Bead Eyeballs Green Canvas Messenger Bag

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Bead Eyeballs Green Canvas Messenger Bag

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  • Product Description

    * Canvas bag. 
    * Single long adjustable strap.  
    * Zip top closer. 
    * Out side zipper pocket.
    * Dimensions: 13.5" X 10.5" X 4.5"


    This poduct is high-quality cotton mixed fabric.

    Maintenance Notice

    Hand wash in cold water only.

    What Maddy like about the Bead Eyeballs Canvas Messenger Bag?

    One look at this bag and the hairs on Maddy’s arm stood a little at attention. Sure, the skull image on the canvas bag was a traditional one. The kind that she saw all the time on poisonous household cleaners or the commercial cleaners in the kitchen at the restaurant she worked. But there was something deliciously creepy about the skull on this bag that made Maddy absolutely need it.

    Maddy loved canvas bags. She wasn’t one for dressing up and canvas bags looked casual, casual chic to her way of thinking. And she liked youthful styles that were a little bit different. When Maddy first saw this bag, she knew it was the one for her.

    Maddy wasn’t sure why this was the bag for her. Maybe it was the way the bead eyeballs stood out from the black eye sockets. Maybe it was the slight scowl on the bony face. Maybe it was the slight feel of danger that the skull gave. Whatever it was, Maddy loved it. She liked how the skull was positioned on a bright red background so it was impossible to miss it. She loved the even not-quite-smiling toothy mouth. And she liked the way the red background was creatively placed on an x that was printed on the canvas to look like strips of leather.

    The bag is available in a few neutral shades, which Maddy also liked. It took her a while to decide whether she liked the serviceable black or the lighter colors. She decided on the tan bag thinking that its brownish color would work for any season.

    Of course, the bag looked great. But it also had practical features like zippered pockets and an adjustable shoulder strap that Maddy really liked. She was glad that the manufacturer realized that not all women are built the same and that they had chosen to design a bag that would literally work for every body.