History acknowledges the fact that men didn’t care much about bags (if they cared at all) when it came to daily casual wear. Of course, many had their school or mountain backpacks and some were seen carrying messenger bags even if they were not messengers per se. The timeless briefcase, an icon for business men and busy professionals, has ruled over the men’s accessories departments for decades.

But times have changed and the technological developments somehow led to fashion developments as well. While the briefcase is still highly appraised, the young contemporary generation of modern men needed another type of bag: a more casual, versatile and practical one, to suit their hip looks and lifestyles. And this is how the canvas duffle bag made its debut some time ago, promising to fulfill all men’s desires: masculinity, functionality, flexibility and utility.

Canvas duffle bags have the great advantage of being independent of their environment and for being adaptable to any circumstance:

  • They go great in urban settings, accompanying young trendy students and professionals.
  • They go great in more rustic and wild contexts, being reliable allies to those looking for outdoor getaways and adventures.
  • They are more than perfect as running mates for the sporty, healthy cool individual who goes to the gym.
  • They are an exquisite choice for men who mix both an urban corporate lifestyle and have a life (and enjoy activities) after work.
  • Do we need to mention commuters for you to get the big picture?

So What Is the Best Men’s Canvas Duffle Bag According to Your Tastes, Needs and Personal Life Style?

Some of the most appraised canvas duffle bags for men are the ones that allow a healthy dose of trendiness and fashion sense without chipping away on your masculine look. This is probably the biggest problem with men’s bags: they make people frown upon them and consider men to be less manly if they happen to carry a bag. But your laptop, phone, paperwork and personal stuff need to go somewhere, and this is why men’s canvas duffle bags are the best option. They definitely tick all those criteria men have in terms of utilitarianism and durability. So let’s see a canvas duffle bag for men to go with each of your lifestyle and requirements.

1. The Canvas and Leather Duffle Bag for the Young Urban Professional

A high-end quality canvas with genuine finished leather duffle bag is the best choice when you want to look stylish and yet masculine and sporty. Look for such a canvas duffle bag with leather inserts that sports the following important features:

  • Comfortable handles for friendly gripping.
  • An adjustable and detachable shoulder strap.
  • Lots of inside or outside pockets for quick access to important items.
  • Rings and zippers for safety.
  • Luxurious finishing such as brass buckles or rivets (on the bottom of the bag) for an urban contemporary look.

Such leather and canvas duffle bag may come in different sizes. You can pick a small canvas duffle bag for commuting and work only, or a large canvas duffle bag if you are that type of professional who goes to the gym after work and packs a light luggage in weekends for city breaks. Always look for a refined leather trim and a bag which comes with extra perks like outside pockets, magnetic buckles and so on.

2. The Waxed Canvas Duffle Bag for Active Men

It doesn’t matter if you camp in the mountains, love to make bonfires on the beach or spend all possible weekends in outdoor environments, a waxed canvas duffle bag matches your dynamic and manly lifestyle to the point of becoming an extra body part:

  • Waxed canvas is heavy duty and water repellant.
  • Such bags are destined to men who move a lot and do some heavy lifting (be it working in constructions or just spending weekends hiking or climbing).
  • They are usually provided with rust-resistant zippers, plain weave, sturdy buckles, utilitarian pockets, heavy duty detachable shoulder straps and plenty of storing space inside.
  • They are medium to large in size, time tested, durable and quite elegant to be taken in fancy places like the plane’s business class section.
  • If it is large in size, it can successfully replace the traditional luggage, allowing you freedom of movement and safety no matter how long your journey is.

3. The Military Canvas Duffle Bag for Versatile Individuals

If you don’t let prejudice and stereotypes overwhelm you, let us tell you that military canvas duffle bags are perhaps the most versatile duffle bags for men in existence. They are not all large canvas duffle bags prepared to store your parachute. You can pick one of a medium size and enjoy all the flexibility in the world:

  • It is fashionable and goes great with your urban outfit for work days – giving you a contemporary and trendy look only cool guys can pull off.
  • It is designed to host your electronic devices, lunch bag, paperwork and files, personal stuff and the fitness gear you are about to use at the end of the working day.
  • It makes a great weekender bag that you can fill with clothes for two days and personal items and throw in the trunk of your car or the carry-on airplane compartment.
  • It is sturdy and shock resistant, featuring heavy duty canvas which won’t dislocate your shoulder but keep your stuff safe from shock, rain or accidental grazing.
  • It makes a great all-purpose bag for those who try to mix a sedentary office life with an active after-work life which includes travel and fun.

You can go for a full black canvas duffle bag or a mixed leather canvas duffle bag, you won’t regret it. Modern, stylish and masculine, they fit your needs and personal style. They are also durable and need little to no maintenance. You can store them easily when you don’t need them and use them as storage for clothes or other personal items. A high-quality canvas duffle bag is going to be your best friend for the long ride.