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The Serbags Leather Briefcases Collection: Practical & Elegant

Although briefcases got their name from their original purpose of carrying legal briefs for attorneys, they have transformed into a statement of practicality and elegance. Nine to five workers and students appreciate their usefulness in storing & transporting laptops, notepads, books, and lunches comfortably. Furthermore, a premium-quality leather briefcase adds polish to any professional look.

The briefcase, as it is known today, has evolved with the needs of its users. Our mission here at Serbags is to craft briefcases that last a lifetime & cater to the needs of our customers. This is why we have created a versatile collection of leather briefcases. Before you start browsing our collection we recommend that you check out our buying tips.

Briefcases for Men vs Briefcases for Women

Leather briefcases are generally designed as unisex accessories, but because women have a larger wardrobe, designers may opt for a wider color palette for their briefcase collections. Naturally, both men’s and women’s briefcases must be large enough to fit necessary documents and items that the corporate life demands, but briefcases for women will almost always have a smaller outer profile. These subtle variations may be difficult to spot but they make the difference between a comfortable leather briefcase and one that doesn’t fit well.

  • Leather briefcases for men are generally bulkier in appearance. They feature thick handles, external details, and buckles for a more masculine feel. Furthermore, hard-sided briefcases are traditionally worn by men.
  • Leather briefcases for women will almost always feature more interior pockets that are designed to accommodate small necessities (e.g. make-up kit, notebooks, gloves, creams, etc.).

How to Choose a Good Leather Briefcase

What makes a good leather briefcase? Ask any man or woman with a corporate career and they will probably list the following requirements: large enough to carry a laptop & documents without becoming too bulky, lightweight, elegant, and built to last. But if you want a briefcase that you can pass on to your children, you will have to invest a sizeable sum. The best leather briefcases are expensive (anywhere between $120 and $1,500).

Why such a difference in prices?
Because every leather briefcase is built differently!

Let’s take a look at the most important qualities that you need to look for when buying the best briefcase:

#1 Material Quality

The materials used to build a briefcase are very important because they influence its price, durability, and appearance. The most common materials are leather (top-grain, full-grain, corrected-grain, split-grain, or suede) which is attractive & durable,

#2 Hardware Material Quality

Another indicator of quality and price is the material used to build the briefcase. You should thoroughly check the handles, zippers, buckles, shoulder strap fittings, and rings of your leather briefcase. At Serbags we use only premium quality metal. You can view detail images of the briefcase and its hardware on dedicated product pages.

#3 Number & Size of Compartments

Despite the fact that our leather briefcases look deceptively slim, they feature numerous interior compartments that offer more than enough space for everyday objects. One of the primary considerations when buying a briefcase should be what you will be carrying in it.

We recommend our clients to make a list of items they use so that they can imagine where they will fit in the bag. Multiple compartments will enable you to organize the bag better. The vast majority of Serbags leather briefcases also come with exterior pockets that provide quick access to important items such as wallets, keys, phones, or papers.

#4 Briefcase Durability

Durability is another strong indicator of workmanship quality. Use our zoom-in function to analyse the inner and outer stitching of the bags. Many of our briefcase backpacks have reinforced stitching for added durability.  We only use metal zippers because they are superior to plastic ones and we fix the handles with reinforced stiches or metal fixtures.

#5 Briefcase Color

As previously mentioned, briefcases can come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The three most common colors, and the ones that we prefer, are brown, black, and tan. They are best suited for professional settings. Occasionally, we will add bolder colors to a successful briefcase (e.g. dark red, blue, etc.). Briefcases that use more than two colors are considered unprofessional and flamboyant.

#6 Correct Fitting

Bigger is not always better. Choosing the right size and weight of your leather briefcase can make a world of difference. Unless your job requires you to haul an insane amount of objects around all day, you should always go for the smaller bag. We recommend a width of 15 to 16.5 inches, height of 11 to 13 inches and depth of 4 to 6 inches for every-day use leather briefcases.

#7 Briefcase Style

Last but not least, you should understand the differences between briefcase styles. All briefcases fall into two major categories: hard-sided and soft-sided. Hard-sided briefcases use a rigid, light-weight frame made from cardboard, aluminum or plastic that offer support to sensitive documents. Soft-sided briefcases have no framing and open from the top. Some of our soft-sided leather briefcase versions have protective flaps that close over the top. The main advantages of this briefcase style are flexibility and the possibility to accommodate a larger number of items.