How to #organize your #bag once and for #all

Do you ever get that feeling your bag is a bottomless pit? If that’s the fact, you probably need a long time to find an object you’re looking for, which can be pretty inconvenient. This isn’t going to change if you finally don’t do something about it. You’ll keep on getting nasty looks from people standing in line behind you while you’re looking for your wallet to pay for a cup of coffee, unless you turn your bag upside down in order to make it actually useful. If you follow these next tips through, you won’t have any problems with bags ever again.

Make a Selection

Once in a while, you'll need to organize your #bag and face the horrors that lie within

Take a look at the content of your bag – I bet there’s a tone of flyers and receipts which are probably dating back several months ago. Other than that, the chances are you’ll also see a dozen items which you don’t really use. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s time for those items to be permanently removed from your bag. Face it, the more items you carry with you, the heavier your bag will be, which will make your quest for a particular object much harder, and your shoulder will probably get numb very soon.

Use All the Pockets

There’s a good reason why bags have more than one partition, and we somehow still decide to use only one – the biggest one. Those remaining items you’ve previously chosen to be the most important and which you’ll keep one carrying in your bag are all different sizes, so match their size with the size of the pocket. Sure, you’ll find it confusing and your first reflex will be to look for everything in the largest partition, but after a short while, you’ll get used to it. Try to make a system that works for you, and follow it through. If your pockets are full then you might consider switching to a backpack as a solution.

Wallet, Phone, Keys

Keys, wallet and your mobile phone are three most important items in every #bag

These are the golden three items which you definitely use frequently. That is why you should place them in a side pocket which is easy to reach. So, find a bag that has side pockets big enough to fit all this and also, pay attention to the way these pockets open, so you don’t waste any unnecessary time opening and closing them.

Create a Form of Packages

You can’t possibly fit all the things you’ll eventually need for each and every situation. However, you can simply avoid carrying a suitcase with you, or searching for items you need all over your home five minutes before you need to leave. Find a drawer in your home and use it to make some kind of packages containing items that you’ll need. Up until now, I found these five different kits working for me.

Wherever you go, you'll need to remember what items to put in your #bag


  • Work
  • Shopping
  • Gym
  • Night out
  • Overnight

Of course, you’ll need to change its content from time to time, but this is certainly the fastest way to get ready and not forget anything ever again.

Every bag’s content is different because all items in it are personal. Only you know what you really need, so take some time to find a system that works for you, and follow it through. I hope you’ve found these tips helpful!