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Winged Skull Design Black Canvas Messenger Bag - Front
Winged Skull Design Black Canvas Messenger Bag - Front Winged Skull Design Black Canvas Messenger Bag - Angle Winged Skull Design Black Canvas Messenger Bag - Side Winged Skull Design Black Canvas Messenger Bag - Back Winged Skull Design Black Canvas Messenger Bag - Top

Winged Skull Design Green Canvas Messenger Bag

$41.99  $29.99
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Product Description

* Canvas bag. 
* Single long adjustable strap.  
* Zip top closer. 
* Out side zipper pocket.
* Dimensions: 10" X 12" X 4" 

This poduct is high-quality cotton mixed fabric.

Maintenance Notice

Hand wash in cold water only.

Lisa picked up winged skull shoulder messenger bag

Lisa had to laugh every time she looked at this bag. After all, what type of slightly demented, creative mind would come up with a skull with wings? If was so bizarre and she absolutely loved it. The skull had just the right touch of sinister feeling for her. The design of the skull was abstract, which she also loved. She was so tired of the boring plain old white skulls that too many clothing and bag designers used. This one has an ultra-modern design, crazy crooked teeth, and beady eyes that popped right off the canvas.

When Lisa saw this canvas bag, she knew it was the one for her. Her favorite color is red, so she went for the red one. She chose the red bag even though she really the way the red skull stood out on the tan and white canvas bags. And the red bag didn’t come with a red skull. But it came with a white one and there was something about the way that winged skull seemed to leap off the red canvas that really caught her eye.

Lisa noticed that all the bags, regardless of their color, had sturdy piping along the edges. The color of the piping complemented the color of the bag to give a stylish look that anyone with any fashion sense was sure to notice.

And while it was the look of the bag that had Lisa buying it, she had to admit that the quality of the bag certainly made it worth the investment. The bag is made out of a sturdy canvas that’s water resistant. It has an adjustable shoulder strap that made it easy for Lisa to change how she carries the bag, depending on her mood and the load she had in her bag. Sturdy zippered pockets helped Lisa keep her belongings secure and dry, wherever she went. And that red! It’s vibrancy simply made Lisa feel great and stand a little taller.