Large Olive Surplus Hiking Canvas Backpack with Leather Straps

  • sturdy brown outdoor hiking canvas by SerBags

Large Olive Surplus Hiking Canvas Backpack with Leather Straps

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  • Main Material: All canvas rucksack with leather straps. 

    Size: H:18" L:13" W:6"

    Interior: With a soft cotton lining and a large open compartment, this is your go-to travel backpack. The inside of this backpack has four pouch pockets and two zipper pockets, definitely a backpack for an organized and seasoned traveler. The largest pouch pocket is the height of the main compartment and fastens closed with elastic and velcro, perfect for keeping clothing and supplies separated within the main compartment.

    Directly across from the large pouch is a medium sized pouch with two smaller pouches sewn to the front of it. One of the zipper compartments is also attached to this medium sized pouch, a very organized and compact design. The last of the zipper pockets is a completely separate canvas pouch sewn to the top of the opening, beneath the over-flap. This bag is made to carry from the smallest to the largest necessities you may ever need when on the road, in the wilderness, or in the air. 

    Exterior: The outside of this backpack has three large cargo style pockets. All of which fasten closed with two snap buttons and a magnetic snap button attached under the leather straps and buckles. These features make for quick, yet secure, item storage and retrieval.

    The top of the pack fastens closed with a rucksack style canvas chord and is then shrouded by a canvas over-flap. The over-flap is then secured with leather straps and buckles with the magnetic snaps. Fully packed and secured, this backpack looks great, feels great and functions even better.

    Straps: A leather wrapped handle at the of the bag for an easy and versatile carry. The shoulder straps are composed of a thick, double layer canvas. With metal adjustable rings, this pack is made to withstand the elements.

    Texture: Sturdy, durable, military style canvas. 

    Style: M*A*S*H

    Design Details

    Canvas daypacks tend to be designed more for light travel. As a result, they can be quite small, so you might not be able to fit a lot of things in them. And there’s nothing worse than having to plan your day around the capacity of your backpack. But with this large daypack, that’s never going to be a concern.

    The light, sturdy, quality canvas used in making this hiking canvas backpack makes it just as light as you’d expect from a canvas daypack. But the ample interior allows you to take as many things as you need, without worries. It has several pockets, both on the inside and on the outside, for the small important things, that just have a way of getting lost in larger hiking backpacks. These pockets can be used to keep everything at hand and secure enough, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything during your adventures.

    The sturdy metal zippers are also one of the finest features of this canvas daypack. You never really come to appreciate how important a quality zipper until you’ve had a hiking backpack that has them. The interior is very well compartmented. So, even though the exterior might look charmingly rugged and simple, the inside of this canvas daypack will help you store all of your necessities and keep them in order.

    This makes it an ideal outdoor daypack, especially when you’re jogging on the trail and can’t really stop to rummage around your bag. Plus, with this lightweight canvas and padded shoulder straps, the only strain you’ll feel is that in your feet as you explore the great outdoors. Plus, it has a very stylish design, and comes in two subtle colors, thus making it the perfect hiking outdoor backpack for a fashion-conscious traveler.

    But make no mistake, even though it looks good, every detail on this hiking canvas backpack has a practical purpose as well. The fine leather straps that close the pockets of this bag, for example, are there to ensure that the pockets stay closed, no matter how many times you open them. And that surplus canvas vibe of the material used in making this hiking backpack is not just to make it look like a proper military backpack. The materially genuinely is that sturdy and reliable.

    Canvas daypacks are a much better choice than a leather daypack, even though you might be tempted to think otherwise. Leather daypacks tend to be much more pretentious when it comes to where you set them down and how carefully you handle them. By contrast, a canvas hiking backpack is very easy to maintain and can withstand a lot of stress.

    And, to be sure, this practical and fashionable military hiking backpack works great as a school backpack as well. The vintage look and dreamy understated colors this backpack features will look great with any outfit. And its ample and well-organized interior will make you wonder how you could manage a busy day at school or at work, for that matter, without it.