Premium Quality Brown Canvas and Leather Rucksack for Men & Women

  • Premium Quality Brown Canvas and Leather Rucksack for Men & Women

Premium Quality Brown Canvas and Leather Rucksack for Men & Women

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    • Premium quality Brown Canvas Travel Rucksack Backpack for women and men. 
    • Double shoulder straps with short handle.  
    • Rucksack style.  
    • Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets  
    • Exterior pocket.
    • Dimensions: 12" (L) x 6" (W) x 18" (H) 

    Are you looking for a backpack that has both character and functionality? Are you tired of seeing all the same looking backpacks? Do you want something that is rugged and durable? This brown canvas and leather Travel Rucksack is the perfect solution.

    The Rucksack is filled with vintage flair that will not be seen in other backpacks. You are sure to stand out in the crowd while wearing it. This backpack is gender friendly and you can easily customize it to suit your personality. This Rucksack is a popular design that has been utilized for centuries. It is a style that is classic and will not go out with the seasons. It is constructed of canvas which is durable and water resistant.

    There are many exterior pockets which ensure the highest quality of organization. These pockets include a large front pocket that closes with magnetic quick snap buckles that are located on contrasting leather strips. There is a side pocket on one side, and a zipper pocket on the other. The flap which closes the main compartment of the Rucksack is also closed with buckled magnetic quick snaps located on contrasting leather strips. Once inside, there is a drawstring closure.

    There are multiple interior wall pockets which include cell phone, wall and zipper pockets. There are double straps to carry the Rucksack on your back. Overall, the Rucksack Travel Casual Backpack possesses a rugged style that can be utilized in so many different ways. This pack is great for school, everyday use, hiking, and much more.

    Design Details

    This brown rucksack backpack fits perfectly into any wardrobe. The understated tones of the colors make this otherwise rugged canvas and leather rucksack a surprisingly refined accessory. This combination of stripped-down design and wonderful attention to detail is what makes this canvas leather rucksack so versatile.

    You may be wondering why you should opt for a combination canvas and leather rucksack, when a leather brown backpack might be sturdier and even more stylish perhaps. The problem with leather backpacks is that often the material they are made out of is very delicate, in spite of the overall sturdiness of the bag. Plus, they can get really heavy. This canvas and leather backpack gets the best of both worlds. The leather straps are strong and comfortable, just as you’d expect them to be. The high-quality canvas used in making this bag is just as reliable. But unlike leather, it’s easier to clean, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and it’s much lighter.

    The ample size of this canvas rucksack backpack means you can bring as many things as you need with you, without having to worry that they’re not going to fit. The body of the canvas and leather backpack is more narrow than wide, which makes it a perfect laptop backpack as well. And you don’t have to worry about whether or not it can handle the load. The leather bottom is more than capable of carrying a large size laptop, books, notepads, and whatever essentials you might need all throughout the day.

    This is one the reasons why this canvas and leather backpack works well as an outdoor backpack as well. The interior of this rucksack is well organised, which means you can carry all sorts of diverse things and not get them mixed up. The durable material is sure to handle heavy weights, so you can pack a couple of snacks, warm sweater, and other hiking essentials, and still have room for that extra pair of socks you always need but never have space in your luggage to bring.

    So, whether you’re a lover of the great outdoors or a pro at navigating the urban jungle and all of its obstacles, this canvas and leather backpack is the perfect accessory that can help you stay organized and ready to spring into action, no matter what that may be.


    • Hand wash with cold water
    • Use only nylon brush and mild detergent
    • Lay flat to dry
    • No bleach