You’re probably wondering: ‘What is a murse?” The simple answer is that it’s a purse for men, in other words, a man’s purse. Confused?


The murse AKA man purse, is a very polarizing accessory that is said to have made a huge comeback in the retail industry, despite the fact that it has never been a ‘thing’ to begin with. For some unknown reasons, purses and bags have always been associated with women. However, due to their incredible practicality, more and more men are now drawn to man purses.


We’ve seen murses on prime-time TV before, but people have always had mixed feelings about them. On one hand we have the heroic Indiana Jones who always carried his small cross-body bag (satchel) on his adventures. On the other, we have the controversial Seinfeld Man Purse that the actor referred to as the “European carry-all”. And who could forget actor Zach Galifianakis who tried to defend his ‘satchel’ in the Hangover movie, but quickly became the butt of jokes.


When Joey Tribbiani started using a murse he knew that it’s a great accessory, unfortunately, he was ahead of his time and the world just wasn’t ready for him and his bag.” Well, the world is finally ready. Nowadays, the murse AKA man purse, has become the most prized accessory of any self-respecting gentleman. If you aren’t quite ready to rock a feminine look, but want to carry your stuff around comfortably, then we suggest the following practical murse bags that will ease you into the latest fashion and make you look as manly as you feel. 

1. Vintage Green Canvas Messenger Bag

Price: $62.99 (discounted) | Product Link: Serbags

Want to carry a murse like a real man? Then you should definitely consider buying your own vintage green man bag made from the finest canvas.


This retro and stylish murse will fit all your items comfortably and leave plenty of extra space. If you’re worried about what your male friends will have to say about it, I assure you that the only question you will hear is “Where did you that gorgeous murse bag?”.


No expense was spared in the creation of this bag. The vintage green man purse, which also comes in khaki, features an olive green exterior highlighted by brown leather accents that run down the front of it. Because it is crafted from high-quality, durable canvas, you can rest assured that it will safely store all your stuff and hold up to everyday wear-and-tear. The murse bag’s buckles are finished with antique brass and the straps are made from fine leather.


The inside of the murse is just as beautiful and practical as the outside. The inner pockets offer just the right amount of organization, and the zippers & buckles provide more than enough security for your valuable items. So if you’re ready to rock some vintage ruggedness, you might want to give this manly murse man purse a try.


Murse Description: long adjustable strap, high-quality canvas, interior zip, wall and mobile device pockets, zipper top closure and exterior pockets.


Dimensions: 15.5’’ x 12’’ x 4’’

2. Brown Military Style Messenger Bag

Price: $69.99 | Product Link: Serbags

Number two on our list of best murses AKA man purses is the brown military style bag. As you can see from the above image, this is also a very masculine murse that was designed with practicality in mind. Its unique brown coloured military style design is very trendy right know, making it the ideal accessory for a fashion statement.


Do you find this brown military murse appealing? That’s probably because of the subtle combination of brown tones that accentuate the chocolate brown leather straps. Of course, the colour choice wasn’t random – it makes it easier for the user to combine it with different outfits. Everything about this gorgeous murse scream reliability: it features high-quality leather straps with adjustable antique metal buckles, magnetic quick snaps and durable canvas material.


If you’re wondering about storage space, you should know that you can comfortably fit a 15’’ laptop, two books, a bottle of water, a wallet, phone, keys and several other small items in the main compartment. The zipper top closure will ensure that they are not harmed in any way. Also, you might not have noticed from the images, but the brown military murse also features leather patches at the bottom, to protect the interior from moisture in the air and ground.


Murse Description: unisex bag made from heavy-duty canvas, dual leather straps, adjustment buckles, zipper top closure, 2 front pockets and 2 side pockets, magnetic quick snap, antique finish brass metal buckles.


Dimensions: 15.5’’ x 12.5 ‘’ x 4.33’’


3. Military Shoulder Messenger Bag

Price: $61.99 | Product Link: Serbags

In general, murses AKA man purses, are more streamlined than backpacks and less bulky than briefcases. The Military shoulder murse bag fits this description perfectly, and it is quite attractive accessory, I might add. Similar to the above example, this military shoulder bag which features a single, long strap, makes great use of brown tones. The matte beige of the canvas is nicely contrasted by the two chocolate buckle straps in the front. Of course, the antique finish brass metal buckles are also present on this stylish man purse.


As any heavy-duty murse should, the military shoulder messenger bag offers great functionality and durability thanks to its high-quality canvas fabric, leather straps and clever compartments. The single, long adjustable strap offers multiple carrying options: either cross-body style or on one side of the shoulder.



Another great feature of the murse is provided by its multiple pockets which can comfortably fit multiple items. Despite its small size, the murse purse satchel can fit notebooks, reports and heavy textbooks in its main compartment, and precious items in the exterior pockets. I recommend this vintage murse bag to students, professors, gym goers and individuals who want to flaunt their retro-chic style.


Murse Description: durable canvas, long adjustable strap, exterior pocket, zipper top closure, interior zip.


Dimensions: 11’’ x 12.7’’ x 3’’

4. Military Messenger Bag

Price: $69.99 | Product Link: Serbags

Next on our list of best man purses AKA murses is the military messenger bag. Why so many military style murses, you might be wondering. Well, that’s because military style never goes out of fashion. It provides the functionality and ruggedness that most man purses lack. In any case, the military man purse on number 4 demonstrates the timelessness of the style.


Designed with both men and women in mind, this messenger bag is the type that starts looking better with age. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a brand new one isn’t sexy. Because it features army greens and browns, this murse works well with different types of outfits. The rustic styling on the exterior will ensure that wear-and-tear only make it look better instead of worn out overtime.

Among other things, the bag features adjustable leather straps and one re-enforced shoulder strap for even weight distribution across the shoulder. On the inside, we have one large compartment that can carry two books/notebooks, a small 15-inch laptop, and several other smaller items. The zipper top closure and durable canvas material will ensure that all your valuables are stored securely.


Murse Description: military style canvas, magnetic quick snap buckles, 2 front pockets, 2 side pockets, zipper top closure, dual straps, antique finish brass metal buckles.


Dimensions: 15.5’’ x 12.5’’ x 4.2’’

5. 17’’ Laptop Army Green Leather & Canvas Messenger Bag

Price: $74.99 (discounted) | Product Link: Serbags


Last on our list of murses AKA man purses is the manly 17’’ Laptop Army Green Leather & Canvas Bag that anyone, from seasoned traveler to university professor, should carry. Why? Because it has everything it needs to keep up with a demanding life-style. The rugged washed army canvas add to its manly appeal, and the brown leather straps accentuate its softer features.


This gorgeous murse bag also features brass metal finish and four pockets (two in the front and two on the sides) that add to its vintage appearance. Because it’s larger than the previous bags and equipped with a roomy interior it will provide enough space for a 17-inch laptop, notebooks and other valuables. Furthermore, the corners reinforced with leather add to the bag’s durability. Once again, this is the type of bag that you will use throughout the years and probably pass down to your children.


Murse Description: heavy-duty canvas, vintage look, snap buckles, interior zip, dual leather straps, 2 front pockets, 2 side pockets for extra storage.


Dimensions: 16’’ x 12.2’’ x 5’’

Wrapping up!


This concludes our list of murses AKA man purses. With these bags you should be able to go about your daily business without worrying about where you will be storing your valuables or what other people might think. What do you think about these murses? Would you wear one or is there something else that caught your eye? Let us know!