Imagine the salty breeze in your hair and sunshine on your skin. Now imagine chilling on the beach until the morning and hitting the bed at noon. Summer’s all about being outdoorsy and relaxed, and whatever your dream destination for this July may be, you deserve your first perfect sunrise of the year. Whether you choose to chill around the bonfire, surf or camp in the wild, you’ll need your clothes to be comfy, practical and stylish. And that’s never been easier than with this year’s fashion choice for men. Pick wisely and stroll down the coast with style. 

Anchoring the Boat

Since you’ve worked like a captain whole year through, now you can finally play like one. Naval style is making a big comeback this year, and it’s word-perfect for keeping the fantasy alive. Behind the rudder or in a sunbed, this look will bring you to your boyhood, and revive your thrill for sailing. So, bring back stripes from your college years, and make them the heart of your outfit. Blue is another tint you shouldn’t forget when it comes to the choice of your shirts and tees. Keep pants and summer shorts clean and simple with colors like white and tan, and accessorize with little details like anchors and hooks on a bowtie, a compass tie pin or marine rope bracelets. For aimless walks, choose loafers or slip-on sneakers.

 Living Out of a Bag

And, when we talk of aimless walks and spending nights under the open sky, we should probably mention that some kind of a bag would be absolutely necessary for keeping all of your essentials on hand. For a day spent on the beach, a backpack looks just right, but keep in mind that most of the time, you would want to walk from your towel to a bar for a quick cocktail without having to put your shirt on. Therefore, this kind of bag can hurt your back, especially if you’re a little sunburned. This is why you should choose a canvas tote. Never bring leather to the beach during the day, for the sun can cause cracking. And, for nightly adventures, your favorite messenger bag is a must-have for any summer outfit. So, how to transform these classics into the latest word of fashion? Go red! A red leather messenger is the way to make your outfit a bit bolder and add a pop of color. And it’s a huge trend this summer, so don’t miss it.

Denim Combo

Remember that pair of faded, worn-out jeans you’ve been thinking of throwing away for some time, but haven’t have the heart? Well, your sentimentality has just paid off, since denim is a big fashion statement this summer. In fact, find your denim jacket and button-down shirt too, since this fashion season finally allows mixing denim with denim. 

Naturally, this combo is somewhat impractical for the beach, but you can always go with denim summer shorts to cover up your speedos or a square leg swimsuit and keep the ladies wondering. Or, you can bring your denim shirt along and leave it unbuttoned while chilling in a beach bar. Complement with aviators or wayfarers, and scoring numbers will be a walk in a park.

Nature as Inspiration

Campfires and marshmallows are never more fun than beside a mountain lake, in the heat of the summer. Being the sharp dresser that you are, choosing an outfit even for this kind of casual, but dusty adventure won’t be a problem. And with this fashion trend, finding inspiration in pine woods has never been more exciting. For lumberjacking, you can, once again, choose denim among other things. But what’s new in this traditional test of manhood is a pattern. Instead of an expected plaid, fashion designers say floral. Button-down shirts with this pattern are brave and exciting, and who says you can’t look like a gentleman while chopping wood? And if this is still too bold for you, choose a bandana, a cap or fedora with a dark, fuscous floral pattern.

Soften the Palette 

If your choice of vacating is a little fancier this summer, leave behind a safe, dark blazer, and explore pastel colors. Dandy and European, pastels like pale blue, green and even pink will make an outfit much more sophisticated, but at the same time, extremely fun. You can try with suits, or, for less formal occasions, separates of the same hue. You can style them with a plain, white button-down shirt if you want to keep it safe, or wear with floral prints. They are a perfect choice for classy evening occasions, dinners in elite restaurants and wine tastings. And remember – in the summer, everything is allowed, as everything is possible.