Casual Black Canvas Backpack with Adjustable Shoulder Straps for Work, School & Travel

  • Casual Black Canvas Backpack with Adjustable Shoulder Straps for Work, School & Travel

Casual Black Canvas Backpack with Adjustable Shoulder Straps for Work, School & Travel

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    • Main Material: Made from durable sturdy black canvas.
    • Size: H:16.50", L:11", W: 6.5"
    • Interior: Cell Phone Pocket, Interior Zipper Pocket
    • Exterior: Solid Bag
    • Style: Casual, Fashion, Outdoor
    • Texture: Cotton lining
    • Components: Soft carrying put
    • Inner structure: Zipper secret pocket, credential pocket, iPad Sleeve
    • Straps: Adjustable shoulder straps for carrying comfort

    General Features

    Stay casual and cool at school with the Black Canvas Backpack with sidepockets.  This durable black canvas backpack combines the classic flap over pack shape with striking details like genuine leather trim with ample storage, making it a stylish daypack for your laid back lifestyle.  Whether carrying your essentials across campus or across town, you'll appreciate the smart features built in to the interior of this bag. 

    Stash your favorite tablet in the iPad sleeve and your phone in the cell phone pocket so you can keep in touch at a moment's notice.  Keep your keys, wallet, sunglasses, ID, or other valuables safe and within reach in the interior zipper secret pocket and credential pocket.  There is also plenty of storage for your books, notebooks, and more. 

    The shoulder straps are adjustable for carrying comfort on one or two shoulders.  The main material is a high-quality cotton mixed fabric that is durable, sturdy, and ready to handle everything your busy day can throw at it.  And because it is a solid black shade with brown leather finishes like zipper pulls and buckle straps, the bag coordinates with just about any outfit whether you're heading to class, to study, or even to work.

    Design Details

    This school backpack with side pockets was designed with a minimalist retro feel. It has the timeless appeal of old army backpack with side pockets. The makers of this backpack took inspiration not just from the look and feel of vintage backpacks. This backpack is also constructed with the same concern for efficiency and reliability as any army backpack would be. To create as much space to store items as possible, the backpack features numerous pockets, that allow you to stay organized and keep track of everything. The pockets are seamlessly blended in the overall design of the backpack, such that they do not spoil the sleek feel look of this stylish canvas backpack. The deep, dark black color highlights this sleek design. The results is a surprisingly elegant heavy duty backpack that works both as a fashion accessory and a genuinely practical rucksack.

    Because of its ample size and high-quality, durable canvas, this backpack is highly versatile. While looks great in an urban environment, either on campus or in the office, because of its sturdy construction it also the ideal travel backpack. The canvas is water resistant, meaning it can keep all of your valuables safe even if the unexpected summer shower hits. Because it’s so ingenious in the way in which uses multiple pockets to create storage space, you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to take on the trip. This canvas backpack with side pockets is undoubtedly going to help you carry the load.

    The heavy-duty metal zippers used to close these pockets are built to last. Because they are used frequently, zippers tend to be among the first things that get damaged over time. Plastic ones are especially prone to breaking, or losing their shape. Metal zippers are a far better choice when it comes to school and travel backpacks, as they can withstand heavy usage. And these zippers, in particular, are crafted for maximum reliability. And to top it all off, the zippers are fitted with sturdy leather strips that are easy to pull and can last a very long time.

    This backpack with side pockets is versatile not only when it comes to use. As a fashion accessory, a black canvas backpack is one of those articles that you’ll end up coming back to over and over. Because it offers the comfort and functionality of a backpack, but it also adds a certain something to any outfit, be it casual or smart. It is perhaps due to the fact that a vintage army-inspired casual canvas backpack such as this manages to bring together the rugged appeal of the militaristic look with refined design of retro accessories. Or perhaps it is simply because a well-made backpack will always have a certain appeal to it.

    Reliable and fashionable canvas backpack is great, but what you ultimately want from a rucksack is comfort. This is the reason many prefer backpacks over bags. You can carry a large number of heavy things, and since the weight is distributed equally on your shoulders, you back will feel less strained. But comfort is not a given. A poorly designed backpack can be just as uncomfortable as a shoulder bag. Perhaps even more so, since you’ll be tempted to carry more things in it.

    With this canvas backpack, comfort is not a concern. The lightweight fabric makes this backpack surprisingly easy to carry around, in spite of its size. And it has an ergonomic design, crafted to adapt to the shape of your back. Because it has a vertical line, most of the weight will fall in a straight line down, parallel to your back. And the adjustable should straps will allow you to adjust it even further, for a perfect fit.

    The symmetrical shape of this backpack with side pockets will ensure that the weight is distributed equally across your shoulders.  If you prefer wearing it on one shoulder, you can always adjust the strap, for a more tighter fit, so the weight is still distributed along your back, and not across the shoulders.

    Care & Maintenance

    As far as maintenance goes, this backpack with side pockets does not require any special care. It can be easily cleaned using a brush with soft nylon bristles, and lukewarm water combined with a mild detergent. Avoid using too much soap, as it can be absorbed by the canvas and leave a stain. If that happens, you can easily remove the stain with more clean water, brushing gently with circular motions.