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Leather Duffle Bags: Effortless Packing & Transport

Are you looking for a bag that you can simply throw all your things into? Not sure what bag to use for your gym sessions? A duffle bag might be just the thing you need in situations like this. Before you order one of our duffle bags you might want to find out more about their advantages, disadvantages, and common uses.

What is a Canvas & Leather Duffle Bag?

Wikipedia defines the duffle bag as a “cylindrical bag made of fabric with a drawstring closure at the top”. But this duffle bag meaning fails to describe the elusiveness of a perfectly sized & perfectly priced accessory. Some people call duffles the unicorns of bags. You can wear them effortlessly over the shoulder to complete every-day activities, store your gym equipment in them, or even perform heavy hauls with wheeled models.

Hiking and travel bags are great for longer trips, but duffle bags are the best options for light packaging because they can easily fit in the backseat of the car. Numerous hikers have praised duffle bags for their great capacity, durability, and flexibility. When an occasion calls it, these budget-friendly bags can be used to prepare for unexpected trips quickly. Of course, no travel equipment is perfect for all occasions.     

The Pros and Cons of Weekender Duffle Bags

Undoubtedly the biggest advantage of a duffle bag is the fact that it can carry a lot of things. The middle compartment of a travel duffle bag is always the largest. Outer pockets are also roomy. Men prefer duffle bags over other forms of traveling gear because they can toss everything inside without worrying about wrinkles. Because they can be opened from side to side and filled completely, duffle bags are also useful for storing objects that don’t need to stay in a box.

Another advantage of certain duffle bags is the sheer amount of exterior pockets that make it easy to store chargers, toiletries, and other easy-access items. As a matter of fact, the best duffle bags provide more organization than other types of bags. Lastly, duffle bags are more flexible than other options, which means that they can be squeezed into tight compartments.

A disadvantage of duffle bags (especially the ones that open at the top) is the fact that you have to go through everything to take out something from the bottom. Furthermore, not all duffle bags are usable under harsh conditions. If they aren’t waterproof and correctly handled they may destroy the contents. Again, no bag is perfect. Accessories such as D-shaped zippers, side pockets, or multiple straps, may seem trivial, but they will restrict your handling methods.

The materials used for the duffle bag can greatly affect its performance and durability. Some of the most rugged duffles are made from TPE fabric laminate, ballistic nylon, or leather. If you’re looking for something lightweight you can also go for a canvas model, but if you want something waterproof you should opt for polyurethane fabrics.

Should I Buy a Duffle Bag?

The type of bag you choose depends on your activities and the type of outdoor gear you have. For example, a serious hiker will need a weatherproof, durable, large duffle, while a weekend camper will only require a lightweight, medium bag. Duffle bags are preferred by individuals who want something that is easy to carry around and pack. We recommend duffle bags to gym enthusiasts, weekend travelers, and hikers.

Top Uses for Duffle Bags

 Travel: Travel duffle bags are considered a must-have accessory. At Serbags we also offer rolling duffle bags sized as carry-ons for added convenience.

  1. Athletic Activities & Recreation: From basketball to football, duffle bags represent an essential accessory for sports enthusiasts. The portability and size of athletic duffle bags (or holdalls) make them ideal to carry sports equipment. They are also very spacious and easy to clean. You can use outer pockets to carry shoes, and personal items. Our duffle bags also fit in gym lockers.
  2. Hunting: The most popular hunting duffle bags feature arm straps for carrying. They are also waterproof and come with extra lining or padding to protect sensitive equipment from damage. We recommend camouflage & canvas fabric.
  3. Business: Some duffle bags are especially designed with protective sleeves to carry laptops and important documents. For a little extra style you should go with a vintage leather duffle bag.