single long adjustable strap.   
    • * Dimensions: 14" X 11" X 5"

    As a photographer, you want to keep your camera in the best condition possible. Storing a camera properly will prolong its life. The Canvas Camera Bag by Serbags is water resistant, which means you will not have to worry about your camera getting wet if the weather turns bad when you are traveling.

    This Camera bag is not only fashionable, it is also highly durable. It is constructed with canvas, which gives the bag stability and longevity. Canvas is very easy to clean as well, so you won't have to worry if you get your bag dirty during a photo shoot.

    The Canvas is brown, which is pleasing and gender friendly. There is one long adjustable strap that can be worn over the shoulder or cross body style. On each side of the bag you will notice two small storage pockets. These closed with the use of quick magnetic snaps, which means you can access the content with ease.

    The main flap of the bag closes with contrasting buckle straps that contain quick magnetic snaps. Once the flap is lifted there is a large exterior zipper compartment. The main compartment closes with the use of a zipper.

    The interior of the bag is spacious, and it contains padded sections for your camera. The camera padding has Velcro sections, which can be changed around to accommodate your camera and equipment. The padding can also be removed if you wish to use the bag for other reasons. There is a zipper pocket on the interior wall of the bag.

    The Canvas Camera Bag is the perfect solution for storing and transporting your camera. It gives the protection your camera will need in a stylish way. This bag is functional, durable, stylish, and contains all the organization that you will need to make a photo shoot run smoothly.

    Design Details

    This canvas camera bag is perfect for beginner photographers. With the adjustable padded sections for storing the camera and camera parts, you can continue adding or changing your setup, without having to invest in a new bag each time. The compartments can hold the body of the camera, the lens and an external flash, or an additional lens. The smaller outer-pockets are perfect for storing auxiliary camera items, such as adaptors, cables, batteries and much more. Because the inside of this canvas photo bag is adjustable, you can take with you as many accessories as you need. Moving the inner padding will ensure that your camera fits snuggly in the bag, so it has less room to move around and potentially get damaged.

    Since the padding can be removed, it can function as a casual bag as well. Its well-designed interior can also hold a tablet or medium sized laptop. For aspiring photographers, this bag can quickly become their go-to everyday bag, as it can easily be adapted for use as a camera bag or as casual work bag. 

    Professional photographers would also appreciate this unique canvas camera bag. As a professional, you’re likely going to carry your camera everywhere you go. Camera bags usually don’t have room for anything but the camera body and auxiliary parts. That means you’ll either have to bring another bag along, to carry your other essentials, or try to make them all fit in your pockets. It can quickly become cumbersome and frustrating to have organize two separate bags each day.

    With this camera canvas bag, you will have enough room to carry everything you need during the day. The side pockets are large enough to hold your phone, wallet and other necessary items, and keeping everything organized and well-separated. The adjustable inner pockets can also be moved to create more space inside the bag itself. And this canvas camera bag is quite stylish as well. It can blend in seamlessly with a smart outfit, for when you have to take photos during a special event, with an upscale dress code. But it can also work with a casual outfit for a regular outing with friends, or when you’re just out and about, looking for opportunities to add something new to your portfolio.

    In spite of its fashionable look, however, this bag is genuinely reliable. Many fashion canvas photo bags are designed to look like the real thing, but are constructed like regular everyday bags. However, any photographer knows that standard for genuine canvas camera bags should be much higher. This canvas camera bag is made from a high-quality, durable textile material that ensures the safety of your valuable photo equipment. The camera bag canvas, in spite of its charm, is actually a highly modern material, well-suited for protecting delicate photo equipment.

    Even though the main material used in making it is canvas, this is a waterproof camera bag. Which means it is perfect for any weather, just as you’d expect a professional camera bag to be. Plus, the padding is well suited to protect against bumps and shocks.  

    Who would have thought you can get a water resistant camera bag, that’s lightweight and reliable, and the same time stylish and hip? With this canvas camera bag you can have it all. A fashionable bag that keeps your equipment safe and goes well with any outfit, no matter what event you are attending, whether you are taking pictures casually or professionally.

    Care Instructions

    If you’re still not convinced, consider the fact that this bag is also very easy to maintain. Most stains can be removed with water and a mild soap. Using a soft nylon brush, gently scrub away at the stain with slow, circular motions. Leave it out to dry and you’re good to go.