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Canvas Hobo Crossbody Satchel Over the Shoulder Bag
    Canvas Hobo Crossbody Satchel Over the Shoulder Bag $59.99
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      15.6" Waxed Waterproof Canvas Messenger Laptop Bag With Genuine Leather Strap $69.99
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      Urban Laptop Leather Brief Office Bag
        Urban Laptop Leather Brief Office Bag $279.00
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          15.6" Laptop Canvas Messenger Satchel And Water Resistant Shoulder Bag For Cameras $67.99


          Our Women’s Canvas Messenger Bags Are a Must-Have Accessory

          Women are the ultimate multi-taskers, and they appreciate a canvas messenger bag for women that lets them express their inner-fashionistas while still providing the versatility and practicality of a well-designed bag. Serbags extensive line of women’s messenger bags can help keep all the essentials close at hand, all in one incredibly stylish package.

          Whether you are a busy professional, a busy mom or just plain busy, our bags provide ample room for storing everything you need, durable construction to handle your on-the-go lifestyle and adjustable straps so that you can carry your bag with comfortable ease.  Whether you are stashing your laptop, camera, wallet, or whatever else you need, our canvas bags ensure that you never have to sacrifice looking great in order to stay organized.

          Serbags invites you to browse our collection of women’s bags, and discover the perfect accessory for your active lifestyle. From classy to casual, and even a bit or whimsy, our messenger bag collection has it all!


          What Will You Find in the Messenger Bags for Women Collection?

          Whether you are stashing your laptop, camera, wallet, or whatever else you need, a Serbags women’s messenger bag ensures that you never have to sacrifice looking great in order to stay organized. 

          1. Incredible Quality

          All women know quality is one of the most important stapled of high-end fashion. Beyond designs, a well-crafted accessory piece speaks volumes about a woman’s sense of style, self-respect and educated tastes. This is why our messenger bags for women collection are built on premium fabrics and materials. This is what you can find:

          • -  Premium canvas messenger bags for women in sturdy canvas, resilient to wear, travel-related tears and physical damages and so on.
          • -  Genuine Italian or American leather messenger bags for women in handmade full grain leather, distressed leather or handcrafted leather.
          • -  Refined detailing and finishing in silver styling, brass and iron – buckles, quick snaps, magnetic snaps, metallic brackets and so on.
          • -  Durable padded shoulder straps, cushioned laptop interior pockets, padded laptop sleeves, interior cotton lining, zipper-protected exterior and interior pockets, premium hasp closures for safety etc.

          2. Functionality

          Active ladies can always carry a stylish messenger bag for women on all occasions and for all purposes:

          • -  Our laptop messenger bags for women are slick, slim and sturdy, able to safely protect your laptop, tablet, briefcases, wallet, cell phones and cosmetics in all formal, business and corporate environments. They can also make perfect companions for short business trips, plane rides and even casual running-errands contexts.
          • -  Many of our business bags for women (be them in canvas, leather or a stylish combination of the two) can be quickly turned into cross-body bags for urban chic needs, travel needs and leisure activities.
          • -  Due to the adjustable shoulder straps and padded features, our laptop messenger bags for women will never seem heavy and won’t clash against your office outfit or your casual chic attire.
          • -  The wide area of storage options featured by each messenger bag for women in our collection will keep you organized all day long: you have plenty of pockets, sleeves and compartments, both on the inside and outside the bags to offer you the full support and comfort you need.

          3. Versatility

          Why carry a purse and a briefcase when you can mix the two types of accessories together and walk freely and in style both in urban environments and natural ones? Do you want a bag for the office, another for the gym, a third for a weekend trip, a fourth for a vacation and a fifth for a casual night out with your friends? Or is it better to carry a modern, cool and trendy bag to fit match all these occasions?

          The versatility of a messenger bag for women is incommensurable – you just need to pick your favorite style (urban slick, rugged rustic, military tomboy, teenage student, Devil Wears Prada business and many more) and have all your expectations exceeded.

          4. Timeless Designs

          If you take a sneak peek behind the fashions world curtain, you will surely learn that some accessories work better with some ages than other. How many times have you heard that you are too mature to wear a girlish whimsical and funky purse? And how many times did you hear you shouldn’t try to add more years to your true age by sporting jewelry and accessories dedicated to older women?

          Well, if you ever dreaded such preconceptions and stereotypes, you just found your easy way out: our messenger bags for women are timeless accessories that are not age-bound. Any woman of any age can wear a high-end black cross-body convertible Italian leather messenger bag for women with a vintage flair.

          All women of all ages can feel cool, trendy, stylish and perfectly adapted to fashion trends with the help of a reddish brown leather messenger bag with classic stitches. Finally, all women of any age can let their free spirit express itself with the help of a heavy duty multi-pocket canvas satchel for school, work, travel and casual activities.

          5. Unique Style

          We have mentioned that many of our messenger bags for women can convert into office briefcases, travel / casual / sports cross-body bags, duffle bags, weekenders and even overnight or gym bags. But now it is time to take a look at the exquisite designs these highly functional bags feature as women do love to style up their outfits with the proper accessories.

          • -  You will find many slick, slim and minimalist-looking messenger bags for women in urban / contemporary designs for ladies who sport power suits, formal attire, business outfits, high heels and a leadership attitude.
          • -  You will also find laidback casual canvas messenger bags for women to go great with jeans, tank tops, summer dresses, comfy sneakers and boots – some canvas large messenger bags for women work great with travel plans, long and busy college days, trips and vacations and so on.
          • -  Leather and canvas messenger bags for women come in various sizes and are probably some of the most versatile – sporting an elegant design or a rustic one with retro touches or even military detailing, such bags fit all your personal styles and needs.

          Pick your favorite messenger bag for women in our collection and enjoy our free shipping opportunities, affordable prices and friendly return policies!