Decal Beige Canvas Messenger Bag - Front
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Decal Beige Canvas Messenger Bag

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Product Description

* Canvas bag. 
* Single long adjustable strap.  
* Zip top closer. 
* Out side zipper pocket.
* Dimensions: 10" X 12" X 4"

This poduct is high-quality cotton mixed fabric.

Maintenance Notice

Hand wash in cold water only.

Sheri wanted to have beige canvas messenger bag with a decal design 

Her mom didn’t really like this bag. But Sheri sure loved it. And so did all of her friends. The problem with so many canvas bags in the stores her mom liked, according to Sheri, was that the bags either looked like old lady bags (for women the age of her mother) or they were just too plain. Not this one.

This canvas bag was available in some really great colors. There was the basic, and always practical, black and white. And there was the serviceable tan/khaki. But what Sheri really liked was that the bag came in less traditional colors like eye-popping red and a look-at-me royal blue.

She liked the decal on it too. It was youthful and fashionable, two things she considered herself to be. The decal was a skull, which her mother didn’t really like. But even her mother had to admit it did look trendy with its bright red color (except on the red bag, where the skull was white) and abstract design. The crooked teeth made it look like the skull was always wickedly grinning, like it had a delicious secret to keep. Assorted lettering added to the youthful feel of the bag.

While Sheri’s mom didn’t love the actual design on the bag, she did have to agree that the craftsmanship was of high quality. The single long adjustable strap made it possible to adjust the strap to either wear across the chest or under the arm like a traditional purse. There was an outside zipper pocket where Sheri could easily store any important papers and such. This was important because Sheri took crowded public transit a lot, and always felt more secure when her money and license were closer to her body and harder for a pick-pocket to get a hold of.