Pirate Skull Design Black Canvas Messenger Bag

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Pirate Skull Design Black Canvas Messenger Bag

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  • Product Description

    * Canvas bag. 
    * Single long adjustable strap.  
    * Zip top closer. 
    * Out side zipper pocket.

    * Dimensions: 10" X 12" X 4"  

    This poduct is high-quality cotton mixed fabric.

    Maintenance Notice

    Hand wash in cold water only.

    Tina was looking for a messenger bag for girls

    When Tina’s great-aunt Willy saw this bag for the first time, Tina thought the poor woman might have a heart attack. And although she was used to the messenger bag, she could actually understand why Great-Aunt Willy might have had that type of reaction. This isn’t the type of bag for the faint-hearted. It’s bold and could be even considered more than a little aggressive.

    The front flap has a grinning pirate skull complete with eye patch and single beady eye staring out and around at the world. Tina loves her Aunt Willy, but thinks that the dear lady is a bit old fashioned. Great-Aunt Willy thinks loves her great-niece but firmly believes that no self-respecting lady would want anything so crude. But she did have to concede that the bag fit with Tina’s style and looked good on her.

    The bag is made out of durable canvas and features sturdy stitching that Tina is sure will make the bag last for years. She’s used the bag to carry all sorts of things, including a carton of milk one time, and the bag never let her down once.

    The adjustable strap was easy to shorten and lengthen as needed, something Tina was grateful for. She’s had other styles of canvas bags for women where the buckle has scraped the straps to near bare thread and required near Herculean effort to adjust.

    Tina preferred the lighter color. Although the grinning pirate skull doesn’t seem to pop off the surface of the lighter colored bag as much as it does the red, Tina wanted a more neutral color that she thought would go with more items in her wardrobe. The bag is also available a rich black that Tina is still thinking about getting.

    Whatever the color of the bag, each features a zipper top closure that keeps contents in the bag where they belong. There’s also an outside zipper pocket for easy access to papers or other flat items.