A camera without the right bag is homeless. A camera bag makes it possible for you to transport your gear safely and easily. Whether you’re a professional photographer, an enthusiast, or anything in between, you need a comfortable and stylish camera bag that works like a natural extension of your body. But with so many options out there, how can you choose the right one?

We carry four fashionably styled camera bags for you to choose from, each with their own unique features to suit your personal style. All of our camera bags are equipped with removable padded inserts and touch-fastened dividers that allow you to arrange space for a DSLR and lenses, as well as accessories. Perfect fit for brand favorites such as, Nikon and Canon. Our bags are elegantly designed so that no one has to know that you're toting around camera equipment. Choose from canvas and leather to an all genuine leather camera bag. Much more discrete and stylish than the traditional black and bulky camera bags. 

Photography is such an artful and fascinating form of expression so why shouldn't your equipment be just as visually stimulating? Our over the shoulder bags are perfect for city and wilderness assignments alike. Though our selection for camera bags isn't vast, it is true. These designs are not only designed to look appealing and unique but are also functional and reliable tools to be used and noticed. All of our camera bags are over the shoulder for easy access to your equipment for those quick captures and unexpected happenings. Browse our collection and think outside of the box for your next camera bag purchase. 

What type of camera bag is best for me?

  1. Camera sling bags, also referred to as camera bag purses, are small versions of messenger bags. We recommend these bags to street photographers who want to store their equipment in a ready-to-shoot position. They can also be used together with messenger bags for extra room.
  2. Backpack camera bags are preferred because they are very comfortable for trekking to difficult locations. Furthermore, camera backpacks distribute the weight of gear evenly on the back and come in different shapes and sizes, so as to accommodate your DSLR, large lenses, point-and-shot or video cameras.
  3. Camera messenger bag are another crowd favorite. They may not be as comfortable as backpacks, but because they sit on one shoulder, they are easy to carry around. Padded insert messenger camera bags are generally roomier, so you can easily fit multiple lenses and accessories in them.
  4. Hard case camera bags are the equivalent of a Ferrari in the world of camera bags. They are generally made from waterproof material that is also tough enough to withstand drops. Hard case camera bags are also equipped with wheels and pull handles, making them excellent choices for travelling.

How to Choose the Perfect Camera Bag

Before choosing your compact or DSLR camera bag there are two very important questions that you need to answer: “Will it fit my gear?” and “Can it help me get to where I need to be safely?” The first question will always determine the size of your cute camera bag, while the latter will determine the type and material. Always check our product descriptions & photos to understand how your equipment will fit in the bag.

Once you determine the size, type, and material of your camera bag (tip: we recommend durable leather camera bags), you can start thinking about the extra features that you want in it. For example, some unique camera bags are equipped with rain covers, tripod pockets, strong straps, wheels, slots for laptops, tethers for the camera, waist straps, etc. You will also have to think about all the equipment you will be carrying. Do you have a tripod? Are you going to carry other stuff as well (e.g. clothes)? Make sure the bag can fit all of your daily necessities.

Another important question to answer is: “Do I want it to look like a camera bag?” This may sound like a silly question, but do you really want everyone to know that you’re carrying around thousands of dollars in equipment? Inconspicuous camera bags, like the ones in our collection, will keep you protected at all times without forfeiting style.