Women are easy to figure out. Give them a scented candle, a beautiful pair of earrings or an elegant blouse and you can call it a day. But what can you gift to the man who has everything? I have always believed that men are more difficult to shop for because they seem to have a want for nothing, especially those who have all they desire. If you’re struggling to come up with a unique and creative present for your husband, family members or friends take a look at our list of Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything!

We have compiled a list of gifts for men who have everything, and many of these gifts include leather. Why leather? Well, there is something inherently masculine about it. Real gentlemen invariably gravitate towards it and will always appreciate such a present. There are all kinds of fine leather gifts that you can choose from and even more cool gadgets and unique hand-made presents that will surely catch your eye. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Something He’s Never Done Before!

Presents don’t always have to come in a neatly packed box. Some of the best presents in the world are those that we hold in our memory forever. The first thing that came to our mind when thinking about gift ideas for men who have everything was a wonderful adventure! Here is a short-list of cool activities that he will surely appreciate:


  • Fighter Pilot for a Day. What man hasn’t dreamt of controlling a high-performance aircraft, prowling the skies and experiencing the thrill of being a fighter pilot?
  • The Gift of Flight. Since we’re on the topic of aircrafts we can’t not mention offering a flight lesson as a gift. Anyone can get behind the controls of an airplane, glider or helicopter with this flight lesson.
  • Driving an exotic car. Another great gift idea for the man who has everything is a driving experience with an exotic car, like a Corvette, Lamborghini, Porsche or Ferrari.
  • You know what’s even more exciting than driving a luxury car? Driving a race car!
  • Hand gliding & Paragliding experience. Man has always dreamt of flying. Why not give your love one the gift of flight and an experience he will not soon forget?
  • Bungee Jumping – not for the weak of heart.
  • Other experience gift ideas for the man who has everything: helicopter tours, weekend getaway in an European Capital, Skydiving, off-road driving, Wine & Beer tour, whitewater rafting, dinner in an architectural master-piece etc.

2. His Very Own Beer Brewing Kit

Price: $44.95 | Product Link: IPA Beer Making Kit

His-Very-Own Brewing-Kit

Number two on our list of gift ideas for men who have everything is a brewing kit. What man on this Earth doesn’t enjoy his beer? Your man may have all the beer he wants in the world, but this he have a brewing kit with which to make his own? This excellent gift contains all the basic equipment needed to brew beer, an instructions manual and tasty ingredients (malt, grain, hops and yeast).


3. Leather Jacket

One can never have too many leather jackets. They are sexy, classy and timeless. If you think about the style icons of the last century you will find one common thread between them: the leather jacket. Michael Jackson had his red zippered stand-out in the Thriller movie, Steve MqQueen had his cool kid racer, and the 21st century gentleman has the classic vintage jacket. If your man wants to give of a polished vibe, he will definitely love this gift. Here are three cool leather jackets you can choose from.

3.1.River Road Ironclad Leather Jacket

Price: $169.96 | Product link: RevZilla


If your boyfriend has a motorcycle, or if he simply wants to look bad-ass, he will absolutely love this River Road jacket. This is a spinoff of the ever-so-popular ironclad jacket, which comes with shoulder treatments and aluminum hardware, perforated leather panels for added comfort, leather lace up side adjustment for a custom fit, plenty of interior pockets, and a snap-down collar that prevents flapping. Practical and elegant at the same time.

3.2. Lambskin Leather Jacket4u

Price: $149.00 | Product Link: Amazon


This 100% Lambskin Genuine Leather jacket is also reminiscent of Moto fashion. Lambskin is extremely comfortable to wear, resistant to wear-and-tear, slim-fit and stylish. It works well with casual, sports and business-casual attire. This item features YKK zipper closure, pockets with satin lining, and long biker-type sleeves.

3.3. BGSD Men’s ‘Greg’ Open Bottom Front Zip Jacket

Price: $129.99 (discounted) | Product Link: Amazon


Because most leather jackets are expensive, we are sometimes discouraged from considering them a viable gift idea for men who have everything. The good news is that you can find plenty of discounted ones on large retailers such as Amazon. While most high-quality leather jackets can go well past the $300 mark, this BGSD Men’s “Greg” Open Bottom Front Zip Leather jacket sits at a discounted $129.99, so it’s quite the catch.

