Heavy Duty Brown Canvas Classic Backpack for Work, School & Outdoor Activities

  • Classic Canvas Rucksack Backpack

Heavy Duty Brown Canvas Classic Backpack for Work, School & Outdoor Activities

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    • * Premium quality Canvas Rucksack Backpack. 
    • * Interior zipper pocket.  
    • * Exterior pockets.
    • * Dimensions: 13.5" (L) x 17.5" (H) x 8"(W)  
    • * Rugged Durable Canvas
    • * Rucksack Style
    • * Good for Camping, Hiking and all Outdoor activities
    • * Holds a lot of school books, binders and big screen laptops

    This classic backpack is absolutely indispensable for anyone with a busy lifestyle. When it comes to backpack size, you can’t go wrong with this one. There’s plenty of room for all your necessities, with some to spare.

    This classic canvas rucksack has a number of pockets of different sizes, strategically placed both on the inside and on the outside, so you can keep everything well organized. The spacious outside pockets can be used for a variety of items you’ll want to close by. The sturdy leather straps fitted with metal clasps are strong enough, so you don’t have to worry about them accidentally opening during your trip. But at the same time, they’re easy enough to open, so you can immediately access whatever you need.

    The inside pockets are fitted with durable zippers, so you can keep your smaller, more delicate items safe inside the bag and not worry about having to rummage around to find them. If you are a person who enjoys hiking and trips, when it comes to choosing an outdoor backpack, a fabric backpack is a very good option. The material is generally lighter than leather and doesn’t get damaged as easily.

    That means you don’t have to worry about the state of your bag, and just focus on the road ahead. This durable rucksack not only looks great, but it’s also built to last. No matter what adventures you go on and what you decide to take with you, you can depend on it.

    And while it’s a great accessory to have with you on a camping trip, it’s also a must-have in the city as well. The spacious compartment can easily hold a larger, 15” laptop. And it’s wide enough so you can fit other things besides your laptop as well. This classic bag also features comfortable shoulder straps, so even if you carry a lot of heavy items with you all day long, your shoulders won’t feel a thing.

    Plus, its rugged good looks make it a veritable statement accessory as well. Classic backpacks such as these will always remain fashionable, and they go well with most any outfit. A brown backpack is sure to look well with any style, whether you’re wearing a business-casual combo or just a pair of jeans and a checkered shirt. It’s sure to stand out as a fashion accessory while never looking out of place, no matter how you’re using it.

    That’s why a classic rucksack such as this should always be a part of your rucksack bag collection, even if you’re not the outdoorsy type. There many ways to use it. If you’ve never had a classic backpack, you’ll never know what you’ve been missing out on. It’s the perfect accessory that combines style with functionality without compromises.

    The backpack logo featured on the front is discrete and blends well with the other details of this classic backpack. You can be sure you have a genuine, quality item, without flaunting your good tastes. The logo itself is a very pleasant, very understated detail that only works to enhance the overall vintage look of the classic backpack.

    With all of these things going for it, this may very well be the only accessory you’ll ever need when it comes to bags. It’s dependable and practical, but at the same time stylish and chic.

    As an added bonus, the high-quality canvas used in making this classic backpack is also very easy to maintain. Removing stains and washing it requires minimal effort. So no matter where you choose to go, and what you choose to do, you won’t have to care about how you handle this backpack. Following these instructions, you can be sure you’re backpack looks as good as new in just a matter of minutes.

    Care Instructions

    • Hand wash with cold water
    • Use only nylon brush and mild detergent
    • Lay flat to dry
    • No bleach