Premium Quality Multi-Compartment Canvas & Leather Messenger

  • Premium Quality Multi-Compartment Canvas & Leather Messenger

Premium Quality Multi-Compartment Canvas & Leather Messenger

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  • Main Material: Canvas and leather.

    Size: L:17" W:4.5" H:13"

    Interior: The first thing you'll notice when you open this bag is it's navy-blue interior lining. Just like when the ocean meets the trees, the blue interior and the green exterior compliment one another beautifully. With a 17 x 13 inch open compartment, this bag can be used to carry the items you may need whether it be for work or play or anything in between. In addition, there is also a small zipper pocket for small miscellaneous items. Across from that small zipper compartment are two smaller pouches that are the perfect size for phones and other compact devices. There's a place for just about anything in and on this versatile messenger bag.

    Exterior: With its green canvas body, accented with our brown genuine leather, this messenger bag is the embodiment of the great outdoors.  At the front of the bag you have two large open pouch pockets. Recommended for larger items, these pouches do not close at the top, but are shrouded by a canvas over-flap that fastens closed with leather straps and snap buttons. Perfect for books, binoculars, sketching supplies, and anything else you may need to get to quickly and easily. At each side of the bag you have an additional two, smaller sized, pouch pockets. These two pouches fasten closed with a very unique design. Each pocket has a metal stud that you push through the hole in the leather strap for a snug and secure closure. The pouches are also big enough, if left open, for small beverage bottles. The final compartment on this bag is a secret zipper pocket at the back of the bag. A more slender pocket, best suited for passports and any other documents you want to keep on hand but tucked away safely. Trimmed from top to bottom in leather, with the entire bottom of the bag being composed of it, this bag is clearly made to last. A very adaptive messenger bag that can be utilized where ever life takes you.

    Straps: Equipped with a genuine leather, adjustable, shoulder strap for durability and comfort. menhis messenger also has a thick leather handle at the top of the over-flap for when you're on the go. All straps are fastened and adorned with bronze buckles, clamps, and studs.  

    Style: Vintage Messenger