What is Duffle Bag? 

A duffle bag is a large cylindrical bag which has a closure on the top with a zip or a rope and made either of canvas or leather. This bag throughout the history had many uses. They are used to carry sports equipment; they are used by military personnel to carry their luggage and used by people who seek adventure in the mountains.

Nowadays, after a bit modification in these bags, they are used both formally and casually as laptop bags, camera bags and to keep personal documents. Sometimes, they are also called seabags when used by sailors or marines.

History of Duffle Bags

Originally, these bags were first made in Duffle, a town in Belgium, where a thick fabric was used to make this bag. Although the phrase duffle refers to a bag made from thick fabric nowadays, the name refers to the specific style that this bag carries with it.

The duffle bags made a global impact during the World War II. The Navy personnel carried these bag to the shores of east-coast America, Australia and throughout the Europe. The bags were sold as a vital commodity in the towns and cities of these countries in the army stores. These bags gained their access into other countries as well where they were modified, and new variants of these bags were produced.

The bag gained immense popularity in Australia in the 1960s and whoever carried this bag was considered as a surfer. The manufacturers used canvas to make these bags, and a rope was entangled on the top that served as a zip. The surfers used these bags to carry their towels, clothes, and other personal belongings but their use dies in the mid-1960s.

However, it is thought that the Australians inherited this bag from their ancestors from the 19th century who used a similar form of a bag known as the swag. This bag was used as a sleeping mattress.

Hobo' was a term given to the traveling workers in the Northwestern United States during the 1890s. Most of the historians are unsettled about when they appeared on railroading scene, but it is thought that after the American Civil War in the 1860s, many home returning veterans started hopping freight trains and became railroad workers. The hobos used a special rolled up bundle to carry their luggage. These gained a lot of popularity in America, and with the passage of time, the designs were modified into what see of duffle bags today.

Pros of Duffle Bags

Following are the pros of duffle bags.

  • Greater Room

The biggest pro of having a duffle bag is all about the room. No matter how many pockets are on the outside, the large central compartment can hold a huge amount of luggage inside. This is the reason, the people in the military still prefer duffle bags over everything.

  • Easier to move in confined spaces

Duffle bags are easier to move in the confined spaces. For the adventure seekers, who travel in planes or jam-packed planes, duffle bags are easier to move and can fit anywhere.

  • Versatility

There are different varieties of duffle bags available in the market. There are duffle bags that can roll and have many pockets on the exterior and interior thus making the organization quite easier and are best suited for the athletes bringing sports equipment and require versatility in their bags.

  • Less complicated

Backpacks and travel bags have been added with extra compartments that many people don't know how to use. As a result, there is a significant wastage of space with this additions. Unlike these, duffle bags are simple and less complicated. The smaller compartments are a handy while; the larger one gives you a lot of room.

Cons of duffle bags

Despite being highly recommended for all sorts of usage, the duffle bags have some disadvantages as well.

  • Prone to shoulder and back problems

Duffle bags put a lot of strain on your back and shoulder like other backpacks. If your duffle bag is heavy, it can affect your posture. In the summers, carrying a duffle bag can make you uncomfortable with the sweat.

  • Difficult to carry

The duffle bags become tough to carry when they are loaded with a lot of stuff when you are on a long vacation. If carried for a longer period of times, the seams can fray very easily.

  • Packing

By being soft, duffle bags can lose their shape when not full making them harder to carry.

  • Durability

The leather duffle bags are more durable than the canvas duffle bags. Canvas duffle bags are less durable because they are not water-proof and torn-proof.

Best material for a duffle bag

As you can easily glean from the description mentioned above, the duffle bags are available in two different materials.

