Premium Quality Canvas Heavy Duty School Backpack

  • Canvas Heavyduty school backpack by Serbags

Premium Quality Canvas Heavy Duty School Backpack

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    • * Premium quality Canvas Heavy Duty School Backpack. 
    • * Double shoulder straps with short handle.  
    • * Zipper top closure.  
    • * Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets  
    • * Exterior pocket.    
    • Dimensions: 12" (L) x 6" (W) x 17" (H) 

    General Features

    Fashion is important to school age kids, but so isn't individuality. You want to give them a backpack that accents the person they are, as well as comfort and style. This canvas style backpack is designed to suit those needs. It is made of the best quality heavy duty canvas, which means your child won't have to worry about their backpack ripping when they are carrying around a heavy load.

    There is plenty of storage to keep your child organized while they are at school. The front of the bag has 3 nice compartments to hold items that need to be accessed quickly. On the sides of the bag are open pockets which are great for water bottles. The contrasting leather accents really make this bag stand out. Inside this canvas backpack there are interior zipper, cell phone and wall pockets. Plus, lots of room to store all their school necessities. The Canvas Heavy Duty Backpack is gender friendly and is seen here comes in Olive Green Color.  

    Heavy duty backpacks for school have almost become an absolute necessity. School children nowadays have a lot of things to carry around. There are of course school books, notebooks, and other school-related materials. Some may want to take their laptops with them. And that’s not even taking into consideration extra-curricular activities.

    A simple school backpack is unlikely to be able to handle the task. Smaller ones can hardly fit in everything a school child needs. Larger canvas bags for school are often not strong enough to handle the load. So investing in a heavy duty backpack for school is the only smart option. With a backpack such as this, made from best quality canvas, that investment is sure to pay off. Instead of changing your children’s school backpack every year, you know have a dependable backpack that can last you for years to come.

    However, teens and school children have other concerns as well when it comes to accessories such as backpacks. Anyone who’s finished high school probably remembers how important it was to be fashionable. It’s a superficial concern, but for teens, this can be a real issue.

    Design Details

    Heavy duty school backpacks may be dependable, but they’re often not very stylish. Designers focus a lot on making them as sturdy and well-organized as possible and feel they must sacrifice looks in order to do that. For teens, style can be more important than practical aspects. So even though the backpack may last, kids might not want to wear it.

    Luckily, the makers of this heavy duty backpack found a solution. Each practical element of the bag is crafted so that it’s not only useful, it looks good as well. Leather details are added to enhance the appeal of otherwise strictly functional elements. The white string used in making the seams adds a certain charm to the look of this backpack. Otherwise, it was designed with a minimalistic look in mind. This heavy duty backpack remains as understated as possible, in order to fit in with any outfit.

    The army green olive color of the canvas goes well with most any color, as the tone itself is quite neutral. However, it does have a certain feel to it that makes it draw your attention, despite it not being a flashy color.

    And while it looks great as a fashion accessory, you can be sure this heavy duty backpack is more than just a great statement piece. The inside of the backpack can easily hold a large laptop, books, and other school materials. The outer pockets create even more space for kids to use. The backpack is very well split up, which means it’s very easy for them to stay organized.

    However, with all of things they need to pack with them, there’s a great chance that backpack is going to get heavy. Comfort is a very important aspect to consider when buying a school backpack. A canvas style backpack is a good choice, since they tend to be light and sturdy, thus you can carry more without feeling the extra weight of the backpack itself.

    But comfort comes from the design of the backpack as well. A large backpack that was crafted ergonomically can actually be more comfortable than a smaller that was less well designed. That is why makers of this school rucksack put a lot of care into every detail.

    The body of the bag is designed to perfectly fit along the back of wearer, to minimize effort and back strain. The shoulder straps can be adjusted to suit the needs of each user. The soft padding ensures the backpack will feel quite comfortable, no matter how much it weighs. And because there are no unnecessary details added to this army style school backpack, the overall weight of the item is quite low.

    And finally, there is the issue of maintenance. School children might not be the most careful when it comes to keeping their things nice and clean. Apart from the weight of school materials, school backpacks must be able to keep up the pace with a normal life of an active school kid. And it has to be easy to clean because it will eventually get dirty. There is no way around it.

    Fortunately, this heavy duty backpack is not only sturdy. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning this backpack will take only a couple of minutes. Just follow the instructions listed below.

    Care & Maintenance

    • Hand wash with cold water
    • Use only nylon brush and mild detergent
    • Lay flat to dry
    • No bleach