Retro Black Leather Canvas Messenger Bag - Front
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Retro Black Leather Canvas Messenger Bag

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Product Description

High-End Canvas Bags.
Single strap handle.  
Zipper top closure
Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets.
Exterior pocket.
Dimensions: 13.5" X 10" X 4"

This poduct is high-quality cotton mixed fabric.

Maintenance Notice

Hand wash in cold water only.

Black messenger bag for professionals

Bob may have had an ordinary name, but he had extraordinary style. When he was in one of his more interesting moods, he disliked his name enough to want to change it to something more outlandish. Something more memorable. Something less generic. Something to match his personality and his unique taste in clothing and accessories.

Bob liked to choose things that were a bit different. He had a fabulous pair of quality leather shoes, in red. They had slightly pointed toes and matching laces. And they looked great. Because of the creative nature of his work – Bob is a graphic designer – he could even get away with wearing them to work.

While most of Bob’s clients appreciated his extraordinary style as a sign of his creative genius, there were times when he had to tone down his look so as to not scare away clients. This was especially important when he went to meet a client for the first time.

As a graphic designer, when Bob met with a client for the first time, he usually showed a portfolio of his work. Once his favorite bag became too beat up to look anything near professional, Bob went on the hunt for a new bag. And found this one.

Bob chose the black. It was classic and professional looking and met Bob’s needs perfectly. He’s had the bag for a couple of years now. It’s been heavily used and Bob is still as happy with the quality now as he was the first day he used the bag.

The edges of the adjustable strap stilled looked good. Of course they didn’t look brand new. He was constantly moving the clip to adjust the strap to accommodate the bulk (or lack of bulk) of what he was wearing. But there were no pulled strings and serious discoloration found in poorer quality bags.

Bob didn’t use the large exterior pocket much, but he liked the look of it. He also liked that the top securely zippered shut so that the outdoor elements never got to his portfolio or hard copy samples of design mock-ups he created for his clients.