Old Style Athletic Duffle

  • Old Style Athletic Duffle

Old Style Athletic Duffle

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  • Main Material: Canvas and Leather

    Size: L:18" W:7.9" H:9.4" 

    Interior: This bag is made to be filled to capacity. The open main compartment is large enough for a pair of shoes, change of clothes, towel, snacks/protein, water, and just about anything else you can fit in it. Whether it's to the next game, the next session, or the next weekend, this duffle has the functionality, capacity,and style to get you to where you need to go without ever having to compromise. In addition to it's spacious main compartment, this bag has addition pouches and a zipper pocket on either side of its interior. The side by side pouch pockets are each big enough to house a large phone or phablet. Across from these two is the zipper pocket. Perfect for keeping keys and wallets separated and secured from the chaos that tends to ensue inside of duffle bags. Especially after a game or event. All of this convenience  is enclosed by a double zipper with a leather trimmed track, so you never have to wonder, but know, that your belongings are safe and secure with this unique, artfully crafted duffle.

    Exterior: Be prepared to stand out at your local gym or next athletic event because this is obviously not your basic duffle. The first thing you'll notice about this interesting duffle is its deep blue canvas. The straps of the bag are a strong navy blue, where as the body of the bag has an almost tie dye look to it, with dark and light shades of blue. Amongst  this ocean of blue are the lightly tanned, genuine leather straps and accents. The leather straps at the front of the duffle have brass buckles that can be adjusted depending on how much the bag is filled to capacity. If there isn't much to hold, then you simply cinch up the leather straps to suit your needs. There are also two additional compartments on the exterior of the bag, all of which, are lined with leather, giving this bag a perfect balance in color. In between the leather straps and buckles you have a small zipper pocket. A great little pocket for keeping memberships and other forms of identification on hand and ready to present because when it's "Go Time!" there isn't much time or patience for anything else. The last of the compartments is the magnetic, snap button pouch at the back of the duffle. Convenient little spot for keeping some extra earbuds and a charger. One of the last features of this bag is the bottom of it. Doubled in material and canvas, the bottom of this bag was designed to keep your belongings away from unnecessary moister that can sometimes be absorbed when bags are set on a wet surface. On top of that, there are also four brass pegs and leather riser-pads to keep your duffle bag dry and slightly elevated at all times. 

    Straps: Equipped with an adjustable canvas shoulder strap with bronze clamps and brackets. There is also an attached canvas strap with a leather handle for side-carry options. 

    Style: Vintage Athletics