Our clothes can say a lot about us – there is no point in denying this. No matter how much we want to try and be different, unique, but also smart and well-read, we are still human beings, and we judge, and are being judged, based on the looks, each and every day of our lives. Your clothes can say so much about you.

Whether it is new, or old, tidy, messy, ironed or not, this can make you look like a professional or like a college student that is coming back from a party. You get the picture. One of the more important things that you probably always carry around is, you guessed it, your bag. Your purse, briefcase, or backpack primarily serve to carry things for you in a neat and orderly fashion, but they also have the property of describing you. The same way you pay attention to your hair, you ought to pay attention to the bag you carry.

 The Importance of Bags?

 We sometimes hear the word bagology, which is actually used to define the study of handbags in order to help people understand them better, their purpose, but also the meaning they carry. You might actually find this quite silly, or something no one thinks about; but is that really true? Big fashion companies actually use this in order to create a bag that is most suited for a particular group of people that accommodates their needs, and their fashion style. The same way a backpack can tell that you are a laid-back person, someone who has a casual approach for most things; a briefcase can tell that you are in a hurry, and that you are someone who takes their work quite seriously.

Naturally, all this can be used to improve your appearance, and you can actually convey the look you want others to perceive simply by adjusting your appearance. For girls, a clutch bag can say that she is someone who takes great pride in her looks. Messenger bags border between practicality and appearance, and can serve both purposes, depending on what kind of the material you choose, the size and the rest of your clothes.

Why Pay a Lot for a Bag?

Bags are your extension, and can describe your social, economic, and even fashion status. It is a highly visible accessory, and because of this, a whole fashion industry revolves around bags primarily. You have probably heard about Louis Vuitton bags, and how important these are to some people. They are sought after by doctors, professors, by CEOs, and even by simple folks that obviously cannot afford them. They are a status, and people have always wanted the quickest way of climbing up the social ladder, one way or another.

Celebrities use them to display their status, either because they use them to advertise a certain brand, or simply because they are a great accessory – either way, they send a strong message, especially in this day and age when everything is analyzed on the red carpet. When we look at fashion capitals of the world, such as New York, or Paris, we can see that the most expensive stores are actually those dedicated to bags, where prices range from expensive to paying a small fortune. A bag can easily destroy, or create a fashion image.

Is It Worth Buying a Fake Bag? 

The simplest, and the best answer is – no. Many women do not distinguish between real and fake ones, but you can easily notice the difference when you look at the price tags. Furthermore, the bag is a personal statement, meaning that it is a choice, and because of this, it is much better to buy a nice bag that you can afford, than a replica of something that is beyond your price range.

It will be much worse if you get discovered for trying to pass a fake for an original, than simply admitting that you cannot afford this season’s Birkin. The best way of choosing a bag is by being yourself, which is actually an advice that can be applied to every aspect of your life, and the more you embrace it, the better you will feel.