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Vintage styles continue to influence today’s fashion, and messenger bags are no exception. A vintage-inspired bag can be classy, trendy, funky or that perfectly unique accessory that sets you apart from the crowd. While they are a creative form of personal expression, these bags still contain all of those useful features that have made messenger bags popular. From handy pockets to roomy interiors, adjustable straps to comfortable carrying, the appeal of these bags has stood the test of time.

As functionality goes, a vintage leather messenger bag and even a military messenger bag stylishly mix utilitarianism, modernism and looks. From handy pockets to roomy interiors, adjustable straps to comfortable carrying, the appeal of these bags has stood the test of time. A Serbags’ vintage messenger bag draws on classic styles, yet features the modern construction techniques that contribute to their durability and functionality.

What Will You Find in the Vintage Messenger Bags Collection?

We've assembled a collection of vintage messenger bags that contains plenty of retro flair, yet retains everything that makes a well-designed messenger bag a must-have. With a variety of designs for both men and women, our vintage-inspired bags are the perfect accessory for making a personal style statement while still remaining organized on the go.

1. Quality

You may need a classy and stylish briefcase for women to take you to the office or to that important business meeting you planned; you may want to thoroughly look for some briefcases for men that are versatile enough to be worn at work, during business trips and while you embark in adventurous fun travels; you may want a hip urban chic vintage leather messenger bag for college days and a military messenger bag for travel, sports, hiking and abroad vacations – you will find them all here and they will impress you!

  • · Some of our vintage leather bags are made of vintage American Crazy Horse handmade leather; others are available in vintage fine distressed leather while others feature a mix of durable canvas and genuine Italian full grain leather.
  • · All our bags feature durable reinforcements, metallic quick snaps, magnetic snaps, leather straps, magnetic rivets, metallic brackets, clasps, buckles and sturdy inside cotton lining for safety – all your belongings will be protected from scratches, while the bags’ exterior is resistant to wear, tear, handling and mechanical stress.
  • ·  The sturdy, meticulous, and perfect stitching in various colors not only compliments the vintage messenger bags flair, but also add up to the bags’ overall durability, sturdiness and unique designs.

2. Functionality

For many years messenger bags have been associated with certain trades and personal styles, being considered casual, sporty accessories for young urban professionals. However, the vintage messenger bag has traveled a long way, turning into one of the most interesting, adaptable, elegant and useful types of bags of all times.

Our vintage messenger bags are suitable to formal corporate environments, casual contexts, travel, school, sports, freelancing activities and outdoor adventures. We have specific and dedicated messenger bags and all-purpose messenger bags for people of all ages and occupations.

  • · Specific vintage messenger bags: overnight & business vintage leather briefcase; military style bike vintage canvas messenger bag; duffle weekender travel bag; leather messenger bag for photographers; daypack fashionable canvas cross-body bag for students.
  • · All purpose messenger bags – coming in a wide palette of models, designs and styles, our vintage messenger bags for men and women alike can match all tastes and needs: they feature padded shoulder straps, removable and adjustable shoulder straps, exterior and interior pockets, laptop compartments, interior zipper secret pockets, sleeves, flaps, room for phones, tablets and personal items, buckles, quick snaps, magnetic snaps, clasps etc.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a small size vertical vintage bag or a mid-sized cross-body convertible vintage laptop bag – they will all accompany you faithfully at work, to school, on a weekend trip and on a long vacation abroad.

3. Versatility

Many of our bags can be used in plenty of contexts – so you don’t have to buy a bag for a specific need. Plenty of our vintage messenger bags are convertible, being able to fulfill the functions of briefcases, cross-body bags, messenger bags, bike bags, duffle bags and backpacks, depending on your needs. Depending on their style and size, you can wear one to carry your 17” notebook to work or your favorite Hawaiian shirt and shades if you plan a quick weekend getaway to the beach. Classy and good looking, the vintage messenger bags can be worn in urban contexts or rustic ones, blending in any type of environment and going great with any type of outfit you favor.

4. Gender-Friendliness

Many of our vintage messenger bags are unisex – thus allowing all people to enjoy the beauty and functionality of these bags without having to be bound to certain stereotypes or fashion trends. A durable, elegant and demure vintage leather messenger bag can be worn by men and women alike in all working, traveling or casual contexts.

This gender friendly feature has its fun side as well: the partners in a couple can borrow the stylish office leather briefcase from one another without being concerned about personal styles, labels or prejudice.

5. Design

The Serbags’ vintage messenger bag collection is a reason of pride and joy for us. We dedicated a lot of time, work and creativity to our designs and we are happy to say that our models can truly stand out of the crowd.

  • · Our vintage messenger bag collection features briefcases for men, vintage leather bags for women and unisex vintage messenger bags (casual and formal) in a wide variety of colors and textures: army green canvas, black leather with orange stitching, warm brown canvas and leather details, camouflage prints, chocolate hues, white sand hues, camel, beige, light and gray nuances and so on.
  • · Our vintage messenger bags feature handmade detailing and premium metallic finishing in brass or iron, trimmed leather parts, colored canvas adornments and so on – all matching the retro flair that makes this collection so successful.

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