Canvas Laptop Backpack with Cotton Lining, Adjustable Shoulder Straps & Safety Pockets

  • Canvas Laptop Backpack with Cotton Lining, Adjustable Shoulder Straps & Safety Pockets

Canvas Laptop Backpack with Cotton Lining, Adjustable Shoulder Straps & Safety Pockets

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    •  Main Material: Made from durable sturdy canvas
    •  Bottom & Straps: Top-Grain Genuine leather
    • Size: H:15.5", L:12.6", W: 4"
    •  Interior: Cell Phone Pocket, Interior Zipper Pocket
    •  Exterior: Solid Bag
    •  Style: Travel, Hiking, School Outdoor
    • : Cotton lining
    • : Soft carrying put
    •  Inner structure: Zipper secret pocket, credential pocket, laptop sleeve
    •  Straps: Adjustable shoulder straps for carrying comfort


      want to choose a bag based on durability and functionality. The Canvas Traveler is ideal for a variety of occasions. It is highly fashionable, and has loads of organization that makes finding the content of your bag a breeze.

     It is gender friendly, and the contrasting leather allows the bag to stand out in a pleasing way. The Traveler is designed with a special laptop cushion, that will protect your laptop while on the go. This compartment is completely padded, which will ensure that your investment is completely protected when being carried from here to there.

     The backpack is constructed with canvas, which is durable and easy to clean. The interior of the bag has a cotton lining, and will add protection to your content from being scratched. This material is contrasting, so it stands out when the bag is open.

      You will find interior wall pockets, which includes a zipper and cell phone pocket. There is a secret zipper compartment on the side of the bag, which is great for quick access items. On the front of the bag you will find a large zipper storage compartment, which has a flap that contains leather buckle straps for closure. The main compartment of the bag also closes with leather buckle straps.

      You will find a drawstring under the flap to help add security to the content of your bag. There are two adjustable straps for carrying that can be worn on the back, and there is one quick grab-and-go handle on the top of the backpack. The bottom of the Canvas Traveler is fully leather, which makes it very durable. This bag is robust, and is ready to carry a heavy load.

      The Traveler Backpack is great for school, hiking, camping, or just everyday use. It is highly fashionable, and the color gives it loads of characteristics, which makes the bag appealing.

    Design Details
      The design and color options of this backpack make it a great unisex accessory. It works great for male outfits when you’re trying to add a little bit of flair to your rugged look. But that same ruggedness works great for women’s outfits as well. There’s a certain touch of adventure and innocence about this canvas backpack at the same time.

    ✓  And it’s also quite a handy thing to have around. Not only is it a gorgeous accessory that’s easy to combine with most any stylish attire, but it’s also a practical one. The designers of this canvas laptop backpack are very much aware of the demands of a modern lifestyle. They know that backpack must be more than just a nice looking accessory. That’s why they’ve added a leather bottom.

    Choosing a leather backpack for school might seem like a good idea. You might think that leather is much sturdier than canvas. But a canvas school backpack is a far better choice for a number of reasons. First, the quality fabric used in making this particular backpack make it just as strong as the leather option. More than that, fabric backpacks are much less demanding when it comes to maintenance.

      They are easier to clean and you don’t have to worry about scratches or water damage. Canvas is also much lighter than leather, which makes this an ideal travel laptop backpack, especially if you’re the outdoor type who loves to go out in nature as often as they can.

    ✓  And plus, this leather bottom backpack gets the best of both worlds. Backpacks with leather bottoms are just as light as canvas ones, but can hold as much weight as a full leather one. So why invest in a leather school backpack, when you can have it all, at a fraction of the cost, with this travel backpack laptop?

    This canvas school backpack is sure to make a good impression as you’re walking down the school hallway or hiking on a narrow trail. The ample size of the interior of this laptop travel backpack gives you plenty of space to carry all of the things you need on a busy day. The premium materials used in making the backpack are quite dependable.

     ✓ Whether you’re looking for a stylish accessory to spruce up your wardrobe or just want a good, sturdy backpack to carry your things, you can’t go wrong with this premium backpack. It’s just that good!