Brown Military Style Messenger Bag with Dual Leather Straps & Metal Buckles

  • brown canvas military style messenger bag by Serbags

Brown Military Style Messenger Bag with Dual Leather Straps & Metal Buckles

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  • Brown Military Style Messenger Bag Product Description

    * This military style canvas messenger bag for men and women.
    * High-End Pre-washed Canvas Bags with leather straps.
    * Dual leather straps with adjustment buckles, antique finish brass metal buckles  
    * Zipper top closure
    * Magnetic quick snap buckles for easy access
    * 2 large front pockets, 2 side pockets with strap & quick snap buckles 
    * Dimensions: 15.50"(L) x 12.50"(H) x 4.33"(D)

    General Features

    This uniquely designed upbeat brown colored military style messenger bag looks quite trendy and stylish. It is ideal for those who love to make a fashion statement wherever they go. The visual appeal of the bag is accentuated by the smart combination of two tones of brown. The brown canvas body of the bag is nicely accentuated by the two chocolate brown leather straps. The leather straps are dexterously contrasted by adjustable antique finish brass metal buckles which also snap shut magnetically .

    The warm shades of this military style messenger bag offer the entire ensemble a vintage flair which is incredibly trendy nowadays. If you took a look at recent fashion shows and contemporary designs, you know that we are witnessing the revival of retro styles. However, this military messenger bag doesn’t look out of place, on the contrary. It perfectly blends in the urban landscape, styling up our everyday outfits and attitudes. The twin shades of brown used in this military style messenger bag are pleasing to the eyes and at the same time very subtle. This is great as the bag can be carried with different colored outfits easily. Furthermore, as the color and style of the bag is not gender specific, it can be easily carried by both fashion conscious men and women. It is a nice addition to messenger bags for men and women.

    In other words, the bag can be worn by stylish college students, busy professionals, dynamic freelancers and journalists and on-the-go businesspersons. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the word “military” – the bag is anything else but a huge, bulky, rugged and unappealing piece of accessory. And while it can be used for various purposes and able to carry some heavy duty, it will never ruin your aspect, no matter if you are the jeans-and-sneakers type of freelance photographer or the “Devil Wears Prada” type of female executive. Versatile and high-end elegant, the bag compliments all outfits.

    Design Details

    At the bottom of the bag, leather patches are used. The leather patches not only increases the visual appeal of the bag but also add to its functionality. This feature offers the bag durability and resistance to moisture and dirt in the air or on the ground. This means the bag can be carried anywhere and can be placed on the ground without getting dirty.

    Are you the type of busy person engaged in plenty of activities throughout the day? Then this military style messenger bag is the right one for you. It can carry your daily work items and gadgets, but it can also host your after-work gym equipment (or a more comfortable extra pair of shoes to attend a casual dinner-and-drinks meeting with your co-workers or family members). Do you feel like running away for the weekend with your partner or bunch of friends to relieve some stress? Are you in love with nature? Then this bag is the perfect choice as you will carry effortlessly all the items necessary for camping or a road trip.

    Moreover, you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty no matter if you just throw it in the car trunk and hit the road or use it as a handbag for a quick plane ride. Since it doesn’t get dirty even if you put it on the ground, you will enjoy its resilience and high-end construction everywhere you go, no matter what means of transportation you fancy. This women and men’s messenger bag is light and easy to hold. The bag has a nice long re-enforced wide shoulder strap which evens out its weight over the shoulder.

    In addition to this, the messenger bag is quite spacious. It has 2 large front pockets and 2 side pockets. It has zippered pockets inside which can be used to carry delicate items like a calculator, stationary and cell phones. The bag has enough room to carry books and 15" Laptop. The bag is double-lined with a zipper top closure to ensure the items inside are not damaged in any way.

    Who is it for?

    The bag has a gender-neutral shade of brown and looks chic which makes it a perfect messenger bag for both men and women. The bag is ideal for school and university going students, professionals who like to carry their laptop at work and of course for anyone who loves to ‘flaunt his/her style’. It can be carried by people of all ages.

    One particular group distinguishes itself as a dedicated fan of this military style messenger bag: journalists, adventure reporters revealing the mysteries of the great outdoors, freelance photographers or travel bloggers and all other dynamic, curious, passionate people who need only one bag to carry everything they need and embrace a life of wonder and exploration.

    What Occasions is the Military Style Messenger Bag Appropriate for?

    This brown military messenger bag is fashionable yet highly functional. The bag is sturdy with maximum storage space. This enables carriers to carry things and personal belongings with ease anywhere. This canvas bag can easily distribute weight without putting additional burden on your shoulders. This makes it ideal for students who have to carry heavy textbooks to school on a daily basis.

     Besides students, it can also be carried by travelers. Travelers can carry essential items like passport and cash in this bag and hang it on their shoulders comfortably. It not only gives easy access to these items but also keeps them safe from theft.

    No matter if you are a casual traveler or you travel as a profession, this military style messenger bag will always be your best friend. Besides keeping all your items safe, it offers you all the necessary freedom of movement (besides its generous storage space capabilities) and helps you blend in all urban or natural environments, all cultures, and all landscapes, turning you into a veritable citizen of the world.


    • Hand wash with cold water
    • Use only nylon brush and mild detergent
    • Lay flat to dry
    • No bleach

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