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Item Information

Product Description

High-End Black Canvas Bags.
Single strap handle.  
Zipper top closure
Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets.
Exterior pocket.
Dimensions: 13.5" X 10" X 4"

This product is high-quality cotton mixed fabric.

General Features

An individual who wants to guarantee that his or her belongings will stay in their chosen bag will appreciate the additional buckles on this black canvas messenger bag. Inspired by nostalgic styling, this bag’s solid black color also gives in a more formal or dressy look. Contrasting light stitching and khaki colored straps add visual appeal.

The front flap has two straps attached by securely sewn leather patches and accented with rustic looking buckles. The buckles add extra security to the inner section which also zips closed. The buckles have black loops to pull the ends through so that they don’t hang or get caught on anything and come loose.

Interior pockets provide storage for cell phones and other electronics. The supple canvas fabric is soft from the day you get it and doesn’t feel like an uncomfortable starched potato bag.

The canvas and cotton blend ensures that the bag can be used in rough conditions, and does not require much maintenance.

Who is it for?

This messenger bag is gender neutral and can be easily be used by both males and females. Although the material is casual khaki, the dark color of the retro black leather canvas messenger bag gives it a more formal feel. This makes the back a suitable briefcase replacement for many professionals.

With numerous storage compartments that effortlessly accommodate documents, books, accessories and electronic gadgets, this black canvas messenger bag will also appeal to the more electronically minded individuals. They’ll appreciate the extra storage and the ability to securely store their items while going from place to place.

University and college students who don’t want to carry a backpack will also like the styling of this messenger bag.

What occasions is Black Canvas Messenger Bag appropriate for?

Smaller laptops will fit in the canvas messenger bag making it a suitable briefcase replacement for anyone who uses  portable computers for presentations. The bag can be used at school, college, university or the workplace by the students and teachers.

This messenger bag may work for a formal corporate event as well, depending on how formal the event is. If you’re able to make your presentation in dress pants and a pressed button-up shirt, then you’ll be able to easily use this bag.


  • Hand wash with cold water
  • Use only nylon brush and mild detergent
  • Lay flat to dry
  • No bleach

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