San Francisco Style Khaki Canvas Messenger Bag - Front
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San Francisco Style Khaki Canvas Messenger Bag

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Product Description

* High-End Canvas Bags. 
* Long adjustable strap.  
* Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets  
* Exterior pocket.  
* Dimensions: 13" X 10" X 4.5"  

This poduct is high-quality cotton mixed fabric.

General Features

This attractive San Francisco style khaki canvas messenger bag has the practical storage capacity of a small duffle bag, but features styling details that make the messenger bag a fashion accessory for anyone who chooses to carry it.

The ends of the bag have storage pockets and pouches much like a duffle bag. Zippered compartments in the front provide additional storage for small items, like memory sticks, where easy access is important. The zippers make sure that smaller items can’t easily fall out and get lost. A black lined interior with zipper closure provides a secure place to store slightly larger electronics like notebook computers and tablets. The lining also provides some protection against scratching.

The canvas messenger bag is lightweight and easy to carry for maximum portability. A long strap is easily adjustable depending on the load and the size and body build of the person who is carrying it.

The quality cotton blend canvas is water resistant enough that light rain or snow will bead off the surface.

Who is it for?

This bag is gender neutral and can be easily used by both males and females. It has a casual style that individuals of all ages will appreciate. The messenger bag has many storage compartments that will effortlessly accommodate documents, books, accessories and electronic gadgets. It’s also suitable for carrying smaller pieces of camera equipment.

The canvas messenger bag is appropriate for high school students and post secondary students. It will also work well for teachers and professors and individuals who work is less formal environments. Professionals from other industries will find this bag useful.

What occasions is San Francisco Canvas Messenger Bag appropriate for?

This messenger bag can be used for commuting to and from work and can easily handle a packed lunch and an extra pair of shoes along with a few papers and documents. Its fashionable duffle bag styling makes the bag suitable as an overnight bag. The bag can be used at school, college, university or the workplace.


  • Hand wash with cold water
  • Use only nylon brush and mild detergent
  • Lay flat to dry
  • No bleach