This elegant jacket features zip front closure, a lay down collar, 2 lining pockets and 2 front hand pockets. It may not have the most comfortable feel, because it isn’t made from lambskin leather, but reviewers say it looks exactly like the photos and is extremely durable.

4. Whiskey Chilling Rocks

Price: $11.95 | Product Link: Amazon


Does your man enjoy the finer things in life? Then he will definitely enjoy our number 4 on the list of gift ideas for men who have everything. A set of whiskey stones will make a great addition to his bar. Because they are made from natural soapstone they will chill a drink without diluting it.

“Sipping stones is the aficionado’s choice for chilling a drink. It eliminates the common problem for all connoisseurs of fine distilled spirits: it cools your drink perfectly without dilution from melting ice.”

Do keep in mind that these chilling rocks were designed with whiskey and scotch, which need to be a little cooler to bring out their rich flavor. Trying to cool wine to very low temperatures with them will not work, as they were not designed for this.

5. Leather Gloves

Next on our list of unique gift ideas for men who have everything are leather gloves. Do you have some things you’d really love having but you can never bring yourself to buy them, either because they’re expensive, or because you don’t consider them a top priority? I think men’s leather gloves fit the profile. Leather gloves look exceptionally well with business as well as casual outfits, they’re comfortable and practical. What man wouldn’t love them? Here are our top picks:

5.1. MATSU Luxury Lambskin Leather Gloves

Price: $28.99-38.99 | Product Link: AmazonMATSU-leather-gloves

The MATSU Luxury men winter warm lambskin gloves come in blue, white, brown and blue colors. They are ideal for classical wear because they are elegant and discrete. Made from the finest Italian lambskin leather, these gloves will protect your loved one’s sensitive hands from the cold, while helping him maintain a classy look. They also have a touchscreen feature, but you should know that it is not as good as you’d imagine.


5.2. Australia Lambskin Winter Leather Gloves

Price: $25.00-32.88 (discounted from $130.00) | Product Link: Amazon


The next pair of gloves on our great gift ideas for men who have everything list are the Australian Lambskin ones with polyester spun polar fleece. So what makes these gloves so amazing? You can operate the touchscreen of your smartphone with them seamlessly. The luxurious lambskin leather makes them very comfortable and soft, and the fleece lining offers extra protection against the cold. Furthermore, these gloves are denser than woolen ones, so they act as powerful windbreakers.

5.3. Texting Touchscreen Sheepskin Suede Leather Gloves

Price: $22.99 (discounted) | Product Link: Amazon


Finally, we have this comfy pair of texting touchscreen sheepskin suede leather gloves. As you can see, all the gloves on the list offer smartphone operating capabilities. This particular pair features full palm Nanotech Nappa leather, as opposed to fingertip Nanotech leather only. For the most part, the texting touchscreen sheepskin suede leather gloves have received positive reviews.

6. Virtual Reality Headset



No gift ideas for men who have everything list would be complete without a super cool gadget that he, almost surely, does not have. Virtual reality may be an old concept, but it has only gained real traction in the last decade. VR headsets can be used to play 3D games in immersive worlds, watch 3D movies & more, and the options are limitless.

There are plenty of VR headsets that you can choose from including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft HoloLens etc. Some are compatible with smart-phones, while others are compatible with consoles or computers. You should conduct proper research before making a purchase to ensure that this gift will be used to its full potential.

7. Leather Bags

Leather bags for men aren’t simply fashion statements. They have become a necessity. Just think about it for a bit. As we go about our daily lives we have to carry around a wallet, phone, laptop, notebook, keys and other items. What better way to store them than in a durable and elegant leather bag? Even for the man who has everything, a leather bag is always a welcome gift. There are many types of leather bags that men like: leather messenger bags, leather duffle bags, leather cases, leather backpacks etc. Here are our top 3 picks:

7.1. Vintage Style Leather Satchel

Price: 75£ | Product Link: Not on the Highstreet



This rugged beauty was handmade from the finest distressed leather and cotton canvas. It’s stylish, it’s functional, and it’s durable. The vintage style leather satchel comes in 3 sizes: medium (26x36x10), large (28x38x10) and grande (31x41x13), to cater to all needs.


7.2. Selvaggio Handmade Leather Bag

Price: $279.00 (discounted) | Product Link: Serbags



If your hubby is a fan of vintage fashion and wants to go back to a time when cars were not around, then he will absolutely love the handmade Selvaggio leather bag. This heavy duty full grain leather briefcase features several straps. One of them is longer to permit users to carry it over the shoulder, or in a cross-body style.

