Skull in Flame Beige Canvas Messenger Bag

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Skull in Flame Beige Canvas Messenger Bag

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  • Product Description

    * Canvas bag. 
    * Single long adjustable strap.  
    * Zip top closer. 
    * Out side zipper pocket.

    * Dimensions: 10" X 12" X 4"  


    This poduct is high-quality cotton mixed fabric.

    Maintenance Notice

    Hand wash in cold water only.

    Mimi wanted to have a cloth messenger bag

    It was the last year of high school and Mimi wanted to make an impression. For most of her high school years her peers thought she was dowdy and lacked any type of fashion sense. Sure, they thought she was nice enough. She wasn’t made fun of like some of the unlucky kids in her class. But they were never impressed with what she wore. And you can bet that they’d never want clothing, shoes or bags like what she had.

    But when Mimi saw this fabulous trendy bag for the first time, she knew her days of being a fashion wallflower were over. The bag practically screamed “Hey, Look at me! I’m edgy! And I’ve got a great sense of fashion!” It even hinted at a slightly bad side, even though Mimi wasn’t interested in looking all bad. After all, she didn’t want to look like some sort of criminal.

    Although the bag is also available in gray and white, Mimi chose the black. She liked the deep black canvas body of the bag because it was dark enough to go with everything and hide most dirt. It was great for those days when she was hanging around on the grass outside of school, with her friends, using the bag as a pillow. She thought that if she took good enough care of the bag, she might even be able to take it with her for her first year of university.

    On the front side of the bag was a skull with that looked like it was in flames. The skull had spikey teeth that made it look like no skull she’d ever seen before. And the eyes! Wow! They were small and slightly sinister looking, but not too creepy.

    Gray piping along the edges on the front of the bag matched the gray Bodywork lettering and thorny vine pattern that made the flaming red skull really stand out.

    Mimi was so happy that the bag looked so stylish. But she was also really happy that it was practical too. She was short and the adjustable strap made it easy for her to make sure it properly fit her short frame. The back also had a zippered closure where she could securely put anything valuable when she was out in a crowded public area or on public transit.