  • Canvas duffle bags are versatile and light to medium weight. They are more common just because they are less expensive than their leather counterparts. Canvas fabric is either made of cotton, hemp, or linen. The reason they are used widely is just that the ease that comes with its washing. Simply throw it into the washing machine, take it out and dry. By being affordable, they come in different styles, sizes, and colors. However, most of the canvas duffle bags are not waterproof.
  • Leather duffle bags are immensely durable. Those which are made from genuine leather can withstand severe environments and thus last for generations. Leather duffle bags are truly a class apart. They come in different styles and shades of leather. You can even match the leather duffle bag with your belt and shoes to look more stylish. They come in faux leather and full-grain leather. The only disadvantage they have is that they are expensive.

What is the perfect size for a duffle bag?

The size depends on your use. These bags are available in many sizes. Large duffle bags are best for the athletes as they can carry all of their belongings and yet remain comfortable. There are many varieties of sports bags available, but people prefer canvas duffle bags more often. Then there are smaller duffle bags available for women to put their makeup kits and cosmetics. The students prefer middle-sized duffle bags for their belongings. Thus the claim has been established that there is no such thing as a perfect size. It depends on how you want to use your duffle bag.

Best Canvas & Leather Duffle Bags - Ultimate List:

  • A premium quality duffle bag that has the design of canvas and accented with the luxury of genuine leather. The style of this duffle bag is unique and classy. It is best suited for the business professionals who tend to travel a lot but can be used casually as well. You can either carry it on either side of your shoulder or hand carry it. The shoulder strap is detachable. The texture of the canvas is sturdy with smooth inner linings.
  • Buy it here: https://www.serbags.com/collections/duffle-bags/products/rustic-canvas-and-leather-duffle-bag


  • This bag is made from heavy-duty canvas that makes it very durable and strong. A solid green or dark grayish pattern loaded with a large, main zipper compartment surrounded by a detachable shoulder strap and two leather handles. It is best suited for the fitness enthusiasts and athletes which need a medium-sized, yet stylish bag, to put their belongings.

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  • A heavy-duty duffle bag to survive the toughest terrains. This bag is made from a very high-quality canvas that is lined with genuine leather adding to its luxury. The interior has a large 24-inch compartment surrounded by a zipper. To make this bag more capacitive, the exterior has three small and two large sized pockets. It has a detachable shoulder strap and two handles made from genuine leather.

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  • A duffle bag made from the finest of leather to make it immensely durable. It is designed to complement the traditional duffle bags which were not only strong but a style statement as well. It is best suited for the business professionals and students. The interior has a pouch to contain a laptop and three pockets so that you can fit in anything you want to.

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  • A perfect travel weekender bag with a premium quality canvas lined with genuine leather. This weekender can cope to fit in every situation. The interior is guarded with a zip and contains enough room to fit in your clothes, formal documents, and a laptop adding to its diversity and functionality. To give it a vintage appearance, it is available in two different colors.

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  • The attitude that comes from not trying too hard is a perfect style statement for men and having a leather duffle bag complements this attitude. Made from genuine top grain leather that gives a rugged character adding to its desirability. The sophistication that comes with this design is the reason one should buy this bag as it fits in every line of job. The interior being lined with suede has two open and two zipped pockets to give you enough space for keeping your belongings in order.

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  • A premium quality canvas duffle bag which is less expensive and has all the luxury associated with a duffle bag. It has a detachable shoulder strap clamped with metal on the edges. To give more organization, they have two pockets in the interior which can accommodate most of your personal belongings.

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Reasons to get one

As today, most jobs require laptops and other devices to be used for work purposes. We all need a bag of some sort to carry the stuff. This is where canvas & duffle weekender bags come in handy. They can carry all the essentials to your every trip whether it is for your office, school or to a climb or a forest.

It is a lot easier to find all your things in a messenger bag as it is divided into compartments and loaded with pockets in some cases. Just ask a cameraman carrying a duffle bag that how comfortably all of his camera parts and lenses are adjusted in the bag. It is the latest talk of all the fashion professionals nowadays. Adding a duffle bag to your collection will contribute a lot to your attractiveness and grace.