In addition to this, the Selvaggio handmade leather bag can convert into a backpack by unhooking the long shoulder strap and running it through the loop at the back of the bag. This proves that the briefcase is not only beautiful, but also practical.

7.3. Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag

Price: $83.99 (discounted)| Product Link: Amazon



Next on our list of best gift ideas for men who have everything is the Kenneth Cole Risky Business messenger bag. If you like it, it might be a good idea to purchase it as soon as possible because it was discounted from $260.00 to a whopping $83.99. Amazon buyers are quite content with this messenger bag, giving it 4.2 out of 5 stars in over 700 reviews. The Kenneth Cole Risky Business leather bag features polyester lining, a stamped logo, 22.5’’ shoulder drop and three colors: brown, black and beige.


8. Leather Strap Watch

No male wrist should go without an elegant leather strap watch. Sure, smartphones may tell you what time it is just as well as watches, but they definitely don’t look pretty on a wrist. Leather strap watches are timeless fashion accessories that will give your man some extra class. Here are our top leather strap watches picks for gentlemen:

8.1. Akribos XXIV Men’s Stainless Steel Leather Strap Watch

Price: $83.99 (discounted)| Product Link: Amazon



One of the main reasons for choosing this particular watch was its price. Amazon has discounted it from $345.00 to $49.00, so it should comfortably fit within your budget. Another reason is that it looks and feels great. The watch features gunmetal, sunray, hour markers, and a stainless steel case, among others.


8.2. Mondaine Helvetica Grey Leather Strap Watch

Price: 433.83 euro | Product Link: Asos



I know this watch is slightly expensive, but I am a huge fan of it. It’s one of the most discrete and sophisticated watches I’ve seen in a while. Mondaine is a Swiss watch brand famous for its precise, punctual and wrist appealing watches. The Mondaine Helvetica Grey watch features a matte, genuine leather strap, stainless steel case, date window to six o’clock, mixed indices, pin buckle fastening and water resistance for up to 30 meters. The watch also comes with a two-year warranty. Size: 38mm x 7mm.

8.3. Pilot 54 Chronograph Dark Brown Watch

Price: $125.00| Product Link: Fossil



The Pilot 54 Chronograph dark brown watch was inspired from intricate flight instruments from airplane cockpits. In other words, it combines the best of modern-day innovation and aviation. This watch is built to last a very long time, and a classic piece for any respectable gentleman.

9. Electronics Cleaning Putty

Price: $18.50 | Product Link: Amazon


Number 9 on our list of gift ideas for men who have everything is a bizarre green thing that looks like boogers in a jar. This may not seem like the most exciting gift in the world but it’s practical. And men love practical things. The electronics cleaning putty represents the perfect gift for a co-worker, tinkerer, gamer, or tech-savvy man.

As you will see from the reviews, the cleaning putty actually works. I don’t know about you, but cleaning my electronics has always been a problem. This awesome green goo will help you clean everything from computers and smart-phones to appliances. The best thing about it is the fact that it’s non-toxic, biodegradable and it traps dirt particles instead of releasing them into the air.


10. Leather Shoes

Number 10 on our list of unique gifts for men who have everything are, you’ve guessed it, leather shoes. Along with an elegant leather watch, and comfortable bag, the modern day gentleman also needs a great pair of leather shoes. Here are 4 great pairs that you can find on Amazon:

10.1. Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Oxford Shoes

Price: $61.92-$109.95 | Product Link: Amazon


Calvin Klein never ceases to amaze with its high-quality products. The Brodie Oxford shoes are no exception. Made from the finest quality leather, the shoes feature a durable rubber sole, double-stitched seams and a cushioned insole. The leather shoes come in brown, black, black patent, oxblood, navy, dark navy and pewter.


10.2. DADAWEN Men’s Leather Oxford Shoe

Price: $29.99-$32.99 | Product Link: Amazon



If you’re looking for something cheap and casual, you will like DADAWEN’s take on leather Oxford shoes. What I like most about them is the fact that they are available in all sorts of funky colors including black, blue, brown, grey, green and khaki. In addition to this, you can buy them in two models (with classic or protruding soles). Due to their versatility they represent the perfect gift choice for a lover, friend, father or work colleague. 

