It’s no secret that every man wants to make sure that his appearance is spot on. Styles and personal preferences may vary, but an overwhelming majority of men like to have a few important items, so that they can put together at least a couple of outfits in which they look like handsome gentleman or a sexy and stylish hunk. The problem is that not everyone has a budget which allows for custom tailored suits, luxury watches and high end shoes, but have no fear – there are plenty of cool fashion tricks you can use to vamp up your style on a shoestring budget. 


1. Don't Break the Bank on Socks, Underwear and T-Shirts

Now, a few pairs of elegant socks can be good to have if you wear suits on a fairly regular basis, brand name underwear may feel a bit more comfortable and look good on you, and some t-shirt designs just might appeal to you and fit you very well. However, for the most part, these clothing items don’t make significant jumps in quality after a certain price point, i.e. the guys trying to sell you an $80 t-shirt are using the same materials and same manufacturing process as the guys selling a $25 t-shirt.

Try to save money by buying socks and underwear in bulk – it’s easy to find nice and fairly durable models on the cheap – and simple t-shirts with interesting designs on them can actually go very well even with a sport coat.


2. The Best Items to Invest in Are Men's Leather Bags and Shoes

As mentioned before, small items that are simple, replaceable and don’t play a huge role in your overall look should be bought cheap, so you’ll have more money for the important things. However, if you think about it, there are only a few items that can last for years and years if taken care of, and can be combined with tons of other items. You may outgrow a pair of pants or a suit, but a quality men’s leather bag will provide you with years of service with minimal care.

A large item like a messenger bag really stands out and can add class to an outfit. A good pair of leather shoes or even high quality sneakers are another great investment. They will be more comfortable, more durable and look several times better than their cheaper counterparts, so be sure to spend as much as you can afford on men’s bags and shoes – it’s a long term investment, after all.

3. Find a Good Alterations Tailor 

A big problem for a lot of people is the fact that our weight tends to fluctuate through the years, and in some cases our body composition can greatly change within just a few months. One of the worst side-effects of losing or gaining weight is the fact that you’ll basically have to throw half your closet away. A good alterations tailor can help you salvage most of your clothes after a big physical change, but they will also allow you to save some money.

You’ll often find clothing items offered at a substantially reduced price, but they may not be the right fit for you. Well, as long as there isn’t a huge size difference, a tailor can make all the right alterations for a reasonable price and you’ll end up with a garment that fits perfectly.

4. Hit the flea markets

Flea markets have tons of hidden gems, if you have the patience to find them and the bargaining skills to get a good deal on them. From vintage coats, to a bunch of interesting accessories and cool t-shirts, flea markets offer plenty to choose from, and all at a low price. 

5. Think About Improving a Bunch of Small Details 

Details can definitely make a big difference when it comes to the overall picture, and there are many ways to change your look for next to nothing. You can change your hairstyle, make small alterations to old clothes, try out different combinations or spice up a tired old outfit with a couple of inexpensive new items. With a bit of creativity and some time, you can make a significant change to the way you look.

Use some of these simple budget-friendly style tricks to refresh a boring look, and don’t be afraid to experiment. If you have enough confidence and creativity, you’ll be able to pull nearly anything off, so remember to feel good in your own skin and don’t be afraid to break away from the crowd.