Adjustable Shoulder Straps Vintage Canvas & Leather Backpack with Double Magnetic Flap Snaps

  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps Vintage Canvas & Leather Backpack with Double Magnetic Flap Snaps

Adjustable Shoulder Straps Vintage Canvas & Leather Backpack with Double Magnetic Flap Snaps

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    • * Main Material: Made from durable, sturdy Canvas and Genuine Leather.
    • * Size: H:16", L:12.50", W: 5.5"
    • * Interior: Cell Phone Pocket, Interior Zipper Pocket, Exterior Big Pocket.
    • * Exterior: Solid Bag
    • * Style: Casual, Fashion, Outdoor
    • * Texture: Cotton lining
    • * Components: Soft carrying put
    • * Inner structure: Zipper pocket, credential pocket, iPad Sleeve
    • * Straps: Adjustable shoulder straps for carrying comfort

    General Features

    Simple in design, this Casual Student Backpack is constructed with canvas and leather. The mixing of materials really gives this bag a unique look that is very appealing. This backpack may be simple in design, but it holds a lot of possibilities that will bring true fashion to your style.

    In our day and time, less is always more – or at least this is what minimalism as a trend in fashion and interior design teaches us. This vintage canvas and leather backpack represents the very essence of the aforementioned trend, featuring a clear-cut design in straight, contemporary lines, coming together with a retro flair. The simple sophistication of this vintage brown leather backpack also stems from the metal finishing used to add elegance and a dash of glam to whomever carries it.

    You shouldn’t, however, be fooled by this minimalist appearance – the canvas & leather backpack is as versatile as all modern Serbags backpacks can get: you can use it in casual contexts, formal or fashion ones and even in outdoor environments. The backpack is roomy, sturdy and elegant no matter where you choose to take it.

    What Are the Main Features of this Vintage Canvas and Leather Backpack?

    On the front is a large pocket that is covered by a leather flap. It closes with magnetic quick snaps, and is large enough to hold  an iPad mini. The main compartment also closes with a genuine leather flap, and has double  magnetic quick snaps to make it easy to access the items in your bag. Two of the snaps are on buckles, but there is never any need to unbuckle them to get into the bag.

    As added protection for your content, there is another quick snap to undo before entering the main compartment. To make it easy to find what you need, there is a center zipper section that helps divide out the items in your bag.  Located on the interior wall is a zipper, credential, and iPad sleeve.

    On the back, are adjustable straps to carry the backpack. There is also a small zipper pocket,  and a short handle for carrying. This bag has a vintage appearance that is perfect for everyday use. Vintage Casual Canvas Backpack is filled with style that will be adored by all who lay eyes on it. The cotton lining ensures you that no matter how often you handle the objects inside the backpack they will always remain safe from scratches. The soft carrying put and the adjustable straps add even more comfort to its looks, making the backpack an excellent choice in terms of durability, style, comfort, and versatility.

     Another feature we consider to be quite important is the backpack’s gender friendliness and age independence. No longer subjected to stereotypes people of all genders and ages can enjoy this staple of elegance, breaking the prejudice that only young males can carry backpacks and that only young people (college students) usually carry backpacks to school. Due to its design, choice of color and adaptability, this vintage canvas and leather backpack works great with business people wearing high-end suits, young professional women sporting street-smart outfits with heels and jackets, young urban professional males pairing their jeans with gingham shirts and designer sunglasses and the ever-moving freelance entrepreneurs breaking conventions and carrying everything in just a simple backpack.

    Design Details

    The top advantage of this backpack is that it can be worn by anybody, anywhere and anytime. Resilient to wear and tear or heavy handling, the backpack makes a reliable travel partner for all those commuting to and from work; the ones loving to take spontaneous short weekend trips; the ones having to be always on call for a business trip in another city; the ones who need to be extremely mobile and ready for everything: news reporters, journalists, doctors and residents, lawyers, photographers, pilots and flying attendants and so on. The vintage canvas and leather backpack offers not only plenty of mobility and functionality but a special look to all those who carry it. And we all have to face it, first impressions count a lot and can even make or break a business deal. This backpack sends an important message to all who take a look at you: they speak to a person who is fashion-savvy, understands concepts as sophistication in simplicity and is ready to make use of his/her innovative, non-conformist personality.

    Imagine a world where you have to go to work in the morning loaded with a laptop, papers, gadgets and personal items. But you also want to hit the gym afterward and maybe catch a fun dinner with your friends or co-workers in the evening. Imagine you have to attend a party after a work day, or you need to pull yourself together and have a late night dinner with a potential business partner or a hot date.

    We don’t have enough time to juggle with work, personal affairs, a social group, freelance projects and hobbies – let alone go home and change for every social context we have to be present at. Luckily for everyone, this vintage canvas and leather backpack will save the day for you. Matching almost all outfit choices and personal dressing tastes, coming in a pleasant color that is associated with timeless elegance and sporting minimalist lines and features it will make you stand out of the crowd (in the best possible way) from early mornings to late nights, even if you attend business meetings or after-work gym sessions and cocktail parties.

    You will also surely enjoy the more than affordable price of this versatile, durable and stylish backpack, together with our friendly and customer-oriented returns and exchanges policies. Also, our happy customers can tell you this vintage canvas and leather backpack fulfils all your needs of brief traveling or simply errand-running activities.