10.3. Steve Madden Reasonur Hi Top Sneaker Shoe

Price: $43.99-$52.99| Product Link: Amazon



If your boyfriend prefers something sportier, I suggest the leather sneaker shoes by Steve Madden. They are comfy and have a modern feel. The only thing you should keep in mind is the fact that they run small, so you will need to order one or two sizes over what your man actually wears.

10.4. Stacy Adams Men’s Gala Tuxedo Oxford Shoe

Price: $43.99-$52.99 | Product Link: Amazon


These Stacy Adam’s Gala Tuxedo Oxford shoes received crazy good reviews (4.8 stars out of 5.00) on Amazon. The sleek faux-leather shoes feature a fully cushioned insole with memory foam and flexible sole (making them extremely comfortable to wear). The shoes come in black, white, blue, brown and red.

11. Unique Leather Wallets

From bi-folds to card cases, there are plenty of options that will help your man carry his cash in style. Because there are so many types of wallets that you can choose from, and even more differences in taste, I will simply list what I believe to be the best leather wallet models and manufacturers.


Leather Wallets on Amazon:

  • Stealth Mode Men’s RFID Blocking Napa Leather Wallet
  • Dockers Men’s Leather Bifold Wallet
  • RFID Men’s Leather Wallet
  • Borgasets Women’s Genuine Leather Zipper Wallet

Leather Wallet Manufacturers: Fossil, Tuscany Leather.

12. Make Your Own Bacon Kit

Price: 14.99 pounds | Product Link: Firebox


There is one thing in this world that men might enjoy more than brewing their own beer, and that is making their own bacon. No bacon lover can resist the opportunity of curing his own meat and transforming it into scrumptious bacon that melts in the mouth. The Make Your Own Bacon Kit holds enough ingredients and equipment for your man to cure three batches of bacon (1kg each). For each batch you can use loin, pork belly or mitts.

Included in kit:

  • Three curing bags.
  • Three pop-up thermometers.
  • Three different flavored cures (smoked, sweet and original).
  • One meat thickness measuring card.

Similar Gift Idea: BBQ Set


13. Laptop Case

A practical and fashionable gift can also be a leather laptop case. Similar to leather messenger bags, leather laptop cases feature some extra protection for your man’s valuable portable device. Let’s take a look at the best leather laptop cases that money can buy.

13.1. SerBags Leather Laptop Briefcase Bag

Price: $209.50 (discounted) | Product Link: SerBags


This genuine leather laptop briefcase bag features two large compartments, one large exterior pocket and inside zipper pockets, making it easy for your man to store all his things comfortably.

Bag size: 15’’L x 4’’W x 11’’H

13.2. Italian Leather Men’s Briefcase Laptop

Price: $295.00 | Product Link: SerBags


The second SerBags full grain leather laptop briefcase is similar to the first, but with two main differences: it features a matte finish instead of polished one and it is slightly larger (16’’L x 6’’W x 12’’H). I really like the brown feel, leather clasp used to secure the laptop, interior compartments and extra-large exterior pockets.

13.3. S-ZONE Crazy-Horse Leather Business Briefcase

Price: $99.99 (discounted) | Product Link: Amazon


The last briefcase example for great gift ideas for men who have everything is the S-Zone Men’s Crazy-Horse Leather business briefcase from Amazon. The bag has recently been discounted to $99.99 from $157.60. You can purchase it for your loved one in dark brown or bronze colors. The bag features top zip closure, front flap buckles, adjustable leather shoulder strap and detachable brass hardware buckles.


14. Leather Smartphone Cases

You can never go wrong with leather smartphone cases. Think about it for a while: how many of your male friends do not own a smart-phone? Probably not many. According to statistics, more than 55% of U.S. citizens own a smart-phone. Leather smart-phone cases are sleek, stylish and durable.


As you can probably imagine there are literally hundreds of models for every type of phone, so choosing one is a matter of taste. I will simply share a few cases that I like, as well as places where you can find genuine ones:

  • Iphone 6/6s cases: Iphone 6s/6 Benuo Folio Flip Corrected Grain Leather Case
  • Iphone 5/5s cases: Handmade Case & Book Wallet Id Holder, Benuo Vintage Genuine Leather Case
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases: Terrapin Leather Premium Wallet Case, Joopapa Galaxy S5 Luxury Leather Case
  • HTC One M9 Verus Leather Case

Leather smartphone case manufacturers or retailers: SenaCases, KnomoBags, VajaCases, ShopAndroid.

