Thank the Heavens for the British invasion, for it gave us some seriously debonair men to look up to (and at). Whether it comes to talent, their manners or their style, British men continue to raise the bar of sophistication and preach gallantry. And, when it comes to manly fashion, they are without an equal. So, if you are a little befuddled about how to build up your personal style, why not take a lesson from one of them? Pick your favorite, and snatch his flair.

Gerard Butler for Handsome

In between adoring his accent and hoping for the next time he’ll be wearing a kilt, ladies love Gerard Butler’s sense of style as well. And so will you, since his everyday outfits are equally laid-back and flattering. When he’s not in a tuxedo, the famous Scot likes his clothes casual and practical. Now, he’s very beefy and barrel-chested too, so you might not get the same effect if you’re not a big fan of the gym. Otherwise, you can feel free to grab your aged, worn-out jeans and slip into a simple white linen button-up shirt. Put on a dark leather jacket and complement it with a newsboy hat and aviator classics and you’re good to go. Accessorize with lots of leather – black ankle lace-up boots, bracelets to accentuate your arms and a downright holdall bag.

Daniel Craig for Sleek

Very much alike his Bond, Daniel Craig is one well-groomed gentleman. The thespian takes good care of his appearance, and he’s making it clear on the red carpet and off. His street style is polished as his suits, and if you are a man who likes his fashion, this kind of look will be perfect for your daily outfits. Wear smooth, dark jeans with heavy knit or shawl collar cardigans in earth tone colors (those are Craig’s hallmark) and brown brogue boots. Craig knows his accessories, and, on him, they look pretty easy to match. Dark aviators with a metal frame are essential. Tie a scarf and choose a leather satchel for rounding it all up.

 David Beckham for Stylish


There has never been a bigger connoisseur of men’s fashion then Beckham. One can hardly believe that someone walking out of an airport can succeed in looking so neat. To rip off his style, you’ll need a perfectly sawed pair of jeans that can go well with both casual and formal dress codes. Beckham often mixes those, and his trademark look includes a dark, elegant blazer paired with white sneakers. Another fashion item he’s fond of is a plain V-neck tee, and this piece is actually a must-have for every fine dresser. Look up for a leather tote as your statement piece, and find a simple sports cap at the back of your closet.

Andrew Garfield for Gorgeous


A Brit that lassies hold dearest is, without any doubt, Andrew Garfield. His relaxed, nonchalant look is perfect for lank young men and very easy to achieve. You’ll need a lot of statement shirts (that you probably already own), washed-out jeans and a pair of Chuck Taylors. The charismatic actor can also be recognized for his summer and sports cardigans in vivid colors, as well as gingham shirts. Accessorize with retro square sunglasses and ascot hat. For the finish, grab a backpack and ruffle your hair.

Jamie Dornan for Suave


Whether you like it or not, ever since 50 shades of grey, women find Jamie Dornan extremely irresistible. However annoying it is, no one can deny the Irishman’s charms. And even though ladies prefer to see him without them, Dornan’s clothes are pretty impressive as well. To get the look, find as many types of pullovers as you can, and wear them on any occasion. Heavy knit ones of bright and vivid colors are great for everyday outfits, and thin wool or cotton pullovers of darker tints are impeccable for evening wear. You can play around with V-necks and white collars, for they never go out of style. Pair Chelsea boots with a messenger bag, and choose a long black trench coat.

Benedict Cumberbatch for Dapper


The old guard of film stars has found its successor in Benedict Cumberbatch, and that doesn’t refer only to his acting artistry. The genteel actor is at his finest in a black tie, but smart dressing is not the only kind of fashion he’s dashing in. In order to achieve his casual style, a tweed blazer is a necessity for you. Stay away from busy patterns, for they are very hard to mix and match with other clothes and accessories. Invest in a perfect pair of black oxford shoes, because they are timeless and versatile. Cumberbatch has been wearing a lot of bright pink shirts lately, so you can put your masculinity to the test with this trend as well. Consider suspenders and a bowler hat, and add an indispensable vintage messenger bag to complete the look.