So we already know that the messenger bag is iconic and timeless. We have also learned that it is a must-have of every good looking man’s closet. Another piece of advice from fashion connoisseurs is to wear it with just anything to keep an outfit fresh and urban. Over the past few years, we’ve red reviews on vintage leather and waxed canvas. And if all of that still confuses you, what is about to follow will surely convince you to keep your old one and dress it up for this summer season. After all, one thing is certain – a messenger bag will never go out of style.

Allow It to Pop

Since the summer of 2015 is all about nautical style, a bag is a perfect accessory for making it a bit more effervescent. Navy fashion for men is defined with light, summery materials that are subtle and sophisticated, but more importantly, it’s a look that gives a boy a chance to feel like a gentleman. In neatly tailored khaki pants, restrained stripes and blue tints, a lad can finally become a captain. But since a nautical outfit is a bit staid, you should always complete it with some bold statements. And what is a better statement than a messenger bag. Like always, you can choose dark leather, but you can also break the pattern and pick striking colors like red and green. Don’t be afraid to risk, since risking is what makes a great man. 

Match It with a Hat

Sensing a touch of salt on our cheeks and sun on our back is what we all long for before finally hitting the coast. And what says summer better than a panama hat? Designed for hot July days, this remarkable type of headwear usually comes in bright summer colors. Since the pallet is neutral here, consisting of shades of white and tan, you can pair the panama with your messenger bag according to the color of the ribbon. And you don’t necessarily have to leave it black as traditional models have defined it, but replace it with red, brown or even pale blue. That way, teaming it with a bag will be a lot more exciting.

Choose Perfect Shoes

Discovering some sand in your shoes after returning home at the end of a summer is a one of a kind sentimental journey. And if those shoes are perfectly paired with your choice of vacation bag, then your fashion challenge for the summer has been successfully completed. Boat and saddle shoes with brown details will find their long lost friend in your messenger bag made of vintage leather and the same color. Suede loafers and all-white bucks are tempting for every man that knows his class, and they are brilliant with this kind of bag. And, it probably goes without saying, you simply can’t forget about white leather and canvas sneakers. A less elegant messenger bag is chic with both. 

(Don’t) Wrinkle a Shirt

When off to a beach, a linen button-down shirt (that won’t be completely buttoned up) makes every man handsome and dashing. Denim and floral patterns are another big hit of this summer, so try to find a place in your wardrobe for these too. With a white shirt, everything is allowed, and the possibilities for matching it with a messenger bag are endless. Denim looks great with brown details, so choose leather of this tint, and complete the look with a belt or brown loafers. When it comes to floral designs, your choice of bag would vary depending on dominant colors in the pattern, but dark ones with black leather are simply stunning. 

Keep it Minimalistic

What’s new and provocative about these year’s fashion choices for men are pastel colors. But you can still prove your manliness wearing this trend by mixing pastels with neutral colors, precisely, with white and black. When choosing an outfit, try pastel pants with a V-neck or button-down shirts in one of these two colors, and complete the look with a blazer of same, but more vibrant hue. For minimalistic fashion, detailing is important, since it has to be immaculately chosen and reduced to a minimum. And therefore, strip down all accessories, but leave a panama hat or a plain black fedora. And naturally, introduce a messenger bag to your outfit. Since minimalistic looks are more fashion-forward and less vintage, pick one made of black patent leather.

Image Source: He Spoke Style