There are hundreds of vibrantly colored diaper bags for moms on the market, yet diaper bags for dads are just starting to gain traction.

We have to give it to them: today’s dads are admirably hands-on. From changing diapers to bathing the baby and taking the new bundle of joy for a stroll, dads are taking on considerably more responsibility. Thus, when it comes to baby gear, it’s only fair that dads’ masculinity, practical side, and needs are taken into serious consideration.

Floral prints and patterns on a diaper bag for dad simply won’t do. We rounded up five manly alternatives to diaper bags that new dads will love. Before presenting our selection of diaper bags for dads, here is a short guide to everything you need to know about a diaper bag for dads.

What Makes a Good Diaper Bag for Dad?

The first thing to factor in is the quality of the materials and accessories used to create the best diaper bags for dads. As such, before rushing to buy a diaper bag, check the quality of the zippers, locks, webbings and stitches.

Diaper bags must be made of waterproof and liquid repellant fabrics. If they’re also easy to clean, that’s all the better. Baby bottles and wet baby clothing are part and parcel of new dads and moms daily lives. Thus, to avoid the less pleasant smells and to make sure that diaper bags for dad last beyond the baby diaper years, check for liquid repellant materials that are easy to clean.

Moving one step beyond quality, the cool factor kicks in. Cool diaper bags for dads must be stylish. By stylish we mean manly stylish. The style of diaper bags for dads should reflect manliness, innovation, and pride.

Last but not least, diaper bags must be functional. Not any tote bag or backpack can fulfill the role of a diaper bag for dad. The best diaper bag for dad should be designed to make parenting and these early years considerably easier. Pockets, easy access windows, well-insulated compartments and other features make carrying baby gear and caring for your baby a piece of cake.

Which Are the Best Diaper Bags for Dads?

While there is no award titled best diaper bag for dads just yet, we found a few candidates that could compete for it. Let’s talk about unconventional diaper bags for dads.

1.      Messenger Diaper Bag for Dad

 The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to messenger diaper bags and comfort is the width and the length of the shoulder strap. Daddies are strong. However, that doesn’t mean that carrying an unfit, baby-gear filled bag and the baby around for a couple of hours won’t leave you aching at the end of the day.

The Fisher Price Deluxe Messenger Diaper Bag with FastFinder Pocket System is one of the cool diaper bags for dad. While it’s relatively small, the diaper bag has all the functional features a dad needs. Not to mention the style credits.

This bag has a top zipper opening, six pockets on the exterior out of which four pockets are specifically designed for easy access. Baby bottles, pacifiers, wipes and diapers are always in reach. The changing pad can be safely stored in one of the exterior pockets. The insulated zippered bottle pocket will keep the baby’s water or milk safely stored.

The interior pockets – three in total – will keep the extra change of clothes, snacks and toys well organized. The cushioned changing pad that comes with it is a great help, while the added tiny feet will keep the diaper bag away from dirt or humidity.

2.      Backpack Diaper Bag for Dad

A backpack diaper bag for dad is a guarantee of comfort and functionality. Another important factor to consider when it comes to backpack diaper bags for dads is the hands-free label. You will need all the help you can get with handling your baby, so having your hands free at all times is the best you can wish for.

This Black Canvas Heavy Duty Backpack was made to be a great diaper bag for dads. It’s dark, the contrasting belts and buckles add a stylish note while the padded waterproof interior makes sure no liquid gets in or out.

All the baby gear can be safely stored in the interior compartments protected by the zipper top closure. The heady duty canvas exterior pocket is waterproof and perfect to store the baby wipes and changing pad. The easily accessible side pockets fit baby bottles to perfection.

Style and practicality in one? Yes, it’s possible with the Black Canvas Heavy Duty Backpack.

3.      Shoulder Diaper Bag for Dad

Cross-body or shoulder diaper bags for dads are another excellent and unconventional choice. The Diaper Dude shoulder diaper bag was made for hip dads.

Handy features on this bag include the stroller strap, the adjustable shoulder strap complete with easy on-off buckles, the zipper-closed pockets that keep baby gear within close reach. The heavy duty polyester stands the hardest wear test while making this diaper bag for mom and dad really easy to clean.

The diaper bag comes in several colors. Nevertheless, daddies are bound to choose one of the best-looking camo diaper bags for dads on the market.

4.      Tote Diaper Bag for Dad

When you think tote bag you don’t necessarily think masculinity and well-organized packing superpowers, right? Well, the Eddie Bauer Tote Diaper Bag dispels the idea of tote bags being reserved for women and not so practical activities.

Multiple pockets, strong stitches, and leather ribbings ensure this diaper bag for dads meets the highest standards in terms of quality, functionality and style. Throw it on your shoulder and head for that lovely afternoon stroll.

5.      Duffle Diaper Bag for Dad

Duffle bags repurposed as diaper bags for dads are one alluring option. Typically used as weekender bags, duffle bags already have the structure to pack all the baby gear you need and more.

While the accommodating space provided by this super stylish Leather Holdall Duffel Bag is certainly inviting, refrain from over-packing. One set of clothes, three change diapers, a changing pad, a toy, snacks, the baby bottles, pacifier and the wipes are more than sufficient for an outing with that bundle of joy you’re holding.

This extra stylish diaper bag for dads has an adjustable strap and a padded protective patch that makes sure your shoulder doesn’t get hurt.

This was our roundup of the five best diaper bags for dads. No floral prints, no kittens, no vibrant pinks. Hands-on dads can simply pick the diaper bag style that suits them best, pack the baby gear and head out for some exciting baby time.