15. Star Theatre Planetarium

Price: 109.99 pounds | Product Link: Firebox



Do any of the gift ideas for men who have everything strike your fancy, thus far? If the answer is no, then I have the perfect gift for the man in your life: the star theatre planetarium. I guarantee you that he doesn’t have one of these babies. With this gorgeous gadget he can beam the glorious night sky onto his ceiling, explore constellations, watch celestial movements, and revel at the beauty of shooting stars. Simply reading the product description will let you know how awesome this gift is:

“Gazing up at the night sky is one of life's great pleasures. Because as well as its awe-inspiring beauty, this twinkling mass of celestial phenomena and black nothingness compels you to ponder the bigger picture: are we alone? Who created the galaxy? Is the universe truly infinite? Did Captain Kirk really wear a wig?”


16. Leather Backpacks

Thus far, we’ve shared leather bags and leather laptop cases. While they may be stylish and practical, sometimes what a guy really wants is a good old backpack that can carry a ton of stuff without weighing him down or that he can take with him on his next trip. Here’s my selection of leather backpacks for your perfect gift.

16.1. Soft Leather Multi-pocket Travel Backpack

Price: $269.50 | Product Link: SerBags



Believe me, this simple-looking and extremely spacious backpack is every man’s dream. While it is true that men are also interested in the latest fashion, they will never forfeit comfort in order to achieve some crazy beauty standard. If you’re out of great gift ideas for men that are active and outgoing, you might want to consider a classic leather backpack such as this one.

Size: 21’’H x 5’’W x 14’’L

16.2. Serbags Casual Student Backpack

Price: $84.99 | Product Link: SerBags



Another example of leather backpack with simple design is the Casual Student Backpack made from leather and canvas. Mixing these two materials gave the bag a unique and extremely appealing look. It features a large pocket on the front that is covered by a leather flap, magnetic quick snaps, and a main compartment that also closes with a leather flap. The items in the bag can be divided with the help of zipper section. Finally, the wearer can adjust the straps on the backpack for added comfort.

Size: 16’’H x 12.50’’ L x 5.5’’ W

16.3. Handcrafted Vintage Leather Backpack

Price: $75.00| Product Link: Amazon



Another great gift idea is this handcrafted vintage style bag from Amazon. It features 3 compartments inside with green lining, long-lasting zippers, brass fittings and UV thread stitching. This is probably the kind of backpack that will last long enough to pass onto children.

Size: 15’’H x 11’’W x 4’’B

17. Leather Cuffs or Bracelets

I’ve met quite a few men who are fans of leather cuffs or leather bracelets, so buying a gift for such a guy might be a great idea. Just make sure that the person you are getting the leather bracelet or cuff for will actually wear it. Here are a few great ideas:


  • Authentic Regetta Wide Leather Cuff Bangle Bracelet
  • KONOV Genuine Leather Mens Bangle Cuff Bracelet
  • Casoty Cool Tribe Wide Wristband Bracelet
  • Original 2-pack leather Black & Brown Bracelets
  • Braided Leather Mens Bracelet with Stainless Steel Clasp


18. Monographed Leather Flask

Price: $19.99 | Product Link: Amazon



A true gentleman will deeply appreciate an elegant leather flask. The Visol “Hunter” Leather Stainless Steel hip flask also comes with an engraving plate, meaning that you can also add a personalized message to it. The body of the flask is made from stunning stainless steel and wrapped with dark brown leather. 

19. Majestic Office Supply Desk Set

Price: $89.95 | Product Link: Amazon



Does your husband, father or co-worker have a desk job? If the answer is yes then a great leather gift could be an office supply desk set. I know it may sound a bit boring, but for someone who spends 8 hours a day in that space it’s something that really matters. The Majestic Goods Office Supply dark mahogany Oak and black eco-friendly leather set contains a paper tray, letter opener, blotter, picture frame, letter holder, pen stand, pencil holder and card holder.

20. DJI Drone Phantom 3 Standard

Price: 600 euro (35% discount) | Product link: DJI


Resting comfortably on number 20 on our list of gift ideas for men who have everything is another wonderful gadget that will make any man excited: the DJI Drone Phantom 3 Standard Edition. Unlike advanced and professional drones, the standard drone edition was designed for newbies.

