Vintage Selvaggio Fine Distressed Leather Messenger Bag in Brown with Adjustable Shoulder Strap

  • Dark Brown distressed leather messenger bag by Serbags

Vintage Selvaggio Fine Distressed Leather Messenger Bag in Brown with Adjustable Shoulder Strap

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    • Closure: Zipper 
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Pattern Type: Solid
    • Main Material: Genuine Leather
    • Color: Brown 
    • Size: 12"L x 3.5"D x 9.5"H inches  

    So many individuals choose to embrace a Crossbody bag because of its hands free convenience. There are tons of styles and sizes when it comes to crossbody bags.

    Selvaggio Distressed Crossbody Leather Bag is a choice that is sleek and sophisticated. This bag can be utilized with almost all your attire.“Retro” was included in the title of this bag, because it is very hip and trendy. This is not a style that will go out anytime soon, nor is it comparable to your grandmothers genuine leather purse that she has been carrying around for half of a century.

    The Casual Retro Bag is made of fine Genuine Leather. The bags main closure is two buckled magnetic quick snaps. Nestled underneath the flap is a large pocket which can house an iPad. In the main compartment of the Crossbody Retro bag, is three interior wall pockets. Two are open and the other has a zip closure.

    There is one long adjustable strap which can be worn over the shoulder or, of course, crossbody style. On the back of this Retro bag is a zipper compartment. This is a great place to place your most valuable items, as they will be closest to your body at all times.

    The leather on this bag is worn and stylish. There is so much personality that anyone could easily carry this bag. It will take on the personality of its owner, and make them look cool, calm, and collected with a little touch of sophistication. Durability is not a problem, as this bag is constructed for longevity. The  Vintage Leather Messenger Bag is great for an on the go lifestyle.

    Distressed leather bags are quite popular and as a result many fashion retailers have tried to recreate that worn leather messenger bag look, because having a genuinely vintage worn leather bag means you have a quality object that managed to withstand the test of time. There is just something about this look that inspires confidence. 

    This is not a mere leather purse. What sets this distressed leather messenger bag apart is the fact that it’s made from genuine, premium-quality leather. It is designed with that same reliability in mind that made the distressed leather bag such a popular and refined accessory. In other words, the retro bag look is not a just a superficial fashion detail. This bag is designed just like the vintage bags that inspired it.

    The high-quality rough leather can withstand water damage, scratches and scuffs, which makes it an ideal everyday bag. The water-resistant leather also makes it a great laptop bag, as it can easily keep all of your gadgets safe from the effects of a sudden summer rain, or a surprise snowy day. Its ample size can accommodate a small smartbook and a host of other devices. The leather is sturdy enough to keep these delicate gadgets safe.

    The interior of the bag is well organized and because it uses the space so ingeniously, you can carry quite a lot of things with you. The sturdy leather strap and leather body will ensure that this distressed bag can carry everything you need throughout the day.

    The adjustable leather strap is also designed so that, throughout the day, no matter how much you’re carrying, this bag will always feel just as comfortable. You can wear it as a crossbody bag, or shorten the strap to wear it on you shoulder. It can easily go from a leather messenger bag to a distressed leather handbag with just a few adjustments, to suit any outfit.

    Leather bags can be a great elegant accessory for smart outfit. Leather is a very refined & durable material, that looks great in almost all contexts. But leather can be a bit pretentious and difficult to insert in a casual outfit. So many times, if you invest in a leather bag, you need to buy a backup casual bag, to wear day to day.

    This distressed leather messenger bag manages to look great, no matter where or how you wear it. The neutral brown tone of the leather is refined but at the same time quite earthy, which makes it an incredibly versatile accessory. The adjustable shoulder strap can instantly turn it from a rugged, solid, casual distressed leather tote into a elegant should bag for a more upscale event. You will soon find this can be the only bag you’ll need.

    Low maintenance:

    One concern some may have about genuine leather is that this material tends to be very high maintenance. It can be very off-putting, especially for those who live an active lifestyle, and really don’t have time to concern themselves with taking care of their bag as they run from errand to errand.

    Luckily, this leather messenger bag is surprisingly low maintenance. As we’ve already mentioned, it does not scratch or suffer water damage easily. If it does get stained, you can use a brush with soft plastic bristles to gently remove stains. Even though it is highly resistant to water, you should try to clean it with a dry brush as much as possible.

    Avoid using soaps that are not especially designed for leather goods, as these can be absorbed by the leather and leave a stain. And plus, it’s unlikely you’re going to have to use soapy water to clean it anyway, as a good brush is generally enough to do the trick. Your distressed leather messenger bag is going to look good as new with just a few gentle brush strokes.