Old School 14'' Brown Leather and Canvas Messenger Bag for School

  • dark brown leather and canvas messenger bag for school by Serbags

Old School 14'' Brown Leather and Canvas Messenger Bag for School

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    • * This Old school style canvas messenger bag for school.
    • * Canvas Bags with Genuine Leather straps.
    • * Dual leather straps with adjustment buckles, antique finish brass metal buckles  
    • * Zipper top closure
    • * Genuine leather parts, the color may vary.
    • * Snap buckles for easy access
    • * 2 large front pockets, 2 side pockets with strap & snap button buckles 
    • * Dimensions: 14"(L) x 12"(H) x 4.33"(D)

    General Features

    The combination of washed coffee with brown leather parts on the body of this Old School Messenger Bag for school oozes military, retro style, as do the leather tabs and brass colored snaps. A touch of brown color on one section of the stitching on the top flap adds just the right amount of intense vibrancy to the messenger bag.

    The canvas messenger bag is completely closed providing protection against the elements for the belongings inside. Interior lining adds more thickness to the bag and provides even more protection. Inner cell phone pockets provide an easy access storage option.

    A single adjustable long strap is securely attached to the body of the messenger bag and will be able to handle whatever weight carried in the bag. An easy-to-clean cotton blend canvas surface makes the bag easy to maintain.

    Who is it for?

    This messenger bag for school is gender neutral and can be easily used by both males and females. It has an urban sophisticated feel that’s suitable for anyone who is more fashion conscious and wants something different than classic styling when it comes to a bag.

    This Military style messenger bag has no age limit. It’s great for both older adults and teenagers.

    The cross body bag has big storage compartment that will effortlessly accommodate documents, books, accessories and electronic gadgets. 

    What occasions is Canvas and Leather Messenger Bag appropriate for?

    Binders and laptops, up to 14 inches will fit in the messenger bag making it a suitable briefcase replacement for anyone who uses  small notebook computers for presentations. The bag can be used at school, college, university or the workplace, you can put your lunch, your tablet,  water bottle, wallet, and your keys in the bag and it will work great.

    For students it can easily fit your laptop, a couple textbooks and all of your notebooks, trekking across campus for class or biking to after class part-time work, this bag will fit your working clothes with you launch.

    Design Details

    Messenger book bags have made a huge comeback in recent years. They have a timeless charm to them that can never go out of style. In fact, it seems the more time passes, the more appealing these vintage school messenger bags become. It’s what makes these old school leather bags so very versatile. One single bag can be both practical and fashionable, a surprisingly rare combination. That’s because vintage designs were meant to last, and creators of this school messenger bag took their inspiration source quite seriously. This messenger bag for school was crafted with the same care and diligence. For this reason, it can very well end up becoming a genuinely vintage article in time, as this sturdy bag can last for years to come.

    Designing a side bag for school is actually a much more complicated task than it may seem. For one, a school side bag needs to have ample room and yet still be able to maintain everything well-organized, without losing valuable storage space. To accomplish this seemingly impossible task, the designers of this bag used every of it to its full potential. The exterior of the bag features two medium sized pockets, perfect for items to which you may need quick access. To other, smaller side pockets provide extra storage space.

    With these multiple outer pockets, the interior of the bag is left free to store larger items. There is one inner zipper pocket as well, but these do not take a lot of space. This means you can carry quite large items, and still have room to spare. Plus, you can keep everything well-organized and within reach at all times. The front pockets use a magnetic system to close, which makes them very easy to open when you are on the go. The lid of the bag covers the top of these pockets slightly, for added safety. The side pockets are fitted with sturdy metal snaps which can be used over and over again, without having to worry that they might get damaged or bent.

    Maximizing storage space in the messenger bag for school was the only concern of the designers. The more items you carry, the heavier the load is going to become. Messenger backpacks for school present a unique challenge in this sense. Comfort is a great concern, and the demands of school make this very difficult to achieve. This type of bag needs to be able to carry a heavy load and still feel comfortable throughout the day. The shoulder strap features a light leather detail that fits perfectly over your shoulder. The strap itself can be adjusted, so you can wear it as a cross-body bag, for more support. In this way, even if you’re carrying as much as this bag can hold, you still feel comfortable throughout the day.

    Because of its old messenger bag look, it also works great as a statement piece, for both teens and adults. The earthy and warm tone of the genuine leather used in making this bag complements most any outfit perfectly. It is classy, yet understated, which makes effortlessly stand out during an otherwise average school day, without looking out of place. It can truly fulfill all of your messenger bag school needs. What more could you ask for in a messenger bag for school?