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Eagle Khaki Canvas Messenger Bag - Front
Eagle Khaki Canvas Messenger Bag - Front Eagle Khaki Canvas Messenger Bag - Angle Eagle Khaki Canvas Messenger Bag - Side Eagle Khaki Canvas Messenger Bag - Back Eagle Khaki Canvas Messenger Bag - Top

US Eagle Laptop Courier Canvas Messenger Bag

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Product Description

High-End Canvas Bags.
Long adjustable strap.  
Zipper top closure
Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets.
Exterior pocket.
* Dimensions: 16" X 10.5" X 5"


This product is high-quality cotton mixed fabric.

General Features

Non-traditional laptop bag styling is the appeal of this attractive US Eagle laptop courier canvas messenger bag. It’s made out of durable, easy-to-clean cotton canvas formed into a streamlined looking bag that takes up only as much space as necessary, while still providing plenty of storage.

The vintage canvas messenger bag is a solid yellow-tinged khaki color that’s a warmer shade of traditional khaki while still remaining a neutral color. On the bottom corner of the flap is a black imprint of a majestic eagle with some flowing black cursive text.

The US eagle laptop courier canvas bag has a wide adjustable strap securely stitched to the body of the bag so there’s never a worry that the constant weight of a laptop will put too much strain on the straps. A single snap closed pocket on one side provides easy access storage. The lined interior of the bag also offers additional storage pockets and pouches.

The main section of the bag, under the flap, zips completely shut providing maximum protections against the elements for the laptop.

Who is it for?

Students and professionals will both like this old-style retro canvas messenger bag. Its simple style and neutral colors will appeal to both men and women. Although the styling of the bag is casual, it’s not so casual that it can’t be taken to many workplaces. That’s because the overall style is streamlined and simple.

What occasions is the US Eagle Laptop Courier Canvas Messenger Bag appropriate for?

This military style messenger bag can be used just as easily for a student as it can be used for a professor. The student can use the bag to easily carry a laptop to and from class. The professor can use the same laptop to carry supplies to and from a lecture while still maintaining a completely professional look.

This bag can also be used by professionals in other fields or by anyone who needs a secure and attractive way to transport a laptop.



  • Hand wash with cold water
  • Use only nylon brush and mild detergent
  • Lay flat to dry
  • No bleach