Handcrafted Full Grain Distressed Leather Laptop Briefcase by Selvaggio

  • handcrafted distressed leather laptop briefcase by Serbags - front view

Handcrafted Full Grain Distressed Leather Laptop Briefcase by Selvaggio

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    • * Main MaterialFull Grain Leather 
    • * HardwareHeavy Duty Metal Parts
    • * Closure: Buckle top closure
    • * Gender: Unisex
    • * Pattern Type: Solid
    • * Color: Dark Brown
    • * Size: 16"L x 5.5"W x 11"H inches 
    • * Weight: 4.6 lb


    The handcrafted leather laptop briefcase  offers true versatility in both look and function for the businessman, discerning commuter or student.  Structured shape and silver tone hardware meet the distressed look of the full grain leather in a fusion of old and new that is quintessentially urban and perfect for both casual and business attire. 

    The buckle top closure bag has a generous leather strap that allows it to be carried over the shoulder, across the body, or even as a backpack thanks to the heavy duty alloy metal ring on the back through which the single strap can be fed to create two.

    The spacious, center-divided interior can hold a 15 inch laptop as well as a myriad of other daily essentials.  Interior slide pockets are ideal for your wallet, cell phone, and keys while the exterior side pocket is the perfect size for an umbrella in case the weather turns bad or a water bottle for staying hydrated. 

    An interior zip top compartment can hold items securely during transit while an exterior slide pocket makes a great home for your tablet, keeping it in easy reach for answering a quick email or checking in on business.

    Design Details

    Leather briefcases are a staple of business attires. It’s very hard to imagine a smart suit without a black or brown briefcase by its side. Traditional briefcases however tend to be very cumbersome and heavy and they don’t always take into consideration modern concerns for the safety of indispensable work tools such as laptops and smart tabs.

    This leather laptop briefcase takes the concept of a leather briefcase and updates it for the modern businessman. It’s just as stylish and elegant as it ever was, but now it doubles as a leather laptop case as well. The body is designed in such a way as to fit a larger laptop snuggly. The laptop is more secure if it fits well into the bag and doesn’t have a lot of room to move around. However, it is still quite easy to take it out, since the leather used in making this briefcase is relatively softer and more flexible than that of other leather laptop briefcases.

    A men's leather laptop briefcase is a great accessory for women as well. It can create a very novel contrast with a feminine outfit. The quality leather of the bag gives a hint of elegance and refinement that goes well with any look. A full grain leather bag is at once both refined and rugged. It shows the quality of the material that needs no other refinements other than its own natural elegance. The chrome elements create a bold contrast with the deep, understated, dark color of the leather.

    A full grain leather bag also ages much better than smooth leather briefcases. Full grain leather looks wonderful even when it’s distressed, which is why the designers made it look like an already distressed leather briefcase. That vintage air was achieved to give this bag a retro feel which blends perfectly with the modern design oriented towards modern needs.

    If you feel the look of a briefcase is a bit too elegant for your outfit, or you have a busy day and need a more comfortable bag, you can adapt the shoulder strap and turn it into a leather laptop shoulder bag with just a few adjustments. The strap is long enough to fit across your body, for a less stylish and more rugged look. The bag also features a metal ring on the back. You can pass the leather back strap through the ring to turn it into a rucksack. Whatever style you choose, this leather laptop briefcase has you covered.

    Because of this ingenious design, this distressed leather laptop briefcase can go from casual, to business, to smart with only a few adjustments. This versatility in terms of style, coupled with its practicality, make this bag the only laptop briefcase you’ll ever need.

    A fine addition to any wardrobe, this laptop briefcase will certainly draw attention just through its sheer style. This is part of what makes it so versatile. It is one of those accessories that naturally draws attention, without being flashy. It is a genuine statement piece fit for any active budding entrepreneur or well-established businessman, who’s still fashion-conscious.

    Briefcases tend to be associated with a more mature look. A distressed leather briefcase however fits perfectly into a more youngish style as well. The retro vibe takes the edge off the elegance and refinement of this item that same may find difficult to incorporate in their look. To be sure, this bag does not lose point on class because of this. Arguably, the distressed look of the leather actually enhances it. But it also makes it easier to add to a less sober look. 

    Care & Maintenance

    Maintaining leather accessories can be a bit tricky. But this sturdy distressed leather is quite easy to clean. Using a soft nylon brush, you can easily remove most any smudge or dirt. You should avoid using water and soap, unless it is especially designed for cleaning leather. In spite of its sturdiness, excessive use of water and harsh soaps can leave stains. However, because of its already rugged and vintage look, stains will hardly be of concern. And this type of leather is quite resilient when it comes to natural wear-and-tear.