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Khaki Army Messenger Bag Front View
Khaki Army Messenger Bag Front View Khaki Army Messenger Bag Front View 2 Khaki Army Messenger Bag Angle View Khaki Army Messenger Bag Side View Khaki Army Messenger Bag Back View

Army Messenger Bag

$59.99  $52.99
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Product Description

* Vintage messenger bag. 
* Long adjustable strap.  
* Zipper top closure.  
* Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets. 
* Exterior pocket.  
* Dimensions: 14" X 13" X 4.5" 


This product is high-quality cotton mixed fabric.

General Features

This khaki colored army messenger bag is a stunning combination of classy vintage look and stylish urban design. This bag is the epitome of style and sophistication.


The look of this single tone Khaki bag is accentuated by 2 dark green and chocolate brown army style front straps. The design of these straps is emphasized by white baseball stitching on the corners and on the flap.


The red colored writing in stylish bold fonts and rustic big holes on the flap hooked by the front straps look prominent, edgy and contrast nicely with the khaki green background. The bag has a nice visual appearance and grabs attention instantly.


Since the color and the design of this bag is not gender bound, this makes it perfect as a male messenger bag that can be carried by both genders. This women’s and men’s messenger bag is a cool urban fashion accessory which looks best with casual outfits.


High quality cotton mixed fabric is used to design this bag. It is a heavy duty fabric that offers the bag sturdiness and high resistance against wear and tear. At the bottom of the bag, dark green leather patches are used. These not only look fashionable but they offer remarkable durability and resistance against moisture and dirt present on the ground and in the air. This feature allows you to keep the bag wherever you want without fear of getting it dirty.


The smart look and high functional features of this army styled bag definitely makes it a valuable addition to the collection of canvas bags for men and women.


Furthermore, this bag is also light weight and comes with a long adjustable shoulder strap which makes it easy to hold. The strap can be easily adjusted which evens out the weight on the shoulder and you can walk around with ease.


In addition to this, another value added feature of this bag is that it is extremely spacious. It has 2 large pockets on the sides and interior zip, wall and cell pockets. You can easily keep your books and small sized laptop in the bag. It has zipper pockets for safety and protection of your delicate and expensive items like cell phones.  The zipper top closure protects your items from damage.

Who is it for?

This army messenger bag is gender neutral i.e. it is ideal for both men and women of all ages. The bag can be easily carried by school and university students, professionals and athletes. It can be carried easily while commuting and travelling.

What Occasions is the Army Messenger Bag Appropriate for?

The bag is chic, highly functional and durable with maximum storage space. The bag comes with zipper closure which offers the valuable and delicate items within the bag protection and safety from damage and theft.


Students can carry heavy textbooks and essential items like calculators and cell phones in this bag to schools and universities.

Professionals can replace their briefcase with this bag and carry their small sized laptops in it with ease and convenience.


You can also carry this bag during long distance travel trips. You can keep you valuable things like cash, credit cards and passport in the bag and hang it easily on your shoulder. If you are on medication, you can also keep your medicine in it. It’s easy to access.


  • Hand wash with cold water
  • Use only nylon brush and mild detergent
  • Lay flat to dry
  • No bleach