Business & Travel Large Solid Dark Brown Full Grain Leather Messenger Bag in Brass & Iron Details

  • Selvaggio Large Vintage Full Grain Leather Briefcase - Serbags - 2

Business & Travel Large Solid Dark Brown Full Grain Leather Messenger Bag in Brass & Iron Details

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  • Selvaggio Vintage Briefcase Product Details

    •  Material: Full Grain Leather
    • Hardware: Genuine Brass and Iron Hardware
    • Pockets: Four exterior and Two Interior & Three Compartments
    • Shoulder Strap: Adjustable
    • Pattern Type: Solid
    • Color: Dark Brown
    • Dimensions: 15.3"L x 5"W x 11"H
    • Weight: 3.3 lb

    General Features

    A quality leather handbag is an absolute necessity for any professional. It’s an item that’s both practical and part of the look you’d expect from a young entrepreneur who’s going places. And with this full grain leather messenger bag. In spite of its elegance and refinement, this leather rustic leather bag goes well with any casual attire as well. Which makes it a perfect school bag for any college student who wants to effortlessly stand out on campus, as they’re hurrying towards class, or basking in the sun on the campus green.

    It’s a stylish accessory with a retro, down to earth vibe that’s sure to get you noticed. And the slick design also makes it very practical in class, as it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and thus makes it easy to put away even in a crowded amphitheater. The brass and iron details add just a hint of sparkle to the rugged exterior. The details are in keeping with the look of this rustic leather bag, so they don’t look out of place. Instead, there is a nice contrast between the rough texture of the genuine full grain leather and the sleek metallic sheen of the details.

    The bag features quite a large number of pockets that can be used to organize a large number of items of varying shapes and sizes. The exterior pockets are perfect for keeping items you need quick access to. The front pocket closes with a leather strap fitted with a heavy-duty brass buckle that keeps your items secure during your trips.

    Design Details

    This full grain leather messenger bag is highly versatile when it comes to style and very easy to adapt to most any context. The shoulder strap can lengthen, so you can wear it as a crossbody bag. This style is perfect for a casual look when you are on the move because it’s quite comfortable since it provides you with extra support. For casual work related events or just times when you’re feeling fancier, you can shorten the strap to wear it as a should bag. This look still maintains the rustic appeal of this messenger bag, but it fits in better with a stricter dress code.

    And lastly, you can detach the shoulder strap entirely, and wear it as a handbag or briefcase. Though not as practical as the other looks, it does add a certain sense of style and elegance to certain outfits. It’s a look that fits in especially with business meetings or semi-casual brunches with business partners and managers.

    For the businessman that is always on the go, this full grain leather bag is the perfect traveling companion. It works just as well as a travel bag, for storing the items you would need on business trips. You can go straight to the conference hall or office, and out for drinks to a fancy restaurant with your newly acquired business partners. Regardless of the context, this leather briefcase backpack will fit right in. The interior of the bag is large enough to fit an average laptop. Because of the way in which the interior is organized, you will still have plenty of room to bring for documents, notebooks, and other large items.

    The mid-sized interior compartment was designed to fit a camera insert. The insert can be used to keep the essential components of your camera secure during your trips. With the addition of the camera insert (which is sold separately), you can transform this business briefcase into a combination camera travel bag, perfect for any photographer who is on the move. Most camera bags can only fit your camera and some auxiliary equipment. Because the camera has to fit snuggly into the bag, there’s rarely any more room left for anything else.

    For this reasons, photographers often have to carry a separate backpack for their other items and secondary camera equipment. It can quickly become a hassle, especially when you’re trying to move quickly, once you’ve spotted the perfect frame and you know that if you don’t seize the opportunity immediately, it’s gone.

    Bringing two separate bags to store your items can be equally annoying when you are asked to take pictures at a special event. Camera bags are rarely designed to look fashionable, and as a result, they may look odd with a classy outfit. Carrying a separate bag can become even more annoying, as you have to find a place to put it, and keep coming back to take out the things you need. With this comfortable full grain leather messenger bag, you can have it all. The high-quality full grain leather is water resistant, and with the added padding offered by the camera insert, your equipment is going to be secure. The bag itself is large enough, so you have room for other things. And as a bonus, it looks great and can easily complement any outfit.

    Leather items can be somewhat difficult to care for. However, caring for rustic full grain leather messenger bag is quite easy. The high-quality full grain leather used in making it is highly resistant to scratches, stains and water damage. Avoid using water or detergents. Most of the times a soft, dry cloth will be enough to do the job. You can also use dedicated care products designed for leather and leather goods.