Therefore, it is easy to fly (it features an intelligent flight system that keeps the drone in the air), it provides stable footage and provides stunning images and videos (2.7K HD videos and 12 MP photos with the inbuilt aerial camera). A single battery charge will provide up to 25 minutes of flight. The DJI Drone Phantom 3 Standard is definitely a great gift for men who have everything!

21. BB-8 Droid by Sphero

Price: 129.99 pounds | Product Link: Firebox.com



Number 21 on our list of gift ideas for men is a great present for Star Wars fans. Considering the current hysteria with Star Wars, especially since episode 7: “The Force Awakens”, was just released, the BB-8 Droid by Sphero is an excellent gift choice. One could say that the BB-8 is the newer, cuter version of R2-D2, but for nostalgic, there is also the option of purchasing an R2-D2 gift.

In any case, the BB-8 droid by Sphero is more than just a toy – it’s a companion. One can control its movements and gestures using a smart-phone application, but the frisky little droid also has a mind of his own – he will attempt to interact with you and develop a personality of his own. With the BB-8 droid you can also record and view holographic videos, by projecting them on various surfaces.

Hardware features: electromagnetic field, voice interaction, Traitware engaging personality, inductive charging base for wireless power transfer and skillware app-enabled guidance.

22. Notebook or Journal

Is your hubby or father a fan of poetry? Does he frequently write down things? Does he keep a journal? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you might want to encourage this hobby by purchasing him a leather notebook or journal. There are plenty of leather journals with amazing designs that you can choose from. Here are a few:


  • Generic Sacred Oak Tree Leather Blank Book
  • EvZ Diary String Key Retro Vintage Leather Bound Book
  • Red Vintage Leather Journal Notebook Diary
  • Retro Leather Cover Notebook Journal Blank String Nautical

23. Planet Lollipops & Other Unusual Treats

Price: $32 | Product Link: Uncommon Goods


We are slowly, but surely, approaching the end of our gift ideas for men who have everything list. On number 23 we have a few suggestions for those with a serious sweet-tooth and love for art: planet lollipops. Heather Kelly, the creator of these magical lollipops, uses a special candy making process to offer us sweets among the stars. The three step process consists of encapsulating images in a confectionery blend to obtain 10 different kinds of lollipops that look like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Needless to say, the flavors are also mouth-watering. Each planet has its own: tropical punch, mango, cherry, marshmallow, pear, key lime, kiwi/strawberry etc. Perfect for an amateur astronomer.

Other Unusual Sweet Treats:

  • Gummy Bear Lights
  • Party Sprinklers
  • Tabasco Chocolate Wedges
  • Weekend Brunch Pancake Mix
  • Edible Flower Lollipop Set
  • Candy Crates – Old Time/Retro Candy

24. Leather Belts


Leather belts are practical and elegant, and a man can never have too many. Here’s a quick selection of leather belts:

  • Carhartt Men’s Anvil Leather Belt
  • Dockers Men’s 38mm Leather Bridle Belt
  • Timberland Men’s 40mm Leather Belt

25. Makey Makey

Price: $54.00 | Purchase Link: UncommonGoods


The last item on our list of gift ideas for men who have everything is the “Makey-Makey”, a nifty tool with a bizarre name.

Just imagine becoming a technological genius: turn alphabet soup noodles into a functioning keyboard, control your video games using a controller you draw with pencil, or play piano just by dancing on the stairs.”

The Makey-Makey is a tool that will enable you to do just that! In my opinion, it is the perfect gift idea not only for tech lovers, but also for older men who aren’t that excited about electronics. That’s because it allows us to connect with our technology in a truly unique way. The Makey-Makey has three basic elements: an USB cable (to connect with computers), a circuit board and alligator clips (to connect with everyday objects). This makes it possible for the device to transform nearly any household object into a ‘key’ that tells your device what to do.

This concludes our list of 25 Great Gift Ideas for Men Who have Everything. Have you found anything that inspired you? Do you have anything that you’d like to add to the list? We’d love to hear your opinion!

This unique gift ideas for men who have everything list is by no means exhaustive. There are many great leather bags, gloves, hats, or shoes that you can get. I hope this list will give you more ideas for your next anniversary, birthday or special occasion.

Image Sources: Etsy, Amazon, UncommonGoods, Firebox.