leather messenger bags as Christmas gift

If you are anything like me, you are rushing around trying to buy Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. It is so hard to know what to get everyone. You want to be unique, but also want to purchase something that they will use often.

Over the last several years, men carrying bags have become more popular. Let’s face it, we live in a high tech world and want to take all our gadgets with us. This is the main purpose for the man bag uprise. Many business professionals require the use of a bag to carry important documents and other work materials with them. It only makes sense for a man to own at least one nice bag that he would feel comfortable carrying every day. 

Serbags has you covered when it comes to finding a masculine bag that a man will feel completely at ease carrying. We specialize in military messenger bags, which provide an amazing rugged edge. Trust me, the man receiving a military messenger bag will view the man bag completely different. They will realize it is no different than carrying a briefcase to work, backpack on an outdoor adventure, duffle bag to the gym, or laptop case.

"Man bag" or "Man Purse" is simply a label that has been given to the type of bag a man would carry. Kind of like “Purse” is the female word for the bag carried by women. Therefore, buying a bag for a man is unusual in any way. Actually, you would be surprised at the reaction the man will give when seeing such a stunning bag that possesses a wealth of masculine features.

How to Choose the Right Bag

There are many factors that you have to consider when choosing to buy a man bag for someone on your Christmas list. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when selecting a bag.

  • What are his interests?
  • What would he use the bag for?
  • Is he a professional or adventurous?
  • Would leather or canvas suit his needs better?
  • Have you seen him carry any type of bag before?

These are quick questions that you do not have to spend a lot of time thinking about. It will just help you see why giving him a bag would be useful. Once you have a general idea of why, it's time to decide on a material.

  • * Leather – If the man on your Christmas list is a business professional, a nice leather bag will be put to use. However, he does not have to be a business professional to receive a leather bag. You will have to consider how the bag will be used, as you don’t want to give an outdoors men a leather bag.
  • * Canvas – Canvas is easy to clean and care for. It can be used by the business professional, as well as the average Joe. Canvas is very durable, and is designed for longevity.

Next up is deciding on a style. Once you know how he will use it and what type of material to go for, finding your bag becomes easier. There are tons of different styles that you can choose from. Here is a brief list for you to consider.

  • * Messenger Bag – Any type of man could utilize the messenger bag. There are various styles to choose from. From the college student to the outdoors man, a messenger bag is a handy bag to have. He can even use it as a laptop bag, as many messengers offer a special laptop pocket.
  • * Backpack – There has been a lot of talk how the backpack is taking over in the business world. There has been a decrease in professionals carrying brief cases, as backpacks are now the preferred choice. With that said, the backpack is also a great choice for any of the men on your Christmas list.
  • * Duffel Bag – This type of bag is great for a man who goes to the gym a lot, but it can also be utilized in other ways. It really depends on the man, and rather a duffel bag suits his style.
  • * Rucksack – A rucksack is a very rugged bag that screams masculinity. Has the ability to be worn as a backpack or carried like a duffle bag.

What man on your Christmas list could you buy a bag for?