Single Buckle Leather Briefcase Messenger

  • Single Buckle Leather Briefcase Messenger

Single Buckle Leather Briefcase Messenger

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  • Main Materials: All genuine leather messenger.

    Size: L: 14" W:3.5" H:9.8"

    Interior: The inside of this beautifully crafted leather briefcase has a standard open compartment with a few extra compartments for your convenience. It also has the capacity to fit a 15" laptop computer and a couple of books, binders, or folders. At the back of the bag you have a 10 x 6 inch zipper compartment for any miscellaneous storage. No need to store your wallet or phone here because at the front of the bag you have two pouch pockets for just that. The 5" pouch is perfect for wallets or larger sized phones and directly next it is a 3" pouch that fits most standard sized phones and devices. The tops of these pouches are also lined with leather, for a sturdier, less flimsy pocket, making it easier to take items in and out of these pouches with little effort. The entire inside of this bag is lined with a smooth, nonabrasive material, to keep those screens from getting scratched or damaged. The main compartment seals shut with an all metal zipper-track attached to leather flaps at the top of the bag, then shrouded by a leather over-flap. 

    Exterior: One of the first things you'll notice about this bag is it's orange stitching. Complimented so well by the dark leather, the orange stitching truly displays the quality of this bag. You can literally count each meticulous, perfect stitch. The over-flap of this particular bag has had some extra features added for stability. In addition to fastening the over-flap down with just the one magnetic button beneath the strap and buckle, there has been an addition two magnetic buttons added to the corners of the leather flap. This helps prevent the corners from curling and also gives it a more secure feel and fastening. At each side of this handsome bag we've added two all leather pouches. These small pouches have a similar design to the main compartment with a over-flap and a single magnetic snap button. These small pouches can be utilized for extra devices, chargers or anything  extra you may want to keep on hand. At the back of the bag we've also added an additional, slender zipper pocket. This zipper pocket is best suited for writing instruments or any small items and documents. 

    Straps: The adjustable strap of this bag is composed of canvas and leather, with additional leather padding for the shoulder. Complimented by the same orange stitching as the body of the bag. 

    Style: Rustic Business and Adventure