Army Green Canvas Hiking School Heavy Duty Rucksack Backpack with Many Pockets

  • Army Green Canvas Hiking School Heavy Duty Rucksack Backpack with Many Pockets

Army Green Canvas Hiking School Heavy Duty Rucksack Backpack with Many Pockets

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    • * Premium quality Army Green, Khaki and Black Canvas Travel Rucksack Backpack with Many Pockets.
    • * Double shoulder straps with short handle.  
    • * Zipper top closure.  
    • * Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets  
    • * Exterior pocket.    
    • Dimensions: 12" (L) x 6" (W) x 18" (H) 

    When it comes to choosing the best rucksack out there, there’s no way you can go wrong with a heavy duty rucksack. This army school backpack is the perfect accessory for anyone who’s looking for a canvas backpack that can do some really heavy lifting.

    This army ruck sack features several exterior pockets of different shapes and sizes. The larger one set on the body of the backpack is perfect for keeping larger items you want handy at all times, such as tablet or a notebook. There are also two medium sized pockets on either side of this backpack rucksack. Each of these can hold a variety of smaller items. The sturdy straps that keep each of these pockets closed will ensure that all of your items are safe during your trip.

    And there are two smaller pockets mounted on top of the backpack. They are perfect for all of those small things that have a way of disappearing in a large ruck sack. But with these well-crafted pockets, you’re never going to have to rummage around in your bag for minutes until you can find that one thing you need.

    The large, well-designed interior of the bag also makes it a very good laptop backpack. In spite of its vintage look, this canvas army hiking backpack is perfectly suited to carry modern convenience.

    Army-inspired fashion is all the rage. But many army backpacks are only meant to look sturdy. These are more fashion accessories than anything else. But that’s not the case with this army heavy duty rucksack. This outdoor army rucksack is genuinely as sturdy as it looks. You can tell that army-feel is not just a superficial detail. It comes from the way in which this army backpack was constructed and the durable materials used in making it.

     In spite of its rough, vintage look, there’s a lot of modern design and care for the traveler put into it. The padded shoulder straps make this large canvas backpack surprisingly comfortable, no matter how heavy its load is. And the way the backpack is constructed makes full use of the materials that went into its making, without adding on any extra weight.

    The strong strap that runs down the middle of this canvas army backpack give it a lot of support and enhance its holding potential while keeping the overall weight of the empty heavy duty rucksack relatively low. It’s remarkable how much of a difference one well-placed design element can make.

    And while it’s a very practical accessory that can definitely do the job it’s meant to do, it can also work well as fashion statement. There’s something about vintage military inspired accessories that makes them so appealing throughout the decades. Trends may come and go, but retro style backpacks keep coming back with regularity. So, in this sense, it’s even durable as a fashion piece, since the retro army look is likely never really going to go out of style.

    The durable canvas used in making the body of this heavy duty backpack is also light enough that you’ll barely notice it’s there. More than that, it’s incredibly easy to clean. Just like you’d expect from a military utility backpack.


    • Hand wash with cold water
    • Use only nylon brush and mild detergent
    • Lay flat to dry
    • No bleach