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Brown School Canvas Messenger Bag


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Product Description

* Canvas Bags. 
Single long adjustable strap.  
* Zipper top closure.  
* Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets  
* Exterior pocket.   
* Dimensions: 14" X 10.5" X 4" 

This poduct is high-quality cotton mixed fabric.

General Features

For the person who likes the general look and feel of canvas, but wants something a little more fashionable and less utilitarian, this attractive brown school canvas messenger bag may be the answer.

This little bag oozes fashionable charm with details like intricate zigzag stitching, angled pockets and shiny brass colored buttons stylishly weathered. An attractive milk chocolate shade brown adds to the trendy feel of the bag. The bag has a single long strap that can be adjusted to make the bag fit snuggly under the arm.

The lined interior of the bag is roomy and features interior zippered pockets and well as pouches for cell phone storage. Small pouches on each end of the bag provide additional storage for easy-access items.

The strap is double stitched to reduce the chance of it tearing or pulling off the bag. The interior also zippers shut.

Who is it for?

The styling of the bag is more feminine making this bag more suitable for a woman of any age. Although called a brown school canvas messenger bag, this bag doesn’t necessarily have to be used by students. It can be used by stay-at-home moms who want a stylish bag to carry their personal belongings and baby supplies. It can be used by an employed individual.

What occasions is the Brown School Canvas Messenger Bag appropriate for?

This canvas bag can easily be used for both work and school. The bag’s fashionable styling means that it can be carried with a slightly dressier outfit up to and including business casual formal.

The bag can be used while traveling, and for commuting by car, train, bus, or foot. The strap can be adjusted so the bag can fit securely and comfortably under the arm. This feature, as well as the bag’s more compact size, makes it easier to carry in crowded areas.


  • Hand wash with cold water
  • Use only nylon brush and mild detergent
  • Lay flat to dry
  • No bleach