Unisex Warm Brown Canvas Hiking Backpack with Leather Accent Straps & Large Pockets

  • Large Canvas Leather Hiking Outdoor Travel Backpack, Serbags

Unisex Warm Brown Canvas Hiking Backpack with Leather Accent Straps & Large Pockets

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    • * Premium quality Canvas Leather Hiking Outdoor backpack for men and women.
    • * Double shoulder straps with short handle.  
    • * Rucksack style.  
    • * Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets  
    • * Exterior pocket.    
    • Dimensions: 14" (L) x 7" (W) x 18.5" (H) 

    Canvas Hiking Backpack: General Features

    Backpacks are a choice bag because they offer a hands free option to those who live an active lifestyle. This canvas hiking backpack is constructed with canvas, which is durable and offers a longevity that other materials do not. There are contrasting leather accents on this bag, which makes this backpack very appealing.

    Looking at the canvas travel or hiking backpack from the front, you can see that it offers lots of organization. There is one large pocket in the front, and two smaller pockets on each side. These pockets are closed with buckled magnetic quick snaps that are located on contrasting leather straps.

    The flap of the bag also closes with these buckled magnetic quick snaps. These types of snaps make it easy to access the content of the bag. Once the flap is opened there is a drawstring closure. Inside one interior wall, there is a compartment large enough to fit an iPad, a zipper pocket, and 2 open pockets that are ideal for storing smaller items.

    On the opposite interior wall there is another zipper compartment, which, when lifted up, will reveal a specialized area designed for a laptop. This Canvas & Leather Backpack is large in size, and is designed to carry a lot of content.

    There is a short handle on the top, and two adjustable straps for carrying the backpack on your back. It is available in brown color. This backpack is ideal for those who want a rugged look, and a bag that will carry a large amount of content. The canvas hiking backpack is a rucksack design, which is a fashion-forward trend that will have you looking amazing. 

    Design Details

    Any seasoned traveler will appreciate the way in which the makers of this large travel backpack used every available resource to make the most out of its storage potential. The numerous exterior pockets are perfect for keeping small items that can get lost inside the ample interior. They also leave the larger compartment of the bag free to store as many large items as you need during your hikes.

    In this way, this canvas hiking backpack offers you more value than you would otherwise expect. No space on the backpack is wasted with frivolous details. Sometimes, large travel backpacks are poorly organized, and thus, in spite of the fact they look large from the outside, they cannot actually hold a lot of items. With this backpack, that is not a concern.

    Of course, keeping your items safely tucked away during a trip can also be a concern for hikers. The straps that keep pockets and lids closed on big travel backpacks are usually the first elements to get damaged over time, due to the normal usage patterns of tugging and pulling on them. This backpack uses leather straps to keep each pocket closed shut. These strong leather straps will not wear out easily, thus ensuring that they can be used for many years.

    You may be wondering why you should opt for a canvas hiking backpack instead of a leather hiking backpack, if leather tends to be stronger and more durable than canvas. The problem with leather travel backpacks is that they tend to get quite heavy. A large leather backpack can add a lot of unnecessary weight on your shoulders. It’s one of the main disadvantages of having a large leather rucksack as your main travel accessory.

    A large canvas hiking backpack can be just as reliable, and canvas is much lighter than leather, so you can take more things with you with less effort. You can focus on the road ahead, and the only strain you’ll feel will be the burn of the hours of navigating the winding forest trail. By using leather only on those elements which are used more intensely, this large travel backpack manages to combine the best key elements of both materials. It is light as you would expect a canvas hiking backpack to be and dependable as leather travel backpacks.

    What’s more, it looks great just as a fashion accessory. If you’re the type of active person who needs to take a lot of things with them during a day’s work, since you never know exactly what your schedule is going to be, this backpack has got you covered. Not only is it large, and able to hold a large variety of items, it also looks great. Which means it will never look out of place in an office environment, in spite of the fact that its main use is as a hiking travel backpack.


    Since it can be adapted so easily to any environment, be it urban or natural, it can quickly become an indispensable item. But if you take it out on a trail, you can expect to get dirty. So what do you do if your favorite hiking and work backpack gets dirty?

    Canvas is well suited for long trips in the great outdoors because it is easy to maintain. Since this large travel backpack is great to use as a work backpack as well, you may worry that taking it on hikes might ruin it. But cleaning it up afterward is a breeze. Follow the instructions below and your backpack will be ready to help you go back to the office, no matter how adventurous your hikes are, in just a few minutes.

    • Hand wash with cold water
    • Use only nylon brush and mild detergent
    • Lay flat to dry
    • No bleach