Was there a time when a tactical messenger bag wasn’t in style? With the overwhelming presence of this must-have staple nowadays, it’s hard to imagine. Messenger bags, whether we think of a downsized fashion accessory or a full-scale tactical messenger bag, have successfully crossed the barriers of style right into mainstream fashion.

A Brief History of the Messenger Bag

The roots of this versatile accessory are blurred. Nonetheless, messenger bags have been around in one form or another for quite some time. The distinctive attribute of messenger bags, the cross-body or on the shoulder single strap, turned the carry-on bags in indispensable staples for women and men alike.

Before the second World War, some archive photographs show bike messenger using rudimentary designs of the now infamous messenger bag. Larger than what we know today, these would have been the precursors of tactical messenger bags spotted everywhere in contemporary times.

Somewhere in the 1950s, the New York-based Globe Canvas/De Martini designed the first generation of tactical messenger bags for telephone line workers. While hanging from the dangerous heights of the telephone poles, the New York workers needed a bag that could carry all the tools while being easy to access and well-compartmented. It seems De Martini did a wonderful job.

From this point onwards, the word about the practical messenger bags spread like wildfire. In the 1970s, New York bike messenger companies had one such bag for each of the bike messengers. Always busy, always fashionable, New York was the hotspot for messenger bags and the tactical messenger bag.

From the 1980s until today, the messenger bag experienced such a spike in popularity that it is hard to imagine it was once confined to technical and highly practical vocations. Nowadays, messenger bags are a widespread stylish accessory that maintains the practical side when carrying loads to school, work or during short travels.

5 Things You Need to Know about the Messenger Bag

Purchasing a bag is like purchasing outerwear or shoes. You’re likely not going to invest in an item if it’s good-looking yet uncomfortable and altogether impractical. A bag is a distinctive note that pulls together your personal style.

Thus, when you think that you will carry a bag around all day long, there are a few things to consider. What kind of bag do I need in relation to my needs? What kind of design am I looking for? What bag size and shape are suitable for me? What materials should I go for? How does the new bag integrate with my personal style?

Here are the 5 things you should take into consideration when it comes to messenger bags.

1.      What Type of Bag do I Need?

Consider this point well as it will determine the size and shape of the bag you’ll be spending money on. Do you need a backpack or a messenger bag? Backpacks are a good idea for bulkier loads that can’t be separated in well-organized compartments.

Messenger bags, on the other hand, are the perfect choice to carry a load of items and carry them in style. A tactical messenger bag – typically reserved for outdoors activities enthusiasts – comes in several sizes. All tactical messenger bags will feature internal pockets, hidden spaces, organizers and padded spaces to protect delicate electronics and other breakable items. Nonetheless, such a tactical messenger bag easily makes the crossover to fashionable urban spaces to carry your notebook, music player, smartphone and other trinkets necessary for the daily urban adventure.

A leather messenger bag that packs away your laptop and camera in addition to other daily essentials has a more formal tone depending on the design as well. Messenger bags, whether redesigned as fashionable accessories or maintaining a prominently functional tone (as a tactical messenger bag typically does) are really a style forward option under any circumstances.

As such, think of your preferences and necessities. Once you’ve identified them, proceed with finding your perfect messenger bag.

2.      What Kind of Design am I Looking for?

A second factor to consider in relation to a messenger bag is design and comfort. The universal design of a messenger bag is a rectangular or square carry-on bag attached to a single strap that can be worn cross-body or one shoulder.

However, depending on the load you wish you to carry around, the design of the strap and that of the bag are really important. Tactical messenger bags have strengthened and wider straps that ensure comfort and the even distribution of weight at any time.

A laptop messenger bag typically has a wider strap as well. Occasionally, the strap also features a padded area that should protect the shoulder against cuts or abrasions. Smaller messenger bags, even if multi-pocketed, don’t need wider straps. Sometimes, they can even double as briefcases or handbags. As such, the straps are fine details that can be removed or hidden underneath the rolltop.

3.      What Bag Size and Shape Should I Choose?

Once more, this depends on the load you would carry on a daily basis. In addition, your height plays an important role in deciding the size and shape of your messenger bag.

Whether you’re into the idea of buying a tactical messenger bag for outdoor activities or heavy duty carrying around town or a laptop messenger bag or a bike-suitable messenger bag, consider adjustable straps. This does away with the height factor. Your messenger bag won’t be a nuisance, but a delight to carry.

As for the shape, choose those bags that are well-compartmented. You never know when an extra pocket may come in handy.

4.      What Materials Should I Go for?

As far as the materials are concerned, choose one that’s sturdy, reliable and stands the test of time. It’s normal for some aging and using signs to surface here and there. Nonetheless, a messenger bag is an always stylish accessory that’s meant for the long term.

One can never go wrong by choosing materials such as leather or strengthened canvas or technical materials (as in the case of a UTG multi-functional tactical messenger bag or ITS tactical messenger bag).

5.      How to Integrate a Messenger Bag with My Personal Style?

As mentioned in the beginning, messenger bags, even tactical messenger bags have long crossed the confinements of technical equipment. The crossover to mainstream fashion has brought them to the public’s attention at an increased pace.

Designers love them and urban outfitters from Tokyo to New York to Paris and beyond done fashionable outfits with messenger bags as the star accessories. Take a cue from them. A tactical messenger bag is more than just that. It will complement most outfits if